In today’s society, Americans have to apologize for making any statements that show that they stand for America and want our country’s laws to be used to rebuild the Nation that we know we can be!  Any time an American stands up in public and makes statements about how foreign interests are destroying our country and our Constitution, we are listed as “haters, bigots, and racists”, yet anyone who wants to stand against us to destroy our nation is welcome to speak their piece in a public forum!  The United Nations is one of the biggest supporters of anti-American hatred in our nation by allowing foreign dignitaries an open mike to spout out their anger and hatred towards our country!  And the Progressive news stations, you know, the ones that broadcast anything that the current Administration wants said, place those dictators on our TV screens, making sympathetic statements about “why they need to be heard”!  The worst part of all this is that most cable and satellite programming is too expensive for many Americans to afford, so the only information they get is the slanted, politically biased crap that ABC, NBC, and CBS news puts out there, so they don’t know the truth about what is going on!  Well, my friends; it’s about to get worse!

When I was growing up, if you spouted any “anti-American” hatred against our nation, you were watched very closely and, if you did anything that sounded traitorous, you were arrested!  It was not done in a “dictatorial” way, people were allowed to speak their minds, but there were limits, safe limits, and they were upheld.  But now, things are getting so out-of-hand that we are about to see something that will support our enemies and defraud our great nation, happen in DC next Thursday; There is a muslim cleric who is very much a radical, one who teaches hatred and violence against America, and Americans, who lives in Great Britain and has led many anti-governmental demonstrations in London, trying to force the English Government to accept Sharia Law into their legal system, and this man is being allowed entry into our country next week!  Why?  Because he wants to hold a demonstration in DC, across from the White House ( I wonder if Obama will get some satisfaction from this, and if he is behind it ), calling on all muslims in the US to meet him and demonstrate in an effort to force Sharia Law into our legal system!  Can you believe that he is even being allowed into our country?  I sure can’t!  I listened to him on FOX, this morning, stating that Sharia Law is destined to be the dominate law in the world, and in the US!  He stated that we hold our “man-made” laws and our “Freedoms” with “too great importance” and we must step back and allow the “laws of his God” to take over and rule our country!  I have heard this man, in the past, tell his followers that our Constitution was no more than “wasted words of deceivery”, and that it needs to be destroyed!  His name is Cleric Anjem Choudary, and he is building a name for himself in the muslim world, and by allowing him access to our country, to spit out his anger in a mob of radical muslims in our nation’s capitol, our leaders are showing “sympathy for the enemy” which, by military law, and public law, is considered “Traitorism”!

We have watched Obama bow before muslim leaders!  We have watched him snub our only true ally in the Mid East, Israel!  And we have seen him act in supportive ways for muslim actions which may endanger the futures of our children and grandchildren and, now, he is going to allow a radical muslim cleric to spout out his hatred of our nation and our legal system in our nation’s capitol, across from our nation’s home for our Presidents?  Just how far are we willing, as true American citizens, to let this idiocy go!  Two things will come out of this:  1.  Our Progressive press will have a field day with this, blasting it out to the American public, to our children, telling them that we are a “great nation”, because we allow men like this to speak their piece to the world from our own nation’s capitol, that it shows we are a “true understanding people”!  In truth; it will show that we are suckers to a government that refuses to stand up and protect our nation!  2.  It will add to the huge press support of leaders like the Iranian Mullahs and Bin Laden, showing their people that they are now gaining “DOMINANCE” against all of their enemies!  Add to the recent actions of muslims in overthrowing Egypt, and other nations, and they will spout that the new Caliphate is on the way, that the muslim nations will take over the world!  When do we end this “Hate America, love muslims” path to the downfall of America?  Why are we giving them enormous financial support in both cash, because they “suffer” so, and in oil purchases?  Bush did the right thing when he dropped all bans on drilling in the US, and Obama sent us down the path to muslim servitude when he put them back in effect!  And, with the current problems in the Mid East, our gas prices will hit over $4 a gallon this summer and the financial collapse that almost hit our nation 2008 will start again, and this time we might not be able to stop it!

We need to end this muslim support system that Washington has adopted and begin strengthening and rebuilding our nation!  If other nations don’t like it;  TOO BAD!  Let them take care of their own problems and let’s begin taking care of ours!  We are being invaded over our southern border and our government does nothing about it!  We are bowing to muslim needs and our government supports it!  We are begging for financial security from China, and our government is on its knees!  We do not drill for our own oil and sucker up to the muslims for theirs, and our government kisses muslim ass to do so!  That is not America!  America is a strong, self-dependent nation that handles its own problems, takes care of its own people, and protects itself from any trouble from other nations!  We stand strong, proud, and as a decent leader in the world!  Contact every politician you know and let them know that we are not going to stand for this anymore!  Contact the advertisers of those Progressive news stations and tell them that you will no longer buy their goods if thye continue to back these kinds of actions!  And talk with everyone you know, let them know what is going on and help them to understand that we are in great danger as a Free nation, and that we need to stand together, as true American citizens, to let our government know that we will no longer accept these kinds of actions from them, regardless of party, or belief, anymore!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Citizens of this country are just going to have to “Spine Up” and take care of matters themselves, so called “Government” is useless as well as helpless in situations such as these, as a matter of fact responsible for the increase and encouragement of more.

    How long before we are experiencing the same street violence common to Muslim Nations???

    We have all the necessary ingredients, Muslims, free run of things for them and the “Blessings” of the so called “President”.

    Let the Citizens see true Muslims and make their decisions from there as it won’t be some far away land the violence takes place in, it will be their nation’s Headquarters.

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