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Let me start out by going over some information that we have already heard:  Obama was supported by the Unions in his push for the Presidency.  The Unions donated huge amounts of money to his campaign.  When he took office, one of his first acts was to give GM to the UAW.  When the Tea Party begin taking the spotlight in 2099, Obama began using Union members to disrupt Tea Party functions.  He publicly stated that the Unions “needed to stand against the Tea Party”.  His Unions goons beat up a little old lady, and a vendor, in St. Louis, at a Tea Party Rally.  Obama has close contact with the SEIU, and other Unions and meets with them on a regular basis, even at the White House.  When the Unions began protesting against the Wisconsin governor, Obama began organizing the Unions to join in the protest and to set up protests in other States.  I know there is more to this than what I have covered here, but this is a pretty good trail that proves that our President has a major organization working very closely with him, and that organization is the Unions, both here in America, and the International Unions, such as SEIU, the Service Employee International Union.  When the Tea Party held its peaceful rallies, we were bad-mouthed and degraded for standing up for our country and its Constitution but, whenever the Unions protest, whenever they get violent and angry, they are protected by the Progressive News agencies and are shown to be “concerned” Americans!  There is no fairness here.  Several members of Obama’s Administration, both the ones that have left this year, and the ones that still remain,  have publicly stated that they need “violence in the streets” in America, in order to begin the movement for change in our government and Constitution, and it looks as though they have begun to move to place that violence into effect!

Most of the Union members are pretty good people, and do not want to cause problems that would endanger our nation, but the Union bosses use the right words and pressures to get them to go to places like Wisconsin to demonstrate.  When the Tea Party held its rallies, all of the people who took part paid for their own transportation, food, and other expenses and, if they had to leave work to take part, they took unpaid sick leave; they were there because it was too important for them to be there, they knew they were fighting for what was right!  On the other hand; whenever groups like the Unions meet, they supply busses, they supply food and other expenses, and their people take sick leave and get paid for it!  They may feel that their part in the protests is important, but only important enough if they don’t have to lose anything to do it!  Most take part because the Unions demand it!  So far, the Wisconsin demonstrations are costing the State Government over $6,000,000.00 in sick-pay wages, and other expenses for those who attend and the Union members who attend the protests use that TAX MONEY to pay the Unions for their expenses in being there!  In other words; the tax paying citizens of Wisconsin are footing the bill for the entire costs of the protest!  And they are sucking the kids from the schools they work at into the protests, telling them that the Governor is trying to ruin their educational system!  The only thing the Governor is trying to do is cut back on Union special benefits and their current ability to force the government to pay for those special benefits!  But the kids are out of school, they get to go to the rallies, so they think it is cool!  But they can’t see that their Governor is trying to protect their financial futures, that he is the real “Good Guy” in all of this!  And, since the Unions are working with the Obama Administration, and they see the attention they are getting, the Wisconsin protest is only the beginning, as they are setting plans in motion to upset every State and Local Government across the country this summer!

The time has come for the domination of Unions in our country, both in the private sector, and public agencies to end!  We have plenty of laws currently in effect to protect the rights and welfare of workers, and we don’t need Unions “ante-ing up” the costs of labor, simply to allow the Unions to build power and use the money they take in dues to sway how our government is run!  We no longer need Union dues paying for campaigns for government leaders they believe will expand their power and influence!  There was a time when Unions were necessary, because our government did not have any protections for the security of employees in effect but, now we do, so Unions need to go!  There should no longer be any State, or Federal mandates allowing for workers to be forced into joining a Union if they want to keep their jobs!  And there should be no governmental jobs available that pay more than any private sector jobs!  Unions should be like the Tea Party; if there is to be a demonstration, they should do it on their own, without the massive Union leadership now in power, and they should do it at their own expense, and their own time!  Union members have no idea just how they are being used and manipulated by their Union leaders.  Here is a good example:  The Unions now own General Motors.  General Motors is beginning to get back on its feet, just as it would have if the original owners still owned it.  So the UAW members feel like they have really gained something, that each of them will have some kind of guaranteed future.  But there is one question that no one has asked, or thought of: what happens if the Unions lost the majority of their members?  What if the Union robotized the assembly lines, just as GM wanted to do, but couldn’t, because the Unions stood against it?  The profits would go up, but the amount of Union employees would dive down!  I’m sure that there would be a period of sadness expressed by the Union leaders for the necessity of having to lose workers, and those workers would probably live with some sort of benefit settlement, but what would happen to the future profits of GM?  Simple; they would go to the Unions, to Union management to use, meaning that Union management would greatly increase their own profits, while a great many Union members would lose their jobs!  And the more Union members who lose their jobs, the more money the Union leaders would make!  If this doesn’t sound right to you, think of the amount of money that the Unions make off of their members now; in my neighborhood, there is a Golf Course with a set of big, beautiful buildings on its property, and it was built, and is supported by the Pipe Fitters Union!  I don’t know how many millions it cost to build but, if I had to guess, I would say 60, or more!  So; do the Union members get to play for free?  Nope; it costs $65 dollars a player to play golf there!  But, because they  are so important, politicians and Union leaders get to play for free!   Union members were forced to contribute to the cost of building that Golf Course, one that about 95% of the members will never use?  So; where do you think the profits from GM will go?

If you hear of a Union protest in your area, make the time to go and stand against them!  Do everything you can to keep it civil and peaceful but, if attacked, defend yourself!  These people have been playing with our money for almost a hundred years and it needs to end now!  Our government is not the agency that is supposed to knuckle under to the Unions to pay them what they want; our government is supposed to stand up for the rights and protection of the tax paying citizens of America and it is supposed to protect us from the greed of the Unions!  There is no way that we should be paying taxes to allow for Union people to do as little work as possible, to fake being sick to allow them to “skip school”, to waste our money!  It is time that our government realizes that the people who pay the tax money they waste are no longer willing to stand for it!  And, as far as the kids protesting with their teachers in Wisconsin; add the number of days the schools have been closed to the end of the school year and make the kids stay in school until those days have been made up!  This is our country, our tax dollars pay for the government that wastes them with groups like Unions, and it is time that our voices are heard and we make our government wake up to the fact that their bosses have had it, and they will either begin doing their jobs, or they will be fired!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. John Ryan says:

    For Every Action, There is a Reaction…

    Board Votes to Layoff All Providence Teachers

    Published February 25, 2011
    | Associated Press
    Print Email Share Comments (5) Text Size PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The school board of Rhode Island’s financially troubled capital city has voted to send termination letters to all of its nearly 2,000 teachers after city officials said the move would give them “maximum flexibility” to make budget cuts.

    State law requires school departments to notify teachers by March 1 if they’ll be laid off the following school year.

    Providence teachers received notices of potential layoffs before the board met Thursday night and voted 4-3 on sending termination letters. The move means some of the teachers could lose their jobs at the end of the year.

    Teachers call the move “insane.”

    The Providence Journal newspaper reports more than 700 teachers packed the Providence Career and Technical Academy gymnasium to tell school officials their hearts were broken and their trust was violated.

    Note that the newly elected governor of Rhode Island also invited all Illegal Aliens to come live in his state, any connections here, we’ll see, money is tight all over..

  2. Gerry says:

    Teachers forever have been untouchable. High time to tap them on the shoulder and invite them into the real working world where people work 12 months a year and pay a substantial portion of their wages into medical insurance and retirement plans. And while we’re at it, get rid of tenure protection. Time to pass the trash.

    • I agree with you Gerry; this country is going down on its knees because we kowtow to too many Special Interest groups that spend a lot of money on Candidates who will support their needs! It has to end, now!

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