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One advantage to growing older is the fact that I have lived through times that most of the young only read about.  I can remember the Democratic Party and how it was the Conservative party in this country until the War Protests at the Democratic National Convention in 1968 forced it to change its stand.  Until that time, the Republican Party was the Liberal party, so the Democrats jumped right over the top of it and became even more liberal, extreme liberal: The Progressives!  Now we all look at the Republican Party as the Conservative party, but that’s not true; in reality, the Republican Party is the “less liberal party”, as it still holds its original values that it held before the Democratic jump!

So; how does this affect our elections?  Look back at the 2008 election, at the Republican side: The leading candidate was Mitt Romney, an ex-governor who brought the liberal idea of “Social Medicine” to his state, a program that caused his state a great many problems, both budgetary, and social!  To many of us, he was our only real option to Obama, so we supported him while biting our tongues!  But the Republican Party felt that it had no real chance of beating Obama and they wanted a candidate who held similar ideals to Obama, so they forced Romney out and put in McCain!  We were left with a Progressive, or a Progressive “light” choice and that caused many Conservatives to not even vote!

But, out of nowhere, McCain wanted an edge, a Vice-Presidential candidate who would make people vote for him.  But there were no black candidates running on the Republican side, so he wanted a woman, and he found Alaskan Governor Palin to run with him.  And that’s where the trouble started: McCain was just one step to the right from being a Progressive and Palin was a full-on strong Conservative!  When she was at the podium, she spoke her mind and told the people what she truly felt, and the people loved her!  So McCain found himself sitting second-fiddle to his own VP candidate, and he didn’t like that!  And the Obama people knew that she was building up a major growth of Conservative support, so they attacked her, but they didn’t go after her in a vicious manner, they chewed at her, once little bit at a time.  They mocked her accent, they mocked the way she spoke, the words she used, they said she was “too pretty” to be the VP, they said she had no experience, even though she had been a very successful governor of Alaska, yet the only real job Obama had ever had was being a Community Organizer!  And the more the Obama people went after her, the more support she gained from the Conservative voters!  The McCain joined in with the Obama people and began “apologizing” for the way Palin spoke, what she said, and politely told the American voters that she “just needed some more experience!  That did it; from that point on, many Conservative voters began looking at Palin as some kind of circus clown, and we lost the election!  They didn’t attack her ideas, they made a joke out of her, they used her as clown on Saturday Night Live and the public bought the idea!

So; here we are again!  We have the major Conservative candidates bowing out of the field for the upcoming election because the Republican Party believes that Obama can’t be beaten!  They have allowed some candidates to run for the primaries, but they don’t believe they truly can win!  Chris Christie is a popular choice for the run, but the Party members chew him apart in their news interviews, because they “don’t think he can win”.  Herman Cain is an extremely good candidate, in my own personal view, because I have listened to him in interviews and he doesn’t speak the Party Line, he speaks the truth, but Carl Rove thinks he is “not quite qualified yet” to run!  And they use the same tactic on every truly Conservative candidate who feels they want to run, and they try to push them out of the field!  Why?  Because the Republican Party, as it now stands, is the old Republican Party, pre-1968, and it is not a true Conservative party, it is a “Liberal-Light” party!  So, what do we do?  Do we form a new third party?  We can’t; because it is too late to bring in a third party, and Ross Perot proved that when he ran, causing a split in the Conservative vote, which allowed Clinton to win!  And we all saw how well that worked out!  What we need to do is push for a true Conservative to run for office, then get out and build the support that candidate will need to win the Primaries, then the election!  And we have some good candidates out there now, such as Cain, and we need to stand behind them and make our own personal choices in the Primaries, then stand together behind whomever wins, giving them all of our support in the General Election!

Please, use your brain on this and don’t fall in step with any Progressives efforts to destroy our valid choices for a good President this time around!  They will do exactly what they did to Palin; they will make jokes about our candidates, they will make him, or her look like a clown, and they will laugh at us for backing them!  And I have no doubt that the current Republican Party will help the Progressives in their push, if they don’t get the candidate they want to run!  So we need to stand strong behind our ideals, pick the right candidate and give them our full support, all the way to the Presidency!  We need to take over the Republican Party and turn it back into the true Conservative party we want it to be!  Don’t let the lies, games and attempts to make a joke out of our candidate turn you away from giving him/her our support!  We have one chance left to end the Progressive attempt to take over our country and we cannot back down from our support to see it end!  Stand up as a true American citizen and help us push our way back into control over our government, and put an end to all of these wasteful practices that are ruining our safety, futures, and freedoms!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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