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Just like the “Wizard of Oz”, our government misleads and misdirects the news and information to make us believe that one thing is happening, to hide what is really going on.  That’s why we, as citizens, must ensure that we evaluate and understand the truths of what is happening in our country, and our world, so that we can see when we are being lied to!  How many of you remember when, during the Tea Party protests last year, Obama told his Union operatives that they must go after us with “ten times the force”?  Remember the little old lady and small vendor, here in St. Louis, that were beaten in public by Union goons?  Well, there was a reason to all of this, and all we have to do is play with the puzzle and put the pieces together:

1.  The Obama Administration pushed through huge, expensive bills, like the Healthcare Bill, knowing that the expense of those bills would wind up falling upon the States, forcing them to re-examine their budgets, making cost cutting a necessity, which means that many State governmental agencies would be forced to limit the amount of money spent on those agencies, employees and benefits.  This was the plan from the very beginning; to force States into a situation where they would have few options and would be in a position where submission to the Federal Government would be one of the only ways out!  They knew that the States would have to re-examine their budgets at the beginning of the year, so the timing on all of this was essential to the plans of the Obama Administration!

2.  Once the States began examine their budgets and started making proposed cuts, the Unions saw that their overly generous benefits were going to change, that they would have to adjust their lives to allow the States to be able to afford to keep them on the job, so they began to take action to stop those changes.  I heard on FOX News, a news agency I trust, that Obama had put in a “Community Organizing” style plan, through his Administration, to assist the Unions in organizing and protesting against any state that will change their rights and benefits to allow those states to avoid Bankruptcy!  In other words; Obama’s Administration is directing and aiding Unions to fight their governments!  At what point did it become necessary, much less legal, for the Federal government to involve itself in the actions of States that are trying to protect their citizens from the dangers of a State going bankrupt?  If the states do as they need to, they stand a chance of getting back on a solid financial basis but, if they lean on the Federal government, the load on our Federal budget will become so great that the entire country will go bankrupt!  But I believe that is exactly what is happening, as a push to a “One World Government”, forcing the fall of the independence of the United States and allowing for the growth of a Socialist/Progressive world!

3.  Isn’t it interesting that muslim nations, all across the Mid East, are standing up and holding protests against their governments, forcing the collapse of leadership in nations like Egypt, allowing for the possibility of a Caliphate, a muslim government of all of the muslim nations formed into one major religious nation of hatred against the non-muslim world?  And, after the success of the Egyptian overthrow, we suddenly have videos of teachers and State Union employees gathering within the State Capital of Wisconsin, demanding governmental change within their state!  If you looked at the videos of both the Egyptian protests and the Wisconsin protests, side by side, and forget about nationalities, they would look exactly the same!  And don’t think the world doesn’t know what’s going on in Wisconsin; videos of that protest are being broadcast across every nation in the world, especially muslim nations, who believe that American citizens are standing alongside them in their efforts to change the world!  They don’t see that the difference is that they are protesting for freedom, and the American Unions are protesting for their own personal greed!

Now; put the pieces together; in the background of the actions of the Obama Administration against the Tea Party protests last year, in its efforts to mobilize the Unions against us, there was a much more serious effort going on!  They were beginning to build the political strength of the unions, and you can add in the giveaway of GM to the Unions to build their power, to get them to join with the rest of the unions in the world, to mobilize a massive force to fight for the demise of the Republic of America, to allow for the birth of the “One World Government” that Soros and other Progressive idealists have been pushing for!  They needed just one simple problem to allow for the Unions to gather together, to begin the “trouble on the streets” that Obama needs to “force” him to step in and take action; they needed the cost of Federal programs already in the states to force them to take drastic action against the Unions, and the addition of the Healthcare Bill was the “Open Door” that allowed it all to begin! And they timed it so that the Unions standing against the States would appear to be simply the “people” of the United States joining in the “world” movement for “Change” ( remember that word? ) and “World Peace”!  Watch the news and you will see a trend towards “Change” in nations across the world, and that “Change” will be fueled by the apparent “joining” of our Unions in the “fight” of the muslim nations!  We are being used as pawns, by our own government, to allow for the removal of national independence, across the world, and the building of the Progressive ideal of a “One World Government”!

The Tea Party does not need to sit back this year and watch what happens!  We need to be five times as active as last year, to let the people of the world know that we, the citizens of the United States of America, demand that our government end this push to Socialistic/Progressivism and return our nation back to the interests of the honest, legal citizens that pay our taxes and protect our nation!  This is the battle that has been predicted throughout history; the people that have finally found true freedom, standing aginst those that have but one desire; to destroy the freedoms of the people, and replace it with the domination of the governments led by arrogant, power-hungry egotists!  Wake up people!  Stand and protect what is so precious to us, now, or lose it those who wish to control our lives!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Perhaps a “Silver Cloud” coming out of all of this is if all the Muslim nations are under one leadership then if any stikes are made against the USA we don’t have the predicament of trying to find the culprits without harming “Friendlies”.. One huge Nuclear Assault to all with no “Friendlies” to worry about, there won’t be any.

    On the Unions, they will collapse in on theirselves when they take on the roll that the “Owners” had prior to the decision because who are they going to strike against for higher wages and benefits now?? Themselves and if they give in they will finally realize you cannot get blood out of a stone, the well is dry and “Milking” someone else is easier than running a business efficiently and making a profit.

    Maybe we just have a situation once again of the “Tail Wagging the Dog”…

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