There’s a big push to force Americans to “Share the Wealth” with everyone else in our country; to allow those who don’t want to work, who don’t feel the need to support themselves, to have the life that most working Americans earn through their labor, and it has the taxpayers of America upset!  How can that even begin to make sense?  To have to work hard every day to provide for your family, to be able to buy your own home, to give your children the security that will help them to maintain that lifestyle on into their future, then have the government demand that you pay more taxes on the money you work so hard to earn, while living with higher gas prices, food prices and barely scraping enough out of your wages to care for your own family, then have to pay for those who don’t want to work?  You should be upset, you should be so angry that you stand up and shout out that frustration on the steps of every Capitol building in the country!  But you should stop thinking about what could happen and look at how we are already sharing our wealth, and have been, for a great many years!  Granted; we have been asleep at the wheel and have not been watching our government like we should, but we are awake now, and we need to start thinking about how much of our hard-earned money is being handed out like candy on Halloween!  Let me give you some examples:

1.  We were building our own nation, growing through our own troubles while Europe was building up hatred between its nations, then the Germans got so desperate that they fought with the French, and a war started that caused the British to cry out for help, so we had to step in and save their butts!  We spent a fortune, and lost a great many American lives to end that war for them then, once they had peace, we began working on our own problems once more.  But one war wasn’t enough, so we had to step in, once again, spending another fortune to help them, and we lost even more Americans lives!  Now they have peace, and it looks like it should last, if they don’t wind up fighting the muslims who are beginning to cause trouble, in an effort to take over their countries.  And, in order to build “World Peace”, we helped them build the UN, and we thought that would keep peace in the world.  But, then came the problems with Korea, then Vietnam, and we spent billions of dollars, and thousands of American lives to keep them from destroying themselves!  Now we have invested even more money, and even more American lives to help Iraq and Afghanistan build  “Democratic” governments for themselves, something they didn’t have the courage, or personal incentive to fight for on their own!  And, can anyone of power in DC honestly tell me that they don’t expect those nations to revert to “Theocracy” style governments, as Iran did, when we are gone?  Now we are fighting for Libyans, and have spent $337,500,00.00 in just the first two days of protecting a “No Fly Zone” by launching 225 Tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million dollars apiece!  We have become the World Police Force and we are SHARING the WEALTH, and American lives, whenever the UN, or NATO asks us to!

2.  Those “poor little” Mexicans, and others, who cross our borders every day, come up here and rape our healthcare system, because our leaders won’t protect our country from their invasion!  Remember when they were talking about why we needed a new Health Care Bill?  They talked about the 18% of Americans who didn’t have quality healthcare; that 18% equaled the number of people in our population who are illegals who are in our country living off of Emergency Room care!  And how about the tens of millions of illegals who are taking advantage of our Welfare system, or are forcing our citizens to go on Unemployment because the jobs they need to support their families are taken by illegals!  Someone, please: Tell me that is not “SHARING THE WEALTH“!  Our tax money is being used to support Mexican families who simply come up here and take American places in the workforce, then use our medical facilities and Welfare to provide good lives for themselves!

3.  We have been through a great many serious natural disasters and other situations that would cause every other nation in the world to scream out for help, but we take care of our own problems!  But, when those other nations can’t take care of themselves, they cry out to us to help them and we wind up spending millions of American tax dollars to help them and, in the end, much of that money winds up in the hands of government leaders, while their people still suffer!  Look at Haiti; we sent enough money, supplies and aid to them to provide each and every one of them with a home and supplies for ten years!  But they are still suffering!  Where did that money go?  I’ll bet the leaders of Haiti are doing real well!  If the American people want to reach out and help other countries, that’s fine, but do it through donations, not TAX DOLLARS!  We have SHARED so much of our nation’s WEALTH, and American tax dollars in Foreign Aid, yet we get nothing but hatred from those same countries!

4. There is much more that I could show you, but I have limited space, so I will use this as my last example:  We were the most powerful nation in the world because we were the greatest manufacturer, and inventor of goods and services used around the world.  And, when we manufactured goods, they were the best in the world!  But we wanted to build alliances with nations that feared us, so we HANDED OVER our manufacturing to other nations, such as China, who hates us, and now we are subservient to them.  It has cost us jobs, which cost us the tax money we need to keep our country going so, now, we are all having to bear even more of the tax load and our country is going bankrupt!  We could begin manufacturing again, but our leaders think more of those countries that manufacture for us, than they do for American citizens!  And we could easily provide our own oil to use in our vehicles and to manufacture things made from oil, which would bring prices down to a level that would allow us all to live comfortably, but our leaders are more concerned with muslim interests than ours!  So; instead of making our own goods, instead of drilling for our own oil, we SHARE THE WEALTH with muslims and the Chinese!

You are all right; we need to end this whole idea of SHARING THE WEALTH and begin taking care of ourselves first!  And this means ending any policy of working Americans being responsible for those who don’t want to work, and it also means ending the waste of our money in trying to be the “Nice Guys” in the political world!  I am very serious: we need to go to the State Capitols and DC and stand on the steps and let them know that we are Americans and we want to take care of America, and the working citizens first!  Once we get our economy back on line, once we get our unemployed back to work, then we can consider helping out other “poor little nations”!  We don’t have much time left; we need to monitor the actions of every Member of Congress, and the President, and ensure that they are taking care of America, working to bring us back to the nation we once were!  Stand up Americans; time is running out! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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