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In this time of “Political Correctness” dominating our every move, when muslims can whine and cry about not being treated “fairly” whenever they want “Special Rights”, and get those rights, while they attack Christianity from every angle, destroying its truthful place in America, how can businesses like Pepsi make comedic attacks on the rituals of the Christian faith and get away with it?  Muslims are such strong believers in their faith, and such strong defenders of it, that a man who printed a cartoon of Muhammad was beheaded for doing so!  Yet Christians are so strongly taught to be “understanding” of other religions that they let the attacks against them go unanswered, hoping that they will have no real effect and will end!  And any soldier will tell you that is the sign of a weak enemy, one that can be defeated!  So why aren’t Christians rising up to stand strongly for their rights to be Christians, and defending against all attacks, verbal, legal, and others?  Below is a link to another blog that has the hateful commercial shown on it; when anyone makes fun of a Christian practice, it needs to be protected, to build up its religious respect, to let the entire world know that it is not a joke!  View this ad, then ask yourself why would someone do something like this?  Because they believe that Christianity is a joke, that it is dying off, because Christians will laugh at it, instead of defending it!


What does your faith truly mean to you?  Do you really believe that God is part of your life, guiding you through the days to allow for you to enter Heaven?  We have all made mistakes in our lives, we have all “fallen” at times, but it is what we have inside that guides us to change and grow, to share our hearts and care for the lives of our families and others.  We all work to become better people, we work to build a better life for our children and families, and we work to uphold the Constitution of our country, to maintain the Freedoms that were set for us by our Forefathers, to allow for every American to have the Rights necessary to keep our nation free!  But that kind of desire requires a committment, an inner drive to stand up for our Rights and Freedoms, to stand beside our brothers and sisters to defend this great country that we have all seen taken for granted by those who sneak in, who plan attacks against our people, and who work within  our legal system to destroy our Rights to speak for ourselves, to believe as we wish, and to uphold the honor of our Forefathers by maintaining the pride necessary to truly be called “American”! 

Christianity is what built this country!  I know that our History books are being changed, but show me one place in any of those books that speaks of a muslim as a writer of our Constitution!  Christians need to realize that, if they want to continue to be free to worship God as they wish, they need to defend their religion, to stand against all who want to destroy it!  Muslims aren’t the only people who are attacking Christianity, even though they believe they are still fighting the Crusades against us; Progressives, Communistic Atheists ( which is a small group of atheists; most have no problem with Christians ), and the Chinese work to destroy the Christian influence in America, because they know it is the one thing that can keep them from taking control of our country!  So groups like the ACLU, CAIR, and others, use every possible entry into our court system to degrade and destroy the Christian beliefs that keep our nation strong!  They fight against Christian public gatherings, prayer in public places, public displays of objects and Holiday decorations in public areas, while they demand rights to express any sort of muslim practice desired in public places and buildings!  They use our own Rights and Freedoms against us because Christians won’t stand up and argue against them!  This has to change!

The time has come for every Christian to look at themselves in a mirror and ask themselves just how important God is to them!  They have to make the time,and be willing to stand in public protests against the people who are doing things to destroy their right to their faith!  The churches need to get together and fund a major legal group, calling it something like “The Real Understanding of True Honor”, “TRUTH”!, to fight every single action against Christians in our courts, and in our lives, no matter how small, and they must fight to regain the rights of Christians to believe and practice as they wish!  Can’t you see how you are being dismantled, piece, by piece, by piece, by groups that need to remove you from our nation?  The way the Tea Party was born, how it grew into one of the most powerful groups in our country, how it stood against the Progressives and stopped their runaway takeover of our government is exactly what needs to happen with Christians in America!  Yes; it is important to live a life with a desire for peace and understanding, but it takes a drive to maintain a nation governed by our Constitution to allow for the conditions necessary within our nation to maintain that peace and understanding!  So the time is now for you to stand and make up your mind; fight for your religious rights under our Constitution to believe as you wish, where you wish, and how you wish, or sit back and watch your religion wash away from you! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    The Christian Religion simply was too easy on other religions coming here and setting up shop, this being post World War 2 times I am speaking of.

    Though there are some hard core Christian Groups out there they have a large contingent of opposition against them.. They have acted outside of the law and have been locked up usually as in this case of http://www.armyofgod.com/EricRudolphHomepage.html

    Those with the belief “Christian Identity” professes would usually tend to be more aggressive and active in any issues deemed anti Christian than average everyday Christians, especially those calling themselves “New Testament” Christians..

    The Muslims have very few “Moderates” as the Christians have many so it is a one way street with a Christian Nation allowing all different types to set up and those types setting up do not allow Christianity in any way shape or form..

    Call it a weakness or an oversight but that is how it got turned around in this short version of things as I have written them.

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