The problem our country is facing is the possibility of a financial collapse and we hear the news about how they are working to take out $100 billion in “wasteful” spending that is driving us down the road to bankruptcy.  10% might be a good start, but they are only looking at national programs that waste our tax money, at consumer waste, and they should be taking a look at another serious waste of American tax dollars and cleaning that mess up too!  Why are we, a nation that needs to fight hard, now, to protect our infrastructure, sending so much of our citizens’ tax money to foreign nations that do not use that money to help their citizens, but give it to their leaders to enrich them?  Let me set out some examples:

1.  We have enemies, nations that openly pronounce their hatred for us, for our way of life, yet we send them money to “better our relations” with them!  Our government sends money to Iran, yes, Iran, we send money to China, we send it to almost every Middle-East nation, to almost every South American nation, including Columbia, and what do we get for it?  Anger, hatred, and violent speech against our nation!  This money is our tax dollars, it is meant to protect the tax-paying citizens of America, yet our government wastes multi-Billions of it every year to “help out our allies”!  If it is the tax money of American citizens, it should remain here, in our country, for the use of our people only!

2.  Our government spends Billions of our tax dollars on military bases overseas, and wastes thousands of American military lives on protecting nations, attempting to bring Democracy to them, when we know that they will go back to being anti-American nations when we leave!  The two biggest threats to the American people are drugs and illegals, both Mexican, and those from other nations who have terroristic plans against the people of our country!  And both of these threats use our southern border as their path to entry into our nation!  So; we waste billions of dollars, and thousands of American lives to protect nations that we know will turn against us in the future, while our government fails to follow their Constitutional requirements to protect the citizens of America from the two most dangerous threats to our nation, by simply protecting our borders from infiltrators!  It would not cost that much to put our troops on our border, and it could be paid for by saving the money we spend on useless wars and bases in nations that can protect themselves!  And the amount of tax dollars we could save if we would simply send our troops in for a surgical strike against all of the drug dealers who supply Americans with illegal drugs, killing them and destroying their manufacturing abilities, would save billions of our tax dollars!

3.  We lose hundreds of millions of jobs in this country to illegals and jobs moved overseas.  There are currently around 30 million illegals working in the US, so if we make it punishable by a mandatory prison term for any employer to hire an illegal, those jobs could return to American citizens and would provide more tax money to pay off our debt!  And, if we could make it more profitable for businesses to move back to America, by lowering taxes on them and limit the amount of useless restrictions against manufacturing, we could bring financial stability back to our country by providing jobs that allow for a much higher tax base in our country! 

4.  We are currently facing extremely higher gas prices because of what is happening in Egypt, and the fact that they will be forcing the shutdown of the Suez Canal, which will limit importation of oil, and this will make it extremely difficult for American families to pay their bills, which may force America into financial collapse!  The big question here is “Why?”  Why are we sitting on some of the largest oil reserves in the world, oil reserves which we allow other nations like Britain and Mexico to drill into, yet we ban our own oil companies from using?  Drilling for our own oil means greatly cheaper gas prices, more tax dollars being paid, and a supply of oil for our nation that does not depend upon the “kindness” of our enemies!  When Bush dropped the ban on drilling, gas went under a dollar here, when Obama put it back on, it went back up to $2.98 a gallon!  Why are our governmental leaders ignoring the needs of the American people?

5.  Our leaders look at every nation they want influence with and import their people to live in our cities.  Some are brought over because they are in “danger of being killed”, some are brought over because their countries need influence in our nation’s system of government, some are brought over because we need to train them how to fight against enemies in their own countries, but they go back and fight us, and some are simply brought in to make us look “good”!  And, when they get here, our government gives them financial support and benefits, and gives them the opportunity to open businesses and buy houses at interest rates that no American is ever allowed to receive, and they don’t even need a credit rating at all!  Instead of wasting billions of dollars on moving these people here, we should make them stay where they are and let them learn what it means to fight for their own freedoms!  And, along with the waste of our tax dollars, the American citizens are forced to suffer with diseases that never would have been here had they not been brought here, and we are forced to watch movements of hatred against the US build in our country because they don’t come here to be American, they come here to destroy us from the inside out!

There are many other truly legitimate ways to improve our country, while ending foreign waste of American dollars, but these situations are not looked upon as “waste”, because certain agencies see it as “improving” foreign views of America!  Well, they have been doing these same things for well over 100 years, yet all we have gotten from them is wasted tax money, an almost bankrupt country, and more danger for American citizens!  The time has come for American citizens to wake up to these situations and voice their anger and opinions to their representatives in DC, to let them know that America was built to protect Americans, not the rest of the world, and the time has come to put America, and Americans first, above the interests of any other nation!  It’s our tax money, we are the ones that are supposed to decide how it is spent, so use it to ensure the future of our children and grandchildren, not some third-rate dictator, or any people that don’t have to courage to find their own freedom!  Freedom has to be earned, not given!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    It is no lie that the country is in this kind of shape and our so called leaders have brought us to this point.

    It may have been a good plan for the times when all of this foreign aid was handed out but it is the time to pull out and let this world live without us in their business and on their land.

    Cut foreign aid completely and focus on our own citizens first and our own infrastructure, the “Golden Goose” has been cut open for years now and we are that Goose.

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