Why are we sacrificing the young men and women who serve in our military?  What exactly is being accomplished by putting them into a war that we will never be able to win?  Are they doing the best job they can?  YES!  They all serve with great honor and pride and they feel they are doing something to protect us from the terrorists, and to protect the innocents in countries that could care less about them!  And they could win, but our government has shackled them down with dangerous restrictions as to how they can fight, which is causing many of them to die!  So; why sacrifice them?

Anyone who has studied the history of the muslim nations knows that, once we leave the Mid-East, Al Quiada and other radical organizations will move in and take over, because the people of the muslim countries follow a harsh religion and they don’t know how to stand and fight for their own freedoms, so they will simply lie down and let the radicals dominate their lives!  They have no idea of what true freedom is, they serve whatever government runs the country so, as long as their daily needs are met, they will not stand against it!  Talk about Progressive ideals for leadership; the sheep follow the herdsmen!  And why are we in South Korea?  Does our government really intend to stand up against the North Koreans, when their “Godfather” is China, and we are basically owned by China right now!  And the last thing we need to do is get our troops caught up in another foreign war, especially when we might wind up fighting the Chinese Army, the largest army in the world!  We can’t afford it, we can’t stop them, so why sacrifice our troops!  Until Korea, we fought wars that we were dragged into, when we didn’t really want to go; now, all some foreign nation has to do is whine on the phone to our government and we will be there!  Let those nations fight their own wars!  We can stand with our true allies, like Australia, Germany, and England, but let the little nations fight their own battles!

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, we were the most powerful nation in the world, and no one thought it would be a good idea to attack us, because we were feared!  But our “beloved” politicians sold their honor out to foreign nations, and the UN, and worked to break us down, to make us dependent upon our enemies, so they would not have to cower before us!  They needed to end our self-dependence, so they turned our oil industry over to the muslims!  They did it in a typical, sneaky DC manner; they began making up stories about how we were ruining our atmosphere, how we needed to “clean up America”, and they began passing “Green Laws” which were made to look like we were protecting our planet, but were really being used to make it so expensive for the oil companies to drill on our own soil that they had to go overseas!  And they raised taxes so high on manufacturing, they passed so much legislation to restrict “Carbon Emissions” in our country, that they forced our factories to move outside of the US, where they could pollute all they wanted to and still sell their goods in the US!  Think that’s a “nuts” statement?  Then why are they allowing our goods to be manufactured in countries that have no limitations on pollution, and their emissions fly over to us through atmospheric winds?  We would have less pollution if we manufactured here in the US, so there should be Tax Credits given to any company that follows our current laws, but Washington won’t do it!  So; what are the results of our dependence upon our enemies?  Well, we’ve made them rich, and that money is being used for Nuclear Weapons development, it’s being used to arm their warriors to ready for battle against us, and it has weakened us dramatically so we have lost the fear that protected us for so many decades!  One of the first rules of warfare is to “not support your enemy”, but we are paying them to strengthen themselves to dominate us!  In every book of law that I have read, that’s called “Treason”!

Here’s what we need to do:  We need to bring all of our troops home from every nation in the world.  We need to put them on our borders and coasts and use them as protection for our own country from illegals, terrorists, and dangerous weapons of mass destruction!  We are paying other countries to occupy bases on their lands, so let’s use that money to build bases on our border to strengthen our national security!  One of the biggest problems that we have is “illegal drugs”; wouldn’t it make more sense, if we have to put our soldiers into dangerous situations, to send them down to the countries that provide the drugs that pollute our nation and have them destroy every drug farm and kill every Druglord and his troops?  And tell the leaders of those nations that, if they can’t end it themselves, within a month, that we will not hold any limitations on our military, and will tell them to go down and do whatever is necessary to get in, and get out, quickly!  We will not occupy any foreign land, but we will end all threats, of all types, quickly and violently!  All we would have to do is use that tactic once, and most of the drug trafficking would end, immediately!  And our troops should be used to go into cities like Los Angeles and grab every member of every violent gang and ship them back to where they came from!  And a cross-country move should be made to find every illegal in our country, and every “anti-American” foreigner who wants to get citizenship, but doesn’t want to be a true American, and get them out of our country!  Finally; all of these Foreign Students who come over here , legally and illegally, who take up space in our colleges that Americans should have, whom we educate in skills such as Science and Technology, that allows them to go back to their home country and use our technological skills against us, should be sent home to get their educations in their own countries!  And that includes all of the military, and police from foreign nations that we train to be as skilled as our own military and police, who use those skills to train their own troops to fight against us!

It’s only common sense to think of our own safety first, and to let other nations either grow a pair, or fall by their own lack of courage!  We need to end the practice of sacrificing American lives to protect nations that see us as their enemy!  Each and every American in our military that has to fight in a war, has more value to this country than any politician, including any President, or any citizen that does nothing but whines when things don’t go their way!  America should be the first thought in every American’s mind, especially our politicians, and the needs of other nations should be met only after we have taken care of our own first!  No American soldier should ever have to sacrifice his life for some nation that doesn’t have the courage to save itself!  No American money should be sent to any foreign nation, or organization, until we have straightened out our own economy first, then we can look at their situation from a logical manner and see if it is truly worth sacrificing our tax money for!  We are not a greedy nation, we are not an evil nation, but we deal with those types of nations every day, and we always wind up wasting military lives, or tax money on them!  Get in contact with your politicians and tell them that, if they truly do put Americans and America first, to stop pansy-ing around and work to protect our nation and our economy first, over everything else!  Stand up as a real American and let them know that the movement of people who changed things last November has not died down, it is growing!  Let’s stop sacrificing the lives of our honorable and loyal members of the military, and end the practice of wasting hard-earned American tax dollars on nations that waste that money for political reasons!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    The country has been just a shadow of itself in past years as it relates to manufacturing and technology having invested heavily into social programs instead of space exploration, upgrading our military, ship building, air craft building, readying us for war which will be declared upon us someday soon while we are weakening by the month.

    We need a president with some Military experience, leadership qualities and the best interest of the USA at heart, we don’t have that now.

    Many of us are veterans who swore to defend this country and Constitution so maybe it is going to be up to us to right things before they shovel the dirt over us…

    • And it would be a great idea to get more ex-military into our Congress! If you have served out nation and protected its Constitution, you would have a stronger, better idea of why it should nto be messed with!

  2. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    You think our politicians would have learned something from Vietnam. They used us as cannon fodder Mike. The British lost to the Japanese when it was called Indo China, and the French lost as well. What in hell caused our leaders to think we could win? Money, big business, investments for the fat cats. John Kennedy was no help either. He fueled the fire. Truth is, young men die for old mens mistakes. The trend will never stop.
    Greed and power will always prevail. Sad but true.

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