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Well, here we go again!  Obama, in his speech last night, said that we need to end the “harsh speech” against each other, referring to the statements this past week about how the “verbal threats” by the Tea Party, and other Conservatives, are the reason that the Tucson Shooter killed the people he shot!  Yes, we Tea Party members are sooo bad!  We have proven that we cannot be trusted to act in a peaceful manner throughout the past two years of gathering in public, showing our need for the government to return to the Constitution, by forming large groups of extremely peaceful people who never harm anyone, clean up after ourselves, and managed to replace many corrupt Representatives in DC, without doing more than stating our need to end the tyranny of people who could care less about the needs of the citizens, and worry only about their own money and power!  Let’s see; who was it that got violent during a Tea Party rally?  Oh, yeah; it was the Union Reps that followed Obama’s instructions to “physically stand up to the Tea Party” so they beat up a vendor, and attacked a little old lady at one of the Tea Party rallies in St. Louis!  And that was right after Obama stated that they needed to go after the Tea Party people “twice as hard” as they came after him!  And he also stated that “if they come after us with a knife, we will go after them with a gun”!  And all of this vicious language by Obama is recorded, so he really said it!  Yet they claim that the Tea Party was the one “preaching violence”!  Lies!

No Conservative group has ever attacked anyone, or destroyed anything in their peaceful demonstrations against the government, but back in the ’60s, the same people who have been so vicious in their comments against the Tea Party’s action were the ones that not only held violent, daily protests in the streets, they also held riots and had groups like the SDS that bombed government offices!  They are the ones that held demonstrations in DC this past year and left piles of filth on the Mall for governmental workers to have to clean up!  They are the ones that have spent the last week attacking Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, FOX News, and other Conservative voices as being the people that drove the Shooter into attacking the Congresswoman, and killing and wounding many others in Tucson!  Then the truth came out that he was a Pot-smoking, extreme radical Progressive who hated the Congresswoman because she wasn’t “Progressive enough”!  But that same “Blame Bush” tactic that the Progressive/Liberals have been using as an excuse for their own failures over the past two years is being adopted as a tool against honest, hard-working Tea Party members who just want to bring honesty back to DC!  So, now, Obama is acting like the “great god” he feels himself to be and is pushing for all “angry words” to be stopped!  And he said the exact same thing he said when he took office, that he will work to bring the two parties together, right before he kept the Conservatives out of any decision making!  It’s easy for him to say that he wants to work with both parties, but all he does is work with his own interests, then blames Conservatives whenever things go wrong!  It’s funny how he ended his speech last night by telling everyone that, right after he blessed the Congresswoman with his presence in her room, she suddenly opened her eyes!  Ooooohhhh!

The Progressives are now getting out the old “Dangerous Guns” talk, they are pushing for legislation and are talking about limiting the rights of decent American citizens to protect themselves against the dangers of our world!  And we all know that those “Tea Party Radicals” are sooo dangerous, that they want to carry weapons, and they believe in that “crazy” Second Ammendment!  How can any real American want to do something dangerous, like protecting their families from criminals?  You’d think they had some logical reason for it, like some kind of Constitutional protection!  We must all be nuts, or something!  Well, let’s get real logical!  Someone answer this question for me:  When have you ever heard about a gun being arrested for a killing?  When have you ever heard about a gun going in front of a Judge for shooting and/or killing someone?  When have you ever heard about a gun going to prison for murder?  Never!  Why?  Because guns don’t kill people, people kill people!  And people don’t need guns to kill other people, guns are just the easier way to do it!  Have you ever heard of a ban against knives?  How about a ban against cars?  Didn’t the terrorists use airplanes to kill all of the Americans on 9/11?  So; when are we going to see a ban against airplanes?  How about Swine Flu shots?  What about ropes?  It’s idiotic to put a ban on guns  because guns are just a small part of murders and accidental deaths in this country, and when they are the weapons of death, it was the person holding the gun that actually did the killing!  We have more than enough laws to keep those that shouldn’t own weapons from having them, but they are not used as they should be and criminals can get guns whenever they want to, while legal citizens have to be investigated, educated, and trained in the use of guns, just to get one!  There was a recent FBI report that stated that, in states that have accepted Concealed Carry permits, crimes are down by an average of 20%, while in those states that ban Concealed Carry permits, the crime rate has risen!  An armed citizenry is a safe citizenry!

Americans need to stop listening to the ramblings of hate by Liberal Progressives, and start using common sense when it comes to gun ownership!  It was added as the Second Ammendment, before all of the others for a reason; the strength of the citizens of this country is their ability to defend themselves!  And our Freedom of Speech is extremely important as it is our way to educate and share with each other!  Any changes that the Progressives wish to make to our Freedoms is not to make things better for us, but is an effort to destroy our rights as citizens of the greatest free nation in the world!  The easiest way to see the manipulation of our freedoms is to see how new laws are supposed to be applied.  And I will give you an example as to the great wrong of all of the current whining by Progressives about the “harsh language” used by Conservatives:  I can guarantee you that, if they work through legislation to limit our ability to speak, and to limit what we can say, they will not harm the major portion of their voter support and will not attack the harshest, most violent language used on an everyday basis on our radios and in night clubs; they will not end the dominance of RAP music in black societies!  Any limitation of our freedoms, in any way, will not be done for the betterment of American society, it will be done to create a stronger dominance over the American people by the Federal Government! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Dealing with the progressives is like spitting into the wind. The far left in my opinion are neurotic, bizzare individuals, who are desperate for power. Our main problem is that they truly believe that they are right, better educated, and superior to all of us. That in itself should tell you something about the kind of people your dealing with.

    • I agree, Tom. And I know you are not talking about the “followers” who simply idolize the beliefs of the Progressives; you are talking about the leadership that uses their followers to gain their goal of destroying Freedoms and Rights that a lot of American citizens take for granted. Adolf Hitler used exactly the same technique to gain control over Germany, and use it to build his own power over the world. It takes an arrogant, self-important individual to believe that everything he wants to do, and can do, should be accepted by the people around him, with no questions! And, when you have a powerbase of those like-minded individuals in charge of our country, it makes us all work to change the governmental leadership and regain the true direction of the Constitution!

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