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If you watch the news, there is no way that you can avoid seeing what is going on in Egypt.  But they don’t tell you the true reason for the riots and demonstrations; it is not the push for freedom, it is the Muslim Brotherhood pushing for the fall of the Egyptian Empire, which will lead to the fall of other muslim nations, allowing for the rebuilding of a “Caliphate”.  The last Caliphate existed from the death of Mohammad, until the 13th Century.  During that period of time, the muslims were a strong dominate nation that tried to push itself into control over the entire world, but they did not succeed, and the Caliphate ended.  To have a true Caliphate, the 50 muslim states must exist as one.  But, at this point in history, there are only a few states, run by dominant Kings and rulers, and the muslims, through the Quran, want to see the rebirth of the 50 states and the rebirth of the Caliphate.  In a Caliphate, there can only be one ruler, which can be defined as only “one ruler of the muslim world”, but is truly defined as “one ruler of the world”, and that ruler is the Caliph, the muslim ruler ordained under the Quran.  That said, we must begin looking at the true goals of the muslim organizations that are manipulating the demonstrations in the Mid-East, groups like Al Quiada and the Muslim Brotherhood, and understand the truth behind their actions in the US, and their plans for our future!  If you will follow the link below to the “Wikipedia” site, and read the explanation of their goals for control over the US, I think you will see that this whole “political correctness” towards all muslims and their actions in our country is very, very dangerous!


We have been manipulated for many years, and are being manipulated on an even stronger basis now, to make us believe that Islam is a society of “Peace and Understanding, Love and Concern for All” and that we, the American people, are cruel and unjust in our actions towards muslims!  But all you have to do is look at how they act outside of our nation, how they dominate all others in their own countries, through torture, brutality, cruelty and murder, because they believe that all Infidels are less than animals and deserve to be treated as such!  But they have infiltrated our nation, taken over our oil supplies and gas stations, and act as innocent people who simply want to “be Americans”!  However; the truth is that they are working to destroy our way of life, our Constitution as it now stands, to replace it with Sharia Law, and remove Christianity from our country!  The Quran states that, in the end, muslims shall dominate the world, and all Infidels will either convert, or be killed, as no religion other than Islam shall exist in the world!  The Quran also states that, in order to live in an Infidel society, muslims are allowed to lie and act as though they are peaceful people, ones who wish to exist under Infidel laws, to make the Infidels believe that they are not a danger to them, to wait until the right moment to come out and take control of the Infidels’ lives!  Some people say that this is only the way muslim radicals believe, that the “normal” muslims don’t think this way, but look at Egypt; the citizens stood up to their leader, then the Muslim Brotherhood stepped in and took over, now they all follow the Brotherhood!

I am tired of being referred to as a “Bigot”, or a “muslim hater” simply because I tell the truth!  Sooner, or later, the truth will come out, and it is how we protect our nation now, from the threat of muslim control, that will determine whether or not America will remain a free nation in the future!  The reason I put the “Wikipedia” site link on here is because many of the Progressives worship the statements of Wikipedia as the “basis of truth”, therefore this page from this site, which backs up what I say, should make them re-examine their support for the idiotic “political correctness” they push on us!  But I know it won’t!  Why?  Because they can’t get over their ideal that everything America does is bad!  We are the “evil” nation, we are the ones that torture the rest of the world, and we are supposed to bow in apology to every nation in the world!  Ask our President; he’s done a pretty good job of it on TV!  The truth is we had better WAKE UP, or we will lose our independence and will lose our freedoms and will become another puppet nation, led by those who simply want to express their own dominance and control over everyone UNDER them!  The fantasy period of any type of “political correctness” in this country needs to come to an end, and that end needs to come now!  America has always reached out and did whatever could be done to free other nations, to expand the ideals of personal freedom to the rest of the world, while other nations have tried to dominate and control the world!  We need to begin identifying our enemies, isolating them from our country, and protecting the citizens of the United States from their threats!  Look at what is happening in America right now; muslims are holding street protests, telling the cameras that Islam needs to take control, muslim terrorists have crossed our southern border to bring destruction to our lives!  Mexican street gangs and drug gangs are dominating many of our cities, and have made parts of our country so dangerous that our government is putting up signs warning Americans to not enter those areas!  And our whole society is teetering on the edge of collapsing, because we allow illegals to break our laws and enter our nation to use our benefits and freedoms, with no possibility of being in trouble!  And what allows all of this to happen?  POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!  And that Political Correctness is opening the doors for groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to use our legal system against us, to allow them to push Sharia Law upon our nation, to limit the freedoms of Christians, while allowing for “Special Freedoms” for muslims!  And it is Political Correctness that is going to build the foundation for muslims to build a new Caliphate in America, and end the free lives of all American citizens!  Ignore this if you wish, but the time is coming, and Egypt is the first step! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    We need leaders who are not afraid to tell the truth. Political correctness must stop, and the governments efforts to side track us from the truth with non essential news must also end. If this country does not pull together and recognize home grown threats, we might wind up like Egypt. Trouble is, the rioting here will be much worse. I shutter to even think of it.

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