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Due to limitations on my space per rant here, I have had to split this up into two segments; the first gave you the situation we face because of a lack of honest leadership in Washington, now I want to explain how this all came about:

There is a Natural Order to life; it allows for genetic experimentation by nature.  If a species is brought upon this Earth, it will develop into its own manner of living; if that manner of living does not allow it to prosper, it will die off.  Some species are not well-equipped to survive because they cannot provide enough food for their genetic culture, they do not have the ability to protect themselves, or they cannot provide their own shelter capable of protecting them from nature’s biologic and/or physical dangers.  That is why we find remains of plants and animals that have died off; because they were not equipped to maintain their own way of life on this Earth.  The very basics of life, regardless of the species, microscopic or larger, are:  Food, Shelter, and the ability to protect themselves,  That said; there is a reason why those species die off; they are not of a benefit to the rest of the world, they are a burden, and nature eliminates the burdens by creating conditions that deny them the ability to live.  The human species has a great advantage because of our abilities to think, create shelters for ourselves, and to provide the necessities of our lives, such as food, to allow us to grow and expand our reach on our planet.  But, as with every other species, there are limitations that we must live by, or we will end our own culture through carelessness!  As an example; sharks are able to dominate almost every species in the ocean, but they eat only what they need to survive.  They keep their populations down to allow for an adequate supply of food.  If, for some reason, all sharks suddenly went on a killing spree, eating everything in their reach, they would begin to die off as a species, because there would no longer be an adequate supply of food to support it!  And, although many will find a complaint about what I have just said, this is the law of nature, and every species must live by it.  We, as humans, have seen nations of people starving because they cannot take care of themselves to allow them to grow their own food.  And it is a very, very sad situation.  But, instead of shipping them supplies out of our own national reserves, we should teach them to grow their own crops, to adapt food supplies to grow in their area of the Earth, so that they can become self-sufficient and care for their own needs.  As the old saying goes; “Teach a man to farm and he will always have what he needs.  Give him food and he will always beg!”  And that is how we got into the situation we are now in and, if we don’t end it, we will be erased as a species from this planet!

Remember; back in the ’60s, the Progressives were on TV, at Rock Concerts, and in DC, spreading their message that the citizens of America needed to be responsible in our way of life, or we would kill our planet!  They told us that having more than one, or two children would cause a situation where we would be over-populated and we would not have enough to eat!  Remember the quote from the movie: “Soylant Green is made out of people!”  They scared us into accepting birth control, they scared us into over-regulation of our manufacturing base, they scared us into ending our self-dependence on our oil supply, and they have cut down our ability to supply the necessary food, and other products that come from corn, because we have to make “Bio-Fuel”!  They made us believe that we were the greediest nation on Earth because we took care of ourselves first, then worked to help other nations with what we had left!  They teach our own children that America is bad, that we are the cause of the ruin of every other nation in the world, because we built the strongest, free nation in the world, and the rest of the world couldn’t take care of its own needs!  And while we were working so hard to become the “Good” people of the Earth, they sent our money overseas to build up weak nations that could not succeed on their own!  They shipped our manufacturing base overseas to allow other countries to become strong, but they never held any restrictions on those countries to maintain the same “Environmental Welfare” for the world that they hammered down on us!  They destroyed our self-dependence on oil and forced us to buy from countries that hate us, countries whose leaders grew fat on huge bank accounts while their people continued to starve, all the while blaming that starvation on us, making their people hate us even more!  And, now; they are shipping the food supplies we will desperately need in our futures overseas, to nations that do not have the creativity of intelligence to develop their own farmlands!  They are like many of the people who are riding the “Unemployment Benefits” and welfare train in this country now; if they don’t have to supply for themselves, why do it?  This needs to change, or the human species will lose the only bastion of freedom in this world that holds the true future of creativity that we will need to continue surviving!  If the Progressives get what they want, we will have an upper-class, and a lower-class only, in the world’s population, allowing them to dominate us and ruin our rights to create and grow!

I don’t have to tell you how all of this happened!  You know the answer; our political leaders grew fat on the “Special Interest Pork” and they lost all concern for the welfare of the citizens of this country, as long as they could see a future where all of  their needs were taken care of!  And I am talking about all of them!  The only reason that most of the “Conservative” members of Congress are leaning in the direction of our needs now is that they fear losing their seats in Congress if they don’t!  And, if they can slip through legislation that ruins our lives, but we don’t know about it, they will!  We have some new members sitting in Congress now that want to do what we want them to, but they need help!  And it is our responsibility as true American citizens to make sure that we replace enough of the “Old Guard” in DC in the next election to allow us to regain control over our nation once again!  We need to make “Pork”, “Special Interest” influence in Congress, and the effort for the Federal Government to take control over every aspect of our lives, including agencies like the FDA, the NEA, and the Welfare Department illegal, as they are against the basic stipulations within the one document that was set up to protect States’ Rights!  My fellow citizens, as I said in the rant below; this is not an election, this is a WAR!  And the lack of concern over the rights of citizens, which is exactly what our politicians have sworn to protect, is what has pushed us to this position!  The basic idea behind States’ Rights is that, if you don’t like what is happening within the state you live in, you can move to another state that fits your needs!  The sole purpose of the Federal Government is to protect the people of this country through a National Military, and to provide a point of balance between the states through a national government that allows for a voice for all the citizens; our Congress!  That’s it!  Now, if you don’t see much of a problem with the fact that almost every President of the last 150 years has ignored their oath to protect the people of this country, then you won’t see any problem with the fact that we waste American lives protecting nations that hate us, while our Southern Border is an open conduit for drug dealers, illegals who are breaking down our Welfare system, and terrorists who use it to enter our nation while our citizens are sexually searched when they board a plane!  Wake up, work to seat the people we truly need in Congress, regardless of Party Affiliation, and make you voice heard as a true citizen who loves this country, or prepare yourselves to live in a Socialist One-World government that will look at you as “only a number”, not an American!  I’m an American; are you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    For at least on part of this “Rant” I repeat an old saying “Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime”…

  2. John Ryan says:

    “ONE PART”

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