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I have some things that are bothering me about Obama and Washington, both parties, and I want to let you know what they are.  I would also like to know your ideas about these issues, so please don’t be worried about speaking out.

1.  We have military bases around the world, and we are fighting two wars.  The expense is overwhelming at a time when we are going through one of the worst financial crisis we have ever faced.  So; why are we wasting the lives of our military and the money we can’t afford to spend, on countries that we know will turn against us and become part of the muslim movement to destroy our country?  And, even worse; why is our country left undefended as thousands of illegals, drug lords and terrorists cross our borders every month?  Why don’t we put our troops down there?  Don’t listen to the arguments out there that the Democrats are looking for voters, or the Republicans are providing jobs for big business; that’s a load of crap!  Think about it; do the unions want illegals to take their jobs?  If that’s not right, what is?  What’s right is that millions of dollars every year are going into the pockets of our elected officials, on both sides, to keep the border open!  Don’t believe me?  Then do your own research and you’ll find that I am right!  Money going into shadow companies, into shadow businesses, then donated to a Member of Congress, a President’s, or any other necessary governmental organization, like the Department of Immigration!  Why do you think that we do not have boots on the ground right now!  How come we can put our military overseas, to fight in muslim countries, for muslim freedoms, but we are not allowed to have them over here, protecting our own nation!  Remember:  Every member of Congress and every President swears an oath to protect the people of this country, yet they leave our southern borders open while we are being invaded!

2.  I listen to Obama give all of his “Environmental Safe” speeches about why we won’t drill for oil here in the US, while the people of America suffer under outrageous gas prices, yet he gives out $2 Billion dollars we can’t afford to a South American country to drill offshore so that we can become “their best customers”!  What about our own oil, in our own country?  Oh, that’s right; it would release solid wastes and waste products into the world’s atmosphere and environmental systems.  So; drilling by other countries, especially the Chinese off of the Cuban coast, just across from where we could drill for our own oil, doesn’t cause any Environmental Damage?  Who the heck is he kidding?  Not only could we provide our own oil and refinement, but we could do it cleaner and safer!

3.  Why was it so important for our past Presidents and Congresses to pass extremely strict laws forcing our manufacturing base to move overseas, robbing us of our jobs and our tax base, yet we buy from countries that have no environmental laws and pour huge amounts of waste into the atmosphere?  Isn’t that making our atmosphere many times more dangerous than when we were manufacturing over here with clean plants?  And, with all of the pollution being dumped into the atmosphere by other nations, why are they still whining that we are the worst polluter in the world?

4.  Once again; we are in the worst financial situation that has ever existed in our lives, yet Obama sends multi-millions of dollars overseas to “aid” other nations, many of which are muslim nations, he creates all those “Czars”, which cost us a fortune, he forces the Health Bill upon us which will bankrupt our nation, and he tells us that we need to be careful about how we spend our own money!  And, while he does this, he goes on extremely costly trips with his wife and family, he lets his wife travel anywhere, any time she wants to, at taxpayer expense, and they throw lavish, extremely costly parties at the White House!  Have you seen anything, just one simple thing that he has done that actually saves us tax dollars?  When he takes his trips and has his parties, all he is doing is throwing his power in our faces, laughing as he wastes our money!  Has this happened in the past?  Yes, but when Clinton was in office, we were in the “Tech Boom”, and there was money to waste!

5.  This whole “Birth Certificate” thing brought up by Trump, who supported Obama in the past, has me a bit concerned.  I have looked over the Birth Certificate provided by the President and I can see a couple of possible problems in it, so I was behind Trump on this.  But, once Obama provided the Birth Certificate, which was an exact copy of the one that the people in the Birther Movement had been going over for a couple of years, Trump was “Ok; well, let’s go on from here”!  Huh?  I don’t care if it is legitimate, or illegitimate, before it can be accepted, it should go through an independent examiner for a checkout, then we would all know if it is legal.  That would be the normal thing to do, once the President brought it out, but Trump just kind of shrugged his shoulders and walked on!  And he hasn’t really made a statement about running for President.  Personally; I like what he says when he talks at rallies, but I wonder if he is seriously going to run.  And, if he does, he would have to show me that he has seriously changed from his past actions pro-Progressive!  If he doesn’t put the Birth Certificate through  some serious examination, I will think he was not serious about it, and that he may have been working with Obama to make it look like Obama had been forced to put out a “legitimate” Birth Certificate, in a push to get people to pull away from the whole issue.  If he does run; I need to see a serious plan to change our nation back to what it once was, to provide jobs and better living conditions for the American people, or I will laugh him off!

What I want you to do on these issues is not ask yourself the questions that the press and the political people in DC make you think need to be asked, I want you to ask yourself one simple question: “Why?”   Not “Why are we fighting overseas?”, but “Why aren’t we putting our own military on our border?”  When I was in DC, very late one night, I met and talked with the Black guy who was on “60 Minutes” in the ’80s; he told me “nothing gets out of DC that DC doesn’t want to get out!”  I started asking “what about?” on several issues, and he said that DC only puts out what they want us to hear, how they want us the hear it, and they guide how we think about it!  If they want us to believe something, they will put out information to support that belief.  If they want us to disbelieve something, they let “secrets” dissolve into the public domain, secrets that will back up what the disbelievers think, then come out against them, then let those “secrets” be disproven, making the disbelievers look like “Conspiracy Theorists”, making the American public laugh at them and push them away.  And, all the while, the thing they get us to believe is false, is exactly what they are hiding from us, because it is true!  Why do you think Congress waits until some big public issue is on the news, like Katrina, or the Big Wedding, to push through unfavorable legislation?  Because they have us focused on the other issue!  Never ask the questions that the press, or DC puts out there; ask yourself the basic questions like “Why?”, “How?”, and “Who wins off of this?”  Then you will find the truth, not the deceit!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Jim Campbell says:

    There was a time I had felt Obama was incompentent and had never read any history about how Socialism has never worked anywhere for people or governments. I think at this point he is just trying to destroy what we have here and I don’t think any of us will ever know his motivation really is.

    • John Ryan says:

      Jim, the books he is associated with as the author and statements made more than show someone that hates this country and anyone in it that does not hate it.

      He calls the American Flag a symbol of Oppression and feels the Star Spangled Banner should be replaced by something like we saw in an old commercial in the 70’s about the “World”.. I think it was Coca Cola.

      You are right about his incompetence though showing good perception on your behalf, wish more could be that alert.

    • John Ryan says:

      Here is what “Obama” thinks should be the replacement for the “Star Spangled Banner”

      This link takes one there and YES it is a Coca Cola Commercial of the 70’s.

  2. John Ryan says:

    I can only think 2012 will finalize all speculation on where this country is going as a nation and to me it will be a big disappointment if it turns out to be business as usual.

  3. Brian Hansen says:

    The “birther” movement has it all wrong, in my opinion. Birth certificate or not, the fact remains that his father was a Kenyan and a subject under British rule in 1961. His mother was too young to convey citizenship according to the law at that time. He could have been born in the White House and still not been a Natural Born citizen.
    Obama hates democracy. He wants to be top socialist and benefit from “trickle up” economics. He has said the U.S. Constitution is a document of errors…that right there should have been a warning about the “change” we were getting!

  4. Joseph Werner says:

    If his lips are moving he is either lieing or setting us up to fail .

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