All we hear about lately is how the Federal Government is going to end smoking by placing bans on smoking in public places.  And we have lived with these bans in growing areas for years, so what is really going on?  Illinois passed a ban on smoking in all public areas, which included a ban on smoking in casinos and now every Illinois casino near, or on a state line is losing revenue to casinos in neighboring states!   The casinos here, in St. Louis, are taking players away from the Casino Queen, in East St. Louis, Illinois, and from the Alton Belle, in Alton, Illinois, and it’s because it is legal to smoke in Missouri casinos!  Loss of players means loss of revenue, which means loss of State taxes, so Illinois is adapting their “Non-Smoking” ban to allow for smoking in casinos!  Missouri has recently passed smoking bans across the state, but made sure to allow for smoking in our casinos!  Why?  Because casinos are a large source of revenue for states, and Missouri does not want to lose their money by pushing players out of its casinos because they want to smoke while they play!  Now, doesn’t it make sense that, if cigarettes are the great danger they are made out to be, they should not be sold in any state, much less be allowed in casinos?  But states know that a large percentage of their citizens smoke, which means that they gain a fortune off of taxes imposed on tobacco sold in their states, and a majority of casino players smoke, so it is profitable for states to continue to provide cigarettes and allow smoking in casinos!  As bad as the lies and greed are, the true problem of “Smoking Bans” is the door they open to allow the Government to control how we live!

We are a country of freedoms; we have the right to do what we wish, how we wish, and where we wish, as long as it does not intrude over the Constitutional rights of other citizens!  And, to be honest; I don’t smoke cigarettes because I don’t like the taste, and I don’t like the dangers of all of the chemicals that Cigarette Companies are allowed to use, by our Federal Government, to make their product addictive to those who use them; those chemicals are what cause cancer and other problems in those who have a genetic possibility of having it!  I do like cigars, and I occasionally smoke them, and enjoy smoking them when I gamble.  But cigars, and pipe tobacco are not addictive, as they are made with natural tobacco leaves, without the use of the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes.  So, I do have a horse in this race.  But what I am about to tell you is the truth about the “Non-Smoking” laws being forced upon us by our government!  It first started out by the government making a big deal out of lung cancer from smoking, which is a problem in those Americans who have a genetic tendency to get the disease, and they convinced the public that no one should smoke because we would all die from “Second-hand Smoke”!  It was an effective campaign and it shocked the American public!  And, yes, many people have had problems because of smoking, or of being exposed to cigarette smoke, so they did what we have the right to do in America, they did not smoke, and they stayed away from any area where people did smoke.  But some Civil-Rights groups worked with the government to make public smoking a big issue, and our rights were changed!  The way our country has always worked is that, if you didn’t like smoking in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, casino, or any other public place, you went to another business where the owners of the business forbid smoking.  That’s your right as an American!  And, if the businesses you stayed away from began losing money, they would ban smoking in their facilities and would bring back the non-smokers and their business would begin making profits again!   But that didn’t happen, as a majority of Americans like to smoke, so the businesses that allowed smoking retained their rights to allow it, and their profits stayed the same!  But the small groups that were against smoking made a lot of noise in our courts, and to our politicians, and they got the “Smoking Bans” put into law!

That’s the problem!  We are a country of “the majority”, and we are letting “Minority Rule” control our government, eroding our rights!  Instead of passing laws to protect the rights of businesses to operate as they wish, our government has attacked our individual rights as Americans and has passed Unconstitutional laws to limit the Constitutional rights of our Freedoms!  First, they showed us a “problem”.  Then, they used the costs of Welfare healthcare for treating those problems as an example as to why smoking was bad.  Next, they raised benefits by allowing more, and more people into Welfare, which raised the costs of Government Funding of those benefits and used smoking as the reason for the increased costs, then began a big push on the voters to allow for bans!  Again; if it truly is the major problem they state it to be, then why don’t they end the production of tobacco?  Does this method sound familiar at all?  It should; this is the exact same path the Progressives followed when they began pushing Healthcare Reform, and forced through the Healthcare Bill!  I don’t like cigarettes, but I don’t have to go where they are smoked!  I don’t like governmental control over my healthcare but, as a citizen, I could go get my own Health Insurance!  But, now, we will be forced to live under Federal Healthcare, whether we want to, or not, just like cigarette smokers won’t be able to smoke in their favorite bar, because the government has control!  This all started with the 1960’s mandate that all people who ride in a car should be forced to wear seatbelts!  It made sense, because of the numbers of people who died in car crashes because they weren’t wearing seatbelts!  But, if they wanted to die, it was their choice, not the government’s!  Then they mandated “No Smoking” laws and it made sense, because of the number of people who died from cancer!  But, if those people didn’t care about their health, it was their decision!  A small first step, a larger second step and, now, the big step; even though only about 17% of people in this country were not covered by Health Insurance, and about 15% of those people not covered were illegals who used our hospitals, our government forced us into a National Healthcare Bill!  It’s the right of every American to provide for their own healthcare, or do without it!  But Healthcare Control is control over the rights and freedoms of the people, and it all began to grow with “Smoking Bans”!  So; when you hear about your local, or state government wanting to force smoking bans on public areas, think twice before you support it, because all it really is is the government taking control over your rights as a citizen of our country!  The Chinese have an old saying; “Change takes a thousand years!”, meaning you don’t tear things apart, you simply begin influencing smaller problems, then grow until you gain full control!  We have seen our government making these “small changes” to our rights and they are taking the small steps to allow them to begin taking major steps, steps that will remove our Freedoms as Americans, and will ruin our way of life, leaving our children with a totalitarian government dominating their lives!  It’s time for us all to begin acting as Americans and work to bring our government back to the control of the people, and out of the hands of Special Interest groups, to pass down to our children the truth of Constitutional Laws and Freedoms, to allow them to live their lives as true American citizens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I don’t smoke and never have but I don’t believe smokers should be prevented if they want to accept any tax, risk, shortcoming of the habit.

    Also want to mention many states “Settled” for huge amounts of money with Tobacco companies many years ago. What For????

    I surmised it was for the care of the health of people who smoked and might get on the state’s health care when they were sick and it was related to smoking so now are they banning smoking so they don’t have to stick to that “Deal”?? Anyone out there with more knowledge of this subject than I have I would love to read your comments..

    • Personally, from the information I have seen, over the years, it appears that the “settlement” was simply no more than a “political payoff”, to allow the Cigarette manufacturers to continue providing the necessary drug to their addicts.

    • Jim Campbell says:

      I quit 30 years ago and I remember when the cost of a pack shot up to 30 cents, everyone was going to quit. It seems odd to me that the Government will gladly subsidze the Tobbacco industry and then turn around and tax them to death. I think it is a nasty habit and your right to smoke should stop at my nose but to ban the activity everywhere sounds like a Government out of our control.
      That is what scares me. Jim

  2. Tom, 57th AHC Gunner says:

    George Orwell’s 1984 Big Brother is sneaking into our society under the guise of Barack Hussein Obama. Wasn’t it about that time when he started “Community Organizing”? Like the snake in the grass, he wiggled his way into our strong fabric of a society, and is slowly unraveling the tight weave of a well made cloth.

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