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There are three Federal Labor Laws that seem good at first glance, but have been manipulated over the years to protect the unions:

1.  The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931:  This law provides requires that all public works projects must have employees paid the prevailing wage in the local area, with similar benefits.  The law, on its base, seems to provide only fair wages to those who work in a local area, to allow for better livings for employees.  But what it really does is allow for a union to go into an area and picket for higher wages for its employees, which raises the wage standard for every other employee in every other union, as the law requires all wages to be equal to the “prevailing wage” in the area!  No Contractor, or employer can cut their wages in order to place a lower bid.  What this means is that, if a non-union employer wants to place a lower bid to gain a contract, by lowering the wages he would pay to his employees, he can’t.  He must stick to the prevailing union wage standard, or he cannot place a bid.   This takes away the freedom of a company to successfully obtain a contract through cost-cutting measures of lower labor wages.  It also forces all government agencies that wish to build or repair facilities to take a higher-cost contract because they cannot accept any contract that does not meet the “prevailing wage” standards!  This law, as it is now used, gives the Unions power in all governmental contracts, for wage and benefits control in construction and repair.  In September of 1992, President George Bush Senior suspended the Act indefinitely, to allow for the recovery from Hurricane Andrew.  In March of 1993, President Clinton reinstated the Act. Then, on September 7, 2005, President Bush II suspended the Act because of a “National Emergency” in areas of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, because of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.  He reinstated the Act on October 26, 2005.  What this proves is that the only effective way to clean up the damage from two separate disasters was to remove the right for wages to be lifted to Union standards!  As Unions’ power grows, so does the cost of every Public Works Project, all Federal Government construction programs and all Federally Assisted construction contracts over $2,000.

2.  The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947:  This Act, called the Labor-Management Relations Act, monitors the activities and power of Labor Unions. It is written as follows:

“To promote the full flow of commerce, to prescribe the legitimate rights of both employees and employers in their relations affecting commerce, to provide orderly and peaceful procedures for preventing the interference by either with the legitimate rights of the other, to protect the rights of individual employees in their relations with labor organizations whose activities affect commerce, to define and proscribe practices on the part of labor and management which affect commerce and are inimical to the general welfare, and to protect the rights of the public in connection with labor disputes affecting commerce.”

Basically; the amendments prohibited Jurisdictional Strikes, Wildcat Strikes, Solidarity or Political Strikes ( does Wisconsin come to mind?), Secondary Boycotts, Secondary Picketing, Closed Shops, and Monetary Donations by Unions to Federal Campaigns.  It also required Union officers to sign non-communist affidavits with the government.  States were allowed to pass “Right-to-work” laws. And, if a Union strike “imperiled the National Safety”, the Executive Branch of the government is allowed to obtain legal, strike-breaking injunctions.  Once again; this is another bill that looks good as written, but it is one of the most ineffective bills we have in relation to Unions.  Wildcat Strikes, Political Strikes, and Monetary Donations by Unions to Federal Campaigns are commonplace events.  Look at what is happening in Wisconsin; Unions have joined forces and are protesting in the State Capital!  The protestors are openly wearing Union T-shirts and are carrying Union signs!  And any strike that is held without “60 days advance notification to employers and to certain State and Federal mediation bodies” is a “Wildcat Strike”!  And “Under-the-table” payments are made by Unions to our Congressional Members all the time, in cash, things like free trips, free modifications to their homes, and skimmed money off of “Pork Projects” all the time!  And, for elections, the Unions skip the law by not donating funds directly to a campaign, but require their members to each send in a specific amount, on a “personal” basis, but let the Congressional Member know that they would not have that money if it weren’t for the Union Bosses!  There was a local company, here in St. Louis, that was forced to shut down last year for four months, because the Union left the building, and picketed in front of it.  And, as a show of power, the Union build a new Union office right across the street from the factory!  And, as far as the “Non-Communist affidavits; the Unions are now working around the world with world-wide unions, and both the Communist and Socialist parties!

3.  The Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959:  This Act, called the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, is meant to regulate Labor Unions’ internal affairs and their officials’ relationships with employers.  It is meant to do the following:

Unions are supposed to hold secret ( hidden vote) elections, reviewable by the Department of Labor.  Union members are protected against abuses by a bill of rights that includes guarantees of freedom of speech and periodic secret elections of officers.   Members of the Communist Party and convicted felons are barred from holding union office.  Unions are required to submit annual financial reports to the Department of Labor.  Every Union officer must act as a fiduciary ( a representative for the best actions of the members, not the union ) in handling the assets and conducting the affairs of the union.  Limit the power of Unions to put subordinate bodies in trusteeship, a temporary suspension of democratic processes within a Union.  And, to provide certain minimum standards before a Union may expel of take other disciplinary action  against a member of the Union. 

Once again; these rules are ignored by unions; I once worked for a company that was both Union, and non-Union in its employees.  After 60 days, the Union rep came to me and said it was time to “join the Union”!  I told him I did not want to be a part of the Union, that I didn’t have to.  Two days later I was fired for “working so hard that I made the Union workers look bad”, and my boss told me that he couldn’t risk trouble with the Union!

We have these laws in effect, and they are supposed to protect our people against dominance by the Unions and the laws are not working!  In many cases; Unions have affected the laws, changing them to meet their needs, giving them power that allows them to control how employers can carry on relations with them!  There was a time when Unions were necessary in our country, when we had “Slave-labor” and “Child Labor” problems!  But, now we have laws that protect employees and their rights and we no longer need the dominance of labor in our lives, ruining our economy by gaining excessive benefits that break the financial base of our Local, State, and Federal economies!  Wisconsin is the best example of the runaway power of Unions, of their egotistical grab for dominance in our country, and in the world!  Union workers are good people, but they don’t realize that they are being robbed by Union leaders, who simply want to gain power, dominance and wealth from the efforts of Union members!  Stand up Americans, against runaway Unions, and let your Congressional Representatives know that we are no longer going to accept the movement by Union leaders to control our country!  Tell them that we want simple, new regulations that limit the dominance of Union leaders, that rid our nation of Mandatory Unions, in every state, and allow our businesses to pay fair wages for work done, and remove the protections and excessive benefits from those who cannot be fired for doing below standard work, because Unions protect them from losing their jobs!  We are not a “Union” country, we are a “FREE COUNTRY”


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom, 57th AHC says:

    Perhaps states should adapt the Taylor Law. It has been working well in NYC for decades.
    Click or copy and paste.


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