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I’m sorry to have to repeat this again, but there are many out there that do not know I worked on the Hill in DC, from January of 2004 to June of 2005.  I am repeating this because I want to show my credibility as I open the doors on what our Members of Congress, our President, and every other person involved in our political system in DC means when they say something.  I have told people to look behind the words, to listen to the whole idea of what they are saying, not just listening to what they want you to hear, so I am going to give you some examples of what Washington “Speak” is all about:

1.  We hear the Progressive Liberals telling us how important it is for us to legalize every illegal alien who is currently in the United States.   They tell us about how they are poor little individuals who are only seeking our style of freedom, and that their kids deserve to stay here because it is not their fault, but to keep them here we will have to allow their parents to stay, too.   And we all know what those politicians are really seeking is a future voting base to allow them to stay in office.  On the Republican side, they “heard” what we demanded about ending the invasion of illegals into the US, and they tell us that they want the whole “illegal problem” ended, because they are taking American jobs and are making it difficult for American citizens because they are raiding our Health Care, Social Services, and are bringing drugs and terrorist anger into our country, across our own borders!  They say they want it to end, that we need true border security, and that we need to stop the flow of illegals across our borders!  And that sounds exactly like what we wanted from them when we voted them in, but it isn’t; it’s Washington “Speak”, it’s what they want us to hear!  Have you ever heard any of them, on either side, saying that we need to remove every illegal from our country and that, if they want to come back, they will have to enter legally, and can give them a preference in how we will handle their citizenship cases?  No!  Why?  Because that’s not what they want; both sides of the political spectrum want exactly the same thing; a “Fast Track” to citizenship without any illegal ever having to leave our country!  But, by misleading us, by focusing us on both sides of the issue, they can go into Congress and pick and choose what they want to have entered into a bill, to get it through, without actually ending the problem, but making it look like they did!  They don’t work for us, the people, they work for themselves and their own interests!

2.  I worked on the POW issue while in DC; the government wanted to show that they were behind the National League of Families, the family members who wanted answers to where their missing sons, fathers and husbands were, so they designed a symbol for them to use to show their support for the NLF’s missing loved ones.  They came up with the black POW patch, and flag, that says “POW MIA” across the top, “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN” across the bottom, and in the center there is a black silhouette of a head, with a white background and a black watchtower over a POW camp.  It became very popular in the movement, but they never knew the truth behind the patch and flag; the government did not want to help them, they wanted the families to give up on their efforts, so they designed the flag and patch in black for a reason:  Their scientific researchers found that Black is a “mourning” symbol, the color of death, so by making the flag and patch in black, it was meant to slowly take all hope away from the families!  But they told the families that it was done to show the “love and concern” of our government for the POWs, and its lack of duty in bringing them all home!  Crap!  It was pure manipulation!

3.  When our financial base almost collapsed in 2008, it was because of the severe mis-management of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the man in charge of the agencies:  Barney Frank!  But Obama wanted to show us that he was concerned, “deeply concerned” about the threat that had been posed by the agencies so, when he took office, in order to show that concern to the citizens, he set up an investigative committee to dig deeply into the background of the agencies, to find out if it was really at fault, who was responsible, and to make them pay for the problem they caused!  Funny thing was; once the committee had made its findings, the only thing  found out to be wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was that the Big Banks had set up a situation that was destined to make them fail, even though it was the government’s loan policies that put the banks in the position they were in!  And who was the head of the Investigative Committee?  Barney Frank!  Does anyone really think that he would have found himself guilty of anything?  Do your really think that Obama and Congress wanted him to?  But the government put on its show, and the results came out exactly as they were supposed to!

4.  Out of a great concern for our “well-being”, the government forced the Health Care Bill down our throats!  They did it fast and hard, so that no one had the time to really examine it!  And they kept our attention focused on things like how it would affect our insurance, how we would not have choices in the kind of treatment we want, and how there would be “end of life” components to the Bill!  And it worked; while we were arguing and examining those portions of the Bill, exactly what they wanted us focused on, they slipped through a ton of Pork and other laws that were meant to push our country into falling deeper into a financial death pit!  The way the Bill was written, illegals gain rights and the path to citizenship, new taxes are going to be levied on the public with no public review beforehand, Birth Control will be in effect, abortions can be ordered, and there are a great many other sections of the bill that will handicap the American family and cause the destruction of our way of life!  By taking our focus off of the buried sections of the bill, they were able to sneak them through!

5.  Look at what the Unions have been doing in Wisconsin with the help of the broadcast news; they use statements like ” the government is trying to destroy your children’s education”, or “the government is trying to destroy your freedoms”, while parading around holding American flags and chanting “patriotic” sayings!  We all know that there is no effort by the Wisconsin government to destroy educations or freedoms; it is an effort by the state to bring the budget into balance by removing the greed of union officials who destroy it with Collective Bargaining!  And Obama and his minions are pulling the strings from DC, sticking their noses into state business, where they have no legal right to be!  But, because of the heavy coverage by liberal news stations, the ones that are broadcast off of the cable and satellite systems, which a lot of Americans cannot now afford, all they see is the crowds of “brave citizens” standing up against their government to protect their rights!  No one mentions that the reason this is all happening is because the state is going bankrupt over union issues!

When some government official, be it the President, a Congressional Member, or an Administration member, makes a speech about what they are going to do, or how they feel about an issue, listen closely to what they say, but also listen to what they don’t say; it is the meaning behind the words that shows what they are really up to!  What don’t they talk about, how are they directing their words, what are they focusing on, what are they just lightly glossing over, and why do they seem to push us away from some things, while pushing us directly at others?  Speeches are written by pros, they are given by pros, and they all have a function; to sway our opinions to their side of the issues!  Be a good watchdog and backup anything that seems “off” to you with your own investigation!  If they seem to be avoiding some part of an issue, that will tell you exactly what you need to research!  We are going through some hard times this summer; it is our responsibility as good citizens, to keep ourselves, and our friends, family, and other connections, informed!  It is our responsibility to make sure that the truth comes out, that we stop the lies, and that we show our leaders that we are not sitting on the sidelines anymore, that we are demanding that they bring our country back to the safe, self-dependent FREE nation that it once was!  Now is the time of OUR discontent! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059




  1. Doug Millar says:

    I agree with all 10 suggestions on getting our country back on financial track and would add a few others. Let’s get our country on the gold standard again. Make it legal tender and make the dollars in circulation indicate that each one of them are redeemable in gold held at the federal reserve bank. I also would like to see our progressive tax system replaced with a flat national sales tax in this Country. I would like to see term limits on Congress. This would be a check and balance against tyranny.

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