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For a great many years, many Americans have believed that our Federal elections are set up by influential people who decide who is going to run our country and plan our futures.  To most of us, this has been just another Conspiracy Theory; the fears of those who hide in their homes and look  for problems to make them feel that everything wrong in our world is not their fault.  Well, guess what?  They might be right on the money!  I have been listening to the discussions on FOX, and other news channels, and the way the possible candidates that would run for President talk, they already know what the outcome will be and they don’t want to risk their future runs by putting their names out in a losing year!  Huckabee, Jeb Bush, and many others, state that Obama will have the popular vote and they want to wait until 2016 to make the run for President!  One name stands out as a candidate in the upcoming election, and that is Romney!

Let’s take a look at Romney:  He was the Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007.  He was the first Governor to have State-Run Healthcare, with his support, and it almost ruined the Healthcare system in the State.  He was the Conservative candidate that ran against McCain in the 2008 campaign and he had a good lead over McCain until, quite suddenly, and with no serious explanation, he bowed-down to McCain and let him win the primaries.  The talk was that no Conservative candidate could beat Obama, so he walked away.  The other side, the “Conspiracy Theorists”, said that both parties, led by the “Powers that Be” wanted Obama to win, so they set up the Romney bow-out to let McCain, who they knew could not win, become the Conservative candidate.  I supported Romney in that election and I could not understand why he dropped out, but I believed it had to do with one of those reasons, and look what it did to our country!  Romney will be one of several “middle of the road” Conservatives who will run in the election, and I am beginning to believe that none of them will truly make an effort to win!  Why?  Because almost all of the latest talk on Conservative shows is about the fact that the Republicans believe that no one will be able to beat Obama!  Why would they believe that if they truly felt that they were the “Candidate of the People”, the one that Conservative Americans, the group that overthrew Nancy Pelosi in the last election, the biggest group of voters in our country, would want to have in office as President?  If they look back at the 2008 election, they will see that the only reasons why Obama won was because of two things:  1.  A great many Americans switched sides because the Republican Party had grown more “middle of the road”, less Conservative, and were running down the same path as the Progressives, so many Conservative Centrists voted for Obama because he was the only one running on “Hope and Change”!  2.  All the Republican Party offered as a candidate was McCain, and those of us who voted for him had to “hold our noses” while we did, because we had no true respect for him as a candidate!  The only person in the election that stood up for the American people and showed the kind of resolve we needed was Palin, and the first person to attack her and try to make her look like an idiot was the man who asked her to run with him; McCain!  Now Palin is looked at as “not quite qualified”, so she has a serious handicap if she runs!

What this country needs, what the taxpaying citizens of this great nation are looking for is a true Conservative candidate, one who will go into office and make the necessary changes to end the domination of Special Interest groups in our country, who will change the Tax Laws to a serious point of fairness, without handicapping any business that wishes to return to America to rebuild our manufacturing base, and will end the dominance of other countries, those who hate us and want to see our Republic fail, over our homes, businesses and financial base!  We are Americans, and we want a true American President, one who wants to see us grow back into the world leader in freedom, manufacturing, and safety for our citizens!   We need someone who is not afraid to stand up and tell the truth, to bring back our jobs, our ability to provide good homes and livelihoods for our families, and close our borders to everyone who is not a true American, or wants to be a true American!  The Tea Party is made up of families and business owners who know that we need to stop sending money to every country in the world that simply wants to bleed us dry!  They know that we need to end foreign dependence upon our nation and let them fight for their own freedoms!  They simply want a candidate who understands that putting America first is the best philosophy when it comes to running our nation!  The time has come to bring back oil drilling and development in our own country, for our own use, then do research on possible “alternative energy sources” for the future!  The time has come for us to begin manufacturing our own goods, to rebuild our manufacturing base, and end dependence upon China!  Both the people of the Mid East, and China, hate Americans and we need to stop funding their military growth and development!  And we need to end the process of allowing muslims, Mexicans and others from flooding our population, either legally, or illegally, and send them all back to their own countries and let them gain their own national freedom!  Finally; we need a candidate who will bring our military home from nations that we don’t need to fight for, or “protect”, and put them on our own borders, to use the costs of their services where those costs can really protect our nation!

My fellow patriots; we need a candidate with “BALLS”!  I know that sounds crude to many, but that is exactly what we need in order to gain a President who actually represents the people, not Special Interests, and we need that candidate in the upcoming election!  Research the possible candidates and look for the one who will stand up like Christy has for his state, one who will tell us the truth like Palin did in the last election, one who will not fear upsetting money men like Soros, and will do the job of President with the type of honor and pride that Washington did!  And let’s share that research with everyone we know on the web, in our neighborhoods, across the country!  4 more years of Obama will drive this country in a hole that will make Carter smile!  And that is the last thing we need!  The time of an “educated” voter base has come, and it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone knows the real truth about who is running, and why!  Now is the time for Americans to stand for America!  Now is the time for the voters to take control of our government and elect people who will no longer sell us out to whomever will put Pork in the Christmas stockings!  Stand up Americans; this is our country, and we are its last resource for Freedom!  Be a true American, or get out of the way!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Mr. Christie of New Jersey has stated he does not want to run for President, “Newt” on the other hand is showing signs he is willing to do battle in 2012 against the so called invincable Obama.

    We are looking for a candidate who will run and not be afraid to be in a “Fight” because he might lose. When has there ever been a guarantee of winning in the first place?? Maybe the Reagan vs. Carter which this next presidential election should resemble so all scared and run of the mill candidates need not apply, any willing to run and win and take charge of this sinking ship the USA step up and be counted.

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