Is America the most powerful nation in the world?  Yeah, I know; we used to be.  Other nations feared ever attacking us because of our ability to quickly build a powerful military force and jump into existing conflicts and win them. but that has changed!  I remember back when I was in High School; I had a Social Studies teacher, and a History teacher who were both WWII vets and they told us their views of what would be happening in our country in the future.  You have to know that this was back in 1966 and 1968, which shows exactly how long our governmental leaders have been working against us, both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  Both of those teachers told us that the other nations in the world were jealous of us and that they wanted to bring us down.  They said that the Russians feared ever launching a nuclear attack against us, not because we could respond in a greater kind, but because there were so many armed military veterans in our country that an invasion would be impossible to win!  They said that the most important right we have under the Constitution is our “Right to bear arms”, and it was the biggest weapon we have against the threat of a major nation attacking us, and it still is.  And they also told us that the Communists would try to invade our nation through a movement to change our laws to weaken us, to move enough of their population into our country to allow for turning votes for elections and bills that would affect our future, and they have obviously succeeded in that, only now they call themselves “Socialists”, or “Progressives”!

My teachers told us that the greatest force we had in our country was our manufacturing base; whenever a World War began, and we were called in to end it, we would switch our auto factories over to manufacturing military vehicles, our airplane factories into manufacturing bombers and fighter aircraft, our gun factories into manufacturing military weapons, and our other factories into manufacturing uniforms, boots and other needed military supplies.  We could go from a peaceful society, into the greatest military force in the world in about two months, faster than any other nation in the world, which made us a powerful force to deal with, and that’s why we were left alone!  But, my teachers said, the goal of our enemies was to remove our manufacturing base from our country, to shut down our manufacturing plants and other facilities, to bring us to our knees and make us so weak that we would wind up bowing to those who stole our power!  They also told us that our second most powerful weapon was our ability to drill for our own oil and manufacture the fuels we needed for our military vehicles and aircraft and, as we were the largest oil producer in the world, and refiner of gasoline and other products, we were able to take whatever actions were necessary, because we could provide for our own needs!  So our enemies would do everything they could to put a stop to our independence!  But this was after the 1950’s governmental actions against communists in the US, and they felt that we had defeated them, so they told us that the probability of these things ever happening was extremely small.   They were so right, and so wrong!

They were wrong because the Communists/Socialists/Progressives used our educational system as their primary weapon against us; they began by slowly “dumbing down” our children, not a big move all at once, but just a little here, a little there, until they achieved a system that went from the best in the world, to way down the list to one of the worst!  And they got into our colleges and began having “chat meetings” with the students outside of the classrooms; they started out by explaining the differences between American society and a “Socialist/Progressive” society, being careful not to take sides, but just explain the differences.  Then, over the years, they began lifting up, just a little, the “benefits” of a Socialist/Progressive society, comparing it to how the American way of government was “so limiting” to its people.  Then, slowly over the years, they began talking about how the American government was evil to the rest of the world and was trying to dominate and destroy every other nation!  That’s when the trouble started in 1968, when the huge numbers of college students began protesting against the war, allowing the North Vietnamese to change their minds about surrendering, after their huge loss in the Tet Offensive, permitting them to drag the war out while our students stood in our streets yelling out the Socialist/Progressive mantras of “Evil America”, “Baby Killer Veterans”, “Greedy businessmen”, building a support base that allowed for groups like the ACLU to take action to begin changing our laws in a way that would start the fall of our economy and way of life! 

And, now, we have seen the leadership of those protester groups, people like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Frank Dodd, John Kerry, and many others, deeply seated in our Congress, pass “Green” laws that forced our Oil Companies to move out of the US, “in order to reduce pollution”, and our manufacturing base running overseas,  “in order to reduce pollution”, yet the countries they have moved to put out hundreds of times the pollution that our companies did here in the US because they don’t care if they destroy the atmosphere!  And our “Great Leaders” know this, so why don’t they try to bring our Oil Companies and manufacturing base back into our country?  Because they want to see our nation fall!  All of these “Green Laws” and “Green Taxes” weren’t put in effect to protect the atmosphere, they were put into effect to drive our businesses out of the US, to take away our power, to allow for our Free Trade, Democratic Republic to fail, to force Progressive Socialism on the people of America!  My teachers thought the threat had ended, but they were wrong!  Yet they were absolutely right on how the Communists would take control of our nation, as it is happening right now!  So, my fellow Americans; is this what you want to have happen to America?  If it is, all you have to do is sit at home and remain silent and it will happen!  Or you can stand up, go to your Representative’s office and tell them that you are not going to sit around and let the country fail!  You can get out in the streets and demonstrate your loyalty to our great nation and your demand that we return to the laws and responsibilities that made us the great nation we once were!  The time is here, the Unions are picking up the Progressive/Socialist mantras once again, and we need to show our side, we need to march in the streets with signs that express our loyalty to America, and we need to do it now!  This summer is going to be an “anti-America”, hate-filled show of rage by the Unions; but you have to remember that the driving forces behind these Union uprisings will be the “Workers OF THE WORLD” groups, and a great many Progressive/Socialist groups, not just our American Union members!  The average American Union member thinks he is simply standing up for his rights, not trying to destroy the country, so our focus needs to be on the groups that are pushing so hard for “Change” in our country!  And we need to go after our employees, our Members of Congress, and make sure that they know that we will not stand for any action that will prove to be the destruction of our economy, and our country!  Are you a true American?  Do you really love your country?  Well, the fight is on, it will begin near the end of next month, so be ready to prove how proud you are of your country, how much being a true “American” really means to you, and show your love for your country by hitting the streets and standing up for it!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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