I think the time has come for some education behind the words the muslims use to defend themselves and their actions.  I have stood for truth concerning the muslim religion and the actions of muslim terrorists and I have been called a “Hater”, a “Bigot”, and “Prejudiced” concerning my views, so I believe it is time to share some things I have learned, concerning the radical muslims and the muslim religion, and how their own words are used to protect themselves, while making them look “innocent” in the actions of those who fight their wars for them!  And all of the information I am sharing with you I picked up off of pro-muslim websites, the Quran, and the very words of those radical leaders who have expressed their own views on our national Radio and TV stations!  Let me give you a few of the statements made by those leaders:

1.  The deaths on 9/11 were not committed by muslim terrorists.

2.  The people who died in the Twin Towers were not “innocents”.

3.  There is no such thing as “muslim terrorists” .

4.  The muslim people do not wish to take the rights away from any citizen, of any country.

5,  The muslim people do not lie.

6.  The muslim people seek only peace in the world.

Now; let’s get down to the truth!  Once again, do some research and you will find that what I am about to tell you is accurate and truthful, that everything I am about to say can be backed up by researching the Quran, pro-muslim websites, and broadcasts of the interviews and speeches made by radical muslim leaders.  It’s very simple to check on this by searching the web, as I have done.  Here is the muslim truth, the truth explained by using their definition of the words they use:

1.  Many of the people who started, and are backing the explanation that our own government committed the Trade Towers attack, and collapse, are muslims and muslim sympathizers, backed up by Americans who are looking for someone else to blame for the attacks.  The muslims say that the attacks weren’t committed by muslim terrorists and, using their belief structure, they are telling the truth!  You see; in order for a muslim to commit an act of terrorism, it has to be committed upon a  “True Believer” of the religion of Islam, not infidels, who mean nothing to the world!  That’s why, in the eyes of the muslim leaders, no innocents died on 9/11, so it was not an act of terrorism.  The terrorists that committed the attacks were simply “Heroes of Allah”, not terrorists!

2.  The people who died in the Twin Towers were not innocents, because they were infidels, not “True Believers”.  According to Islam, and the Quran, in order to become a real citizen, one has to become a “True Believer”; infidels do not have the right to citizenship in a muslim world.  It can be “gifted”, but only if deemed of a great enough importance to have a real benefit to the “True Believers”!  So; by not being considered “True Citizens”, the victims of the attack were not “innocents”!

3.  There is no such thing as “muslim terrorists” because any “True Believer” that fights in a war for Islam and kills infidels is a “Soldier of Allah”!  So, every terrorist acts as a “Soldier of Allah” and they cannot be called a “terrorist”.

4.  The muslim people do not wish to take the rights away from any citizen, of any country, because the only way to be a true citizen is to be a “True Believer”!  Anyone who is not a “True Believer” cannot be a citizen, therefore they have no rights at all!

5.  The muslim people do not lie because, in order to lie, one must tell a falsehood to benefit their own needs.  The Quran states that it is Ok to “mislead” an infidel if that “misleading” is being done to benefit the actions of the “Soldiers” and “People of Allah” to take control of another country that “truly belongs to Allah”.  So; it they smile and act friendly and concerned, and it is a lie, to us, it is simply “following the words of Mohammed” in the Quran, to allow for future dominance of that nation and cannot be considered a lie!

6.  The muslim people seek only peace in the world.  That is absolutely true!  But you have to understand how the Quran defines the meaning of “World Peace” to its people; at the end of the world, the Quran states that all of the infidels will be forced to convert to Islam, to become “True Believers”, or they will all be die under the “Sword of Islam”!  So; the real peace that the muslim people are seeking, the one they say they all stand for, and that they should not be all seen as a “violent” people, is the end of every other religion in the world by either converting them to Islam, or by cutting off their heads!

Islam is like our politicians; don’t listen to what they say without understanding their true meaning of their words!  “Words, just words” is a well-known statement by Obama, meaning that words are not that important and, in his ideal world, words are meant only to mislead and misdirect, which is what the muslims are doing to our people with their words!  You have to understand that, in the muslim world, we are no more than infidels, and we do not have the worth of a dog to them!  But we are much more powerful than they are, they cannot defeat us in a physical war, so they use their words to manipulate us, to gain our trust, and those words are spoken with full belief that they are speaking the truth, but their truth is not what we think it is!  Are there good muslims in this world?  I believe there are, but how can you tell?  Because they say the right things?  Because they smile and act friendly?  Because their words sound good to us?  Then tell me how can you spot three terrorists in a group of 20 muslims if they all look the same, act the same and say the same “good” words?  This summer, I firmly believe that we are going to see trouble by muslims already in this country and, after the attacks, you will hear many Americans say; “I knew him, and I never thought he could do anything like that!”  Don’t fall under the hypnosis of “kind words”; keep your eyes open, watch for anything that seems wrong and report it, but do as they do and act friendly, smile, and let them believe that you are a friend!  But be ready to fight for what you truly believe in, because it will take watchful citizens to stop the trouble, as our governmental leaders are too busy bowing down and kissing the feet of Arab leaders!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    I was in contact with a Liberal French Florist who had lived in the USA for many years, disliked George Bush ETC. however when returned to her native France did admit disliking Muslims very much seeing what her native Country had become in her years in the USA.

    Will Americans wake up to that fact or do they need to go away for 20 years and return to take notice??

    I think not, enough evidence stands to prove the point to me, that we don’t need Muslims here for anything at all, PERIOD!! Just take a look at their track record thus far, what else do we need added to it before we take action?

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