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WHY?  WHY ARE WE STILL GETTING OUR OIL FROM THE MIDEAST?  WHY?  EVEN IF WE DO BEGIN DRILLING FOR “JUST ENOUGH” OIL TO REMOVE THE TENSION OF HIGH OIL PRICES FROM THE MIDEAST, IT DOES NOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS!  WHY AREN’T WE A SELF-DEPENDENT OIL PRODUCING NATION?  I just heard Obama’s speech concerning the price of gas in our country; he said that, because of his initiatives, the amount of oil that we import into the US which, when he took office, was 11 million barrels a day, would drop by 1/3 within the next ten years to only 8 million barrels a day, neglecting to tell the people that we are only importing 9 million barrels a day because of our economy now, so he is already 2/3rds of the way to his great prediction!  And how are we going to see any more of a drop in oil imports happen?  Through “American Initiative”; the drive that Americans have always had to build a better world!  Who the heck does he think he is kidding?  Does he really believe that the majority of Americans who are suffering under high gas prices, caused because we are forced to buy our oil from nations that openly hate use, are concerned with what gas will cost in ten years?  Sure, he got a little applause from the audience, but they were college students, kids who are being trained to follow the “Progressive Line” by their professors, and they will look to Obama as a sort of “Political God”!  To them; he can do no wrong!  The problem is “NOW”, it’s what we have to live with in our daily lives, it’s how we must find a way to support our families, to scrape the money together to put our children into colleges, and how we can afford to pay the basic cost of food!  What is it with a man who is supposed to have the genuine well-being of the people in this country working on promises that “MAY” fix the problem, and only partially, if everything “WORKS OUT WELL”, which we all know doesn’t always happen!  He, his family, and his friends and colleagues all have more than enough money to live luxurious lifestyles way into the future, so how the heck does he “truly understand” the struggles the average American has to go through on a daily basis?  A bad day for him is a bogey on the golf course! 

Look at it this way:  If you make $250 a week, and you have a monthly house payment of $400 a month, that weekly income hits $150 for usable income.  Then, if you have a monthly gas, electric, and water bill that is $240, on average, that leaves you with $90 a week of usable income.  Take food, clothing, and other expenses, and you barely have enough money left to pay for your gas to get back and forth to work!  And, if the prices keep going up, many Americans, just as what happened in 2008, will not have the money to drive to their jobs and, because of the cost of food and other necessities going up, they will lose their jobs and have to fall back on unemployment!  And, when a massive amount of Americans have to fall back on unemployment, there will be a massive drop in the amount of money going into our government agencies for tax income, which will force us even deeper in debt, and will drive our nation into financial bankruptcy!  And what do you think will happen if that occurs?  The Chinese own our debt, and they will come calling for everything they have invested in as collateral, and we will be forced to bow down and give them what we backed up our loans with!  They have portions of our land, our businesses, and other “solid” investments, and they will legally be able to take them over and we will fall into Chinese domination, meaning they will have defeated us!  And it will all happen because the rich political leaders of our nation have nothing to worry about, because they have already set their own deals, and the only group that will suffer will be the American citizens!

So; how do we stop all this from happening?  So simply, it is absolutely idiotic that we haven’t already done it; DRILL BABY DRILL!  We have more oil than we can possibly use up over the next 400 years, and our leaders know this, but they refuse to lift the dominant rope of submission off our necks by drilling here, in the US, and stop buying oil from the muslims!  Bush proved this right when he lifted the ban on offshore drilling; gas immediately dropped from $2.85 a gallon down to under $1 a gallon, and it happened because the people who deal in oil know that we have all we need and, once we began producing off of our own reserves, in the Gulf Coast and from our on-land reserves, we would produce enough gas to flood the market, which would drive down prices!  And don’t listen to the crap that it would take a year to begin producing from our own wells; I have seen reports from our developers that state that we could be back up in less than three months!  But Obama put the ban back on, and look what happened to gas prices!

Let every Representative you know, on every level, that we need to stop this senseless ban on drilling for our own oil and end this dependence on foreign oil!  Our government has been telling us since the early 1970s that we need to begin developing Alternative Sources for our energy needs, but they do nothing but talk about it, because they can’t find the technology necessary to make any other source of transportation work truly efficiently!  So here is what they need to do:  Start drilling for our own oil, to take care of the American people, and begin doing the research necessary to make an affordable, useful option to gasoline.  Then, when that option is available to every citizen, something that is truly affordable, the people will switch on their own!  This is what we need to do, and we need to do it now!  Obama; why work for a 1/3 drop in dependence on foreign oil in ten years, when we can have a 100% drop in a maximum of one year!  Are you truly an American, or are the questions about your citizenship true, and you are a muslim?  Prove it to us!  Wake up!  DRILL BABY DRILL!  Our freedom is at stake!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. Tom 57 AHC says:

    Arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the corrupt politicians, and you will see how fast things change. Wishful thinking. We live in a corrupted political country and it won’t change. Oh yes, maybe a sacrificial lamb once in awhile, but the hard core corrupting will always exist. Having worked on the Hill Mike, you know the truth.

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