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WE HAVE A BIG PROBLEM:  For many years now, we have been protecting the people from attack by terrorists, domination by those who wish to destroy their rights and freedoms, and by druglords who wish to dominate the people in order to allow them to spread their death across the country!  And we have put our military on the the border to keep others from entering the country without a legal means of doing so!  When the citizens are attacked by criminals from across the border, we use our troops to hunt down those criminals and end their wish to dominate the people!  And it is because of a great  sacrifice on our part that the citizens feel safe and secure, and can live their lives in peace!  That sacrifice is not only the cost of Billions of Dollars every year, it is at the great sacrifice of the lives of our brave men and women who put their lives on the line every single day to keep the nation free!  The big problem is that we are protecting the people in the map above, not the one below:

Any Questions?


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059














  1. John Ryan says:

    So much said is so few words.. Now all we have to do is stop foreign aid period, America First!!

    A phone call or write in campaign needs to begin now that we seem to have a conservative congress that might respond to our wishes.

    Congressman Ted Poe of Texas has a Youtube Video on the topic and we are taking ourselves down the road to disaster with our policies and foreign aid is one of the largest.

    Keep the money here and rebuild America, put America back to work and YES secure our borders by bringing our troops home, let NATO handle things without us and one more thing, scrap the UNITED NATIONS membership, budget allowed for it and rent out the building in NYC for some income or sell it to Donald Trump but times have changed and we don’t have bottomless pockets anymore..

    I have grown tired of the blood of our young being sacrificed in foreign lands too, they are needed here anyway if regular Army and if just Reserves or National Guard, send them back to their homes and families.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Cut and Paste this link or click on it if it is highlighted and able to function as a direct link. It relates to my statement/reply above, Ted Poe’s actual presentation on “Foreign Aid”

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