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Like many of you out there, I grew up when our country was strong, independent and feared as a world leader.  I know; saying “feared” when referring to a world leader is considered “bad” by Progressives, because we are supposed to be a “Kumbya” people, all peaceful and loving.  But being feared meant that no one wanted to bother us, to make us angry, because they feared violent retaliation.  Being “sweet and peaceful” means being a victim!  Life is hard, life is a challenge at the best times, but a strong nation, with a strong, patriotic leadership means we can live in peace and won’t have to fear danger!  Look at China; do you think they wake up every morning wondering if some terrorist group is going to attack them?  That is why I want to put down my ideas for a strong political philosophy, one that probably won’t be used by any of our candidates, but should!  Let me know what you think.

1.  Our biggest problem in the world is the UN!  They makes plans and decide policies but put them all at our doorstep to solve them; they waste our money and cost many American lives every single day!  My first thought on this is we need to get it out of our country, and we need to get out of it!  Secondly, and I know this will shock many of you, but it will work; when they come to us to fight off some foreign leader, to lead a battle in some foreign land, I would say “NO!”  When they come back the second time, I would say “NO!”  Then, when they come back the third time, I would ask them who, where and when, then I would order our military to send every available rocket, missile and bomber over that city and flatten it to the ground!  Then, when they come back whining about how “evil” I was for doing that, I would say “I told you, twice, that I did not want to get my country involved, but you wouldn’t stop begging me to take military action, so I took the appropriate action to end the conflict with the least risk to American lives!  If you come back again, I can promise the same action!”  There would be a great deal of whining and cries of “inhuman actions”, but I can almost guarantee that, unless it was a very serious situation, they would never come for our help again!

2.  When the Progressives in this country made their move to destroy our Constitution, our patriotism, and our way of life in America, they began passing laws that they knew would cripple our nation and lead us down the path to financial ruin, and they have almost succeeded!  We need to change those policies, and show the people of this country exactly how they have failed!  They wanted to end pollution in our atmosphere, so they passed a huge series of “Environmental” laws that wound up forcing our businesses out of our own country, through taxation and legislation that made it impossible for them to run profitable businesses in the US!  So, now they brag that they have removed the “Environmental Dangers!”  Well, that’s a lie, because we were manufacturing our own goods and providing our own oil in an environment that kept most of the toxic waste out of atmosphere, and were cleaning up our rivers, streams and lakes!  But, now; almost all of our needed goods are made in countries like China, the MidEast, Mexico and India, where they have no laws to protect the environment and our atmosphere, and there is more toxic waste than ever!  So I would order the drilling of oil in our own reserves, I would drop the taxes on companies to manufacture in the US to lower than anywhere else in the world, to bring our manufacturing base back, and raise tariffs on every imported good to where their price would be higher than anything manufactured in the US, and I would allow for more clean refineries to be built in areas away from cities, or other populated areas!  Let’s bring back the true clean manufacturing base that once ruled the world!

3.  This one is very simple for me; I would impose a mandatory 5 year prison sentence, with no variation for any reason, on anyone who hires an illegal, gives them anything other that true emergency medical care, gives them food and shelter, or hides them to keep them from being deported!  I would put a temporary ban on any new citizens coming into the US for a minimum of 4 years.  I would have our police, immigration officers, and military go through every city and find and deport every illegal or person who was brought here, by our government from an area where known terroristic activities are supported!  I know this would be unpopular but, once it was done, crime would go down, drugs would go down, and our population could live safer lives!  And, after the first 15 or 20 employers had their faces on the nightly news, as they were being arrested, the very next day the jobs the employed illegals are using will be gone!  And, any illegal group that stands up against these rules will meet our military, face to face!

4.  Finally; we need to quit wasting American lives in useless nations that will only return to hating us once their country is returned to them!  I would bring every American soldier home, put them in new bases built on our borders, and assign them to keep anyone from entering our country illegally!  I would order them to move 10 miles across the Mexican border, to build a shield against the drug lords and anyone else who is coming here to build power!  That shield will remain until the threat to our border is over!  And, to put an end to drugs being shipped to our country, I would order our military to attack the drug lords exactly as I stated we would fight when asked to by the UN!

When we can return our manufacturing base back to our country, when we can provide our citizens with cheap oil for gas and other necessary goods, when we can end the invasion of our nation by illegals and drug lords, and when we can stop being the “Doctor”, “Lawyer”, “Banker” and “Military” for the rest of the world and work on cleaning up our own country, we can become a strong, independent nation once more, and we can put the fear of God into the hearts of any terroristic nation that might want to cause us harm!  The time is “NOW” for us to stop sitting around and complaining; the time has come for the true American citizens to take the bull by its horns and start standing up for our country, to start making “Patriotism” something to be proud of again, and to stop being the idiotic pawn of people whom we gave their rights to hate us and destroy our country!  The line in the sand has been drawn, and the time has come to let them know that we are not going to take it anymore!  I am one damned proud American, I have served my country in war, and I will not let it fall to those who want to auction it off and sell it to the highest bidder!  What about you?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    These are good solid ideas/plans shown above and not much room for additional improvement so just let me throw in a cut and paste from one of my older replies that chimes the same bell as problem number one brings up..

    “Scrap the UNITED NATIONS membership, budget allowed for it and rent out the building in NYC for some income or sell it to Donald Trump but times have changed and we don’t have bottomless pockets anymore”..

  2. Brian Hansen says:

    All very good ideas. Too bad they will never materialize. I agree that we need to get rid of the U.N., or at least get out of it. They are nothing but a bunch of pantie wastes. They now want bugs and trees to have the same rights as humans…Lord, who thunk that one up?

    • John Ryan says:

      It was a past appointee of the “Great Obama” whose name I forgot…

      Here is one for you to imagine “Tree Stumps Vs. Paul Bunyan” and just think of what can follow that!! When I was growing up the insane were in assylums, now they are in some kind of office in charge of something, thank God this guy isn’t though, I recall he had to resign for some reason but not sure.

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