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I am going to give you some facts first, which may be boring, but read them, as they will allow you to see exactly how our nation has been manipulated over the years, heading us down the path to destruction, but not in the way you have been “allowed” to believe.  Here are some population statistics:  1968:  US:  200,706,052  China:  774,510,000  India:  552,774,600.  Today:  US:  311,341,000  China:  1,339,724,852  India:  1,210,193,422  Since 1968, our country has grown by: 110,634,495 which makes the US population 4.5% of the world population.  China has grown by:  565,214,852 which makes it almost 20%.  India has grown by:  657,418,822 which makes it almost 18%.  Think about those numbers; our population grew by only a relatively little over 110,000,000, but both the Chines and the Indian populations grew by over half-a-billion each!  That is a lot of mouths to feed, bodies to clothe, and gas and oil to be used!  Here are some links to back up exactly what I have just shown you:  The_Population_Bomb   List_of_countries_by_population   www.un.org WorldPop2300final.pdf   wiki World_population   population&date=1968 

What does all of this mean to our country?  Well, other than the fact that China is trying to raise only male children first, and has an over-a-million man army, and India is becoming our go-to country for technology services, we have to think very seriously about the fact that all of those people will need support, and most of them are followers, not leaders, so they will listen to whatever their country tells them to do, and do it!  Both countries have nuclear capabilities, with the ability to strike our nation without ever setting foot in the US!  And, one of them hates us, and thinks we are stupid ( China ), and the other sees us as “mere pigs on the road” (India) !  And this is just the two major countries in the world: I have not added in the populations of the muslim countries, which is over a billion!  So; to make it simple: we are so seriously outnumbered that we are a target, one that needs to be dominated and controlled in order to allow for their nations to survive!  None of these nations can provide enough food for their own people, which is why we ship so much overseas!  They cannot provide for the oil and gas they need which is why they are buying from the markets we buy from, increasing the demand and raising the prices!  And they are running out of land for their people to live on, so they will be looking for “extra” land in “other” areas sometime in the future!

How did their populations grow so quickly if they don’t have the required natural resources in their own countries?  Well, the Progressives in our country started telling us how important it was that we not have more than one child to a family, two at most, and they brought Birth Control into the mix to limit our population growth!  At the same time, we funded UN projects to assist all other nations in improving their health care, to allow them to pro-create as often as they felt was necessary and, if they  needed medical help to allow their children to grow into healthy adults, the US funded the projects necessary to do so!  Then the Progressives began forcing environmental laws and tight manufacturing regulations on the companies in our country, the businesses that built our nation and kept it strong, forcing them to go to China, and other countries to avoid those laws and restrictions, setting up China and India with the manufacturing bases they needed to grow powerful and dangerous!  Finally; they forced environmental laws and refinery regulations that have forced us to go to the world market for oil, instead of allowing us to use our own natural resources and, as the populations of China and India began buying cars, the supply of oil grew less sufficient for the needs of the world, and we have to suffer with high gas prices!  Their purpose, from the very beginning, was to weaken the US to a point at which we could be taken over by overwhelming force!

We all know that the Progressives want to take control over our government and change us into a Progressive nation!  Well, guess what; that’s wrong!  They want to take over our government and destroy our nation, to turn us into the farmland for the world, to make us the servants to every other nation, to destroy the America we all know and replace it with a “One World Government”!  Now, please understand that I am not saying that every Progressive in our country wants to destroy our nation, because most are simply puppets who live off of the government tit, one way, or another, and when their leaders tell them something is right, that is what they do!  They are exactly like the underclass in China and India, but they see themselves as the “guiding light” of the world!  The real danger is the world leaders of the Progressive movement in the US, such as George Soros, who manipulates our economy and the world view of America to fit his own needs!  If you look at it in a biblical way, they are surely not angels, but devils, doing Satan’s job in wiping out heaven!

We need to look at the upcoming election not as a political thing, something that will allow us to regain control over our nation once more, we need to see it as a war, because they do!  We need to use every ounce of our will to work to put the right people back in charge of our interests, to replace the clowns who have sat in DC for far too many years, feeding their own pockets with money from whomever will fill them, regardless of the cost to the American tax-paying citizens!  We need to get the illegal populations out of the US, not because we don’t want Mexicans up here, no American I know feels that way, but because we have allowed for other nations to put populations large enough to build armies in our own country, to fight us for the very land we live on!  We need to go back to the basic guidance of our Constitution, to bring back the true American values, to wake our children up to the fact that the computers and cellphones they use may not be around in the near future if they don’t work with us to defend our way of life!  Wake up America; we are seriously outnumbered and, if we don’t realize that the end will come if we don’t fight it, we will no longer be free, but slaves to a world that sees us as no more than infidels that need to die!  We are weak now, and our enemies are strong, but we can return to our position of strength if we are simply willing to stand up and work to replace the greed and power hunger in DC with true service to the citizens!  Our current leaders belive that “They know what they want, we know what they need” is the correct way to deal with the wishes and needs of the people; we need to prove to them that we will no longer accept anything less than “a government of the people, for the people, and by the people!”  The time has come; which side do you stand on?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Something around for almost a century but reading about it will show a lot about today’s world problems, politicians associated and goals by the organization named in the link below.


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