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When I heard about the shooting in Arizona, I felt like I did when I heard about the Ft. Hood shootings.  When I heard that a nine-year old girl was one of the victims, I wished that I could, personally, get my hands on the guy that shot all of those people!  I don’t care about political ideals, religious beliefs, or skin color, I wanted to grab him by his throat and bang his head against a wall!  Shooting adults in that kind of situation is a horrible crime, but to kill a child, well, that is the next thing to being Satan himself!  And, after I got over my anger, I began to predict to myself what would happen next, and it did; the liberal press, and the liberal news talk shows all came out with predictions that he was an “extremist Conservative”, that he was a veteran who probably returned home from Iraq or Afghanistan with a “mental disorder”, or he was a radical Tea Party member!  Why did they come up with these statements?  Because the Congresswoman was a Democrat, he owned a gun, and he was “WHITE”!  The liberals returned to their base and used all of the old false arguements against Conservatives to attack us once again!  Let me start by disputing these comments:

1.  There are many of us that don’t care for the Democratic Liberal/Progressives in DC, and we fight them within our political system, using the vote to take them out of office, which we did in November!  We own the House now, and we have enough control in the Senate to stop any future waste by the Obama Administration, and can work to destroy the bad legislation they have already forced through.  And, although this Congresswoman voted for the Health Care Bill, she truly is a “Blue Dog” Democrat; her husband is in the military, she owns her own guns, and she votes as a Conservative Democrat most of the time, so we can live with her.  We don’t want to kill all of the Progressives who are in power, we want to vote them out!  Do we have “extremists” in our ranks?  Yes, but no one has threatened to take a gun to Congress, unless they begin eroding our Constitutional rights, and only then if there is no other choice!  However; on the Progressive/Liberal side, they are pushing for violence in the streets!  Read what Cloward-Pliven, and others have written, the people who devised the entire “Modern Progressive Movement”, the people that Obama has welcomed into the White House; they are telling their own ranks that the only way for them to take power is to have violence in the streets, to kill and destroy, so that the government will have to step in to “make everyone safe”!

2.  I am a “Permanent and Total” disabled vet, and it is for PTSD.  PTSD does seriously affect the daily lives of combat veterans, but it does not make them go out and kill people on the streets, it tends to make them destroy their own lives; they push their families away, they quit good jobs because they don’t feel they deserve them, and they spend a lot of time alone.  The threat is to themselves, the destruction of their own lives, not others.  Yes, there can be violence, but it is not common!  So; why did the liberal press immediately suggest it might be a combat vet?  Because that is what they do, and they have done it ever since the Vietnam War, and they are responsible for every ‘Nam vet who has killed himself, or has ruined his life!  They use the name “Crazy Vet Syndrome”, which the Progressives coined back then, to ruin veteran’s lives!  Soldiers and Veterans save lives by fighting for their country, they don’t just go out and kill people!

3.  The Tea Party is the reason that this country woke up and re-found it’s Constitutional self; there has never been an action of violence by any Tea Party People, but the Tea Party people have been physically attacked and hosptialized by Progressive activists!

4.  Guns?  Take guns away from the honest citizens of this country, and they will have no offense to protect themselves from criminals who get guns whenever they want to!  The American people own guns to protect themselves!  This shooting is the perfect example; you can carry a gun in Arizona, but this was a Democratic meeting, so no one had a gun, and look what happened!  Imagine if someone had been carrying their own gun; they could have shot that idiot before he killed that little girl!  If this incident proves anything, it proves that an unarmed public is a dead public!  Honest Americans own guns for honest reasons; go after the crooks and leave us alone!

When the truth got out, the Liberal news was proven wrong; he was a person with known mental problems, he was a Liberal who hated this Congresswoman because she wasn’t “Liberal-enough”!  But the real problem is this:  Why us?  Why does the Liberal press always say that we need to “back off and not jump to conclusions” whenever a muslim attacks Americans, when the Ft. Hood whacko killed so many of our brave young soldiers, yet they automatically jump on WHITE CONSERVATIVES whenever something like this happens, and the shooter is WHITE?  Why do muslims get extreme consideration when something might be caused by them, but WHITES are automatically judged wrong, before the evidence has even been examined, and are condemned in the press!  Why?  MODERN RACISM!  Muslims are good, WHITES ARE BAD!  I have been called a racist when I have written articles about muslims and their hidden hatred towards Americans, and I have used their own words to expose their plans!  But Whites are not the true racists in this country anymore, we are the victims of racism!  And it is no longer “reverse-racism”, racism against us because of our nation’s inexcusable actions towards Black slaves; that all ended in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and it ended because Whites joined in with Blacks and pushed our country past that point in history!  When the Muslims entered our society and began taking some control, through legal actions by CAIR and the ACLU, they began taking the status of Blacks who showed hatred towards Whites, but they did it in a legal manner, by attacking our Christian beliefs and practices, then whining “racism” whenever a White American stood up against them!  So, now; if one of their people attacks us, we have to be “understanding” and “patient”, and not grow angry towards muslims, because that would be “racist”, yet we can be blamed for anything that anyone of color wants to blame us for, and we are supposed to sit back and take it!  Well, I won’t; this is a country of “EQUALITY”, and I will no longer sit back and take whatever someone wants to throw at me, and neither should you!  My fellow citizens; we need to stand up and fight for our equal rights, to demand what our Forefathers earned for us, what our soldiers fight for every day!  We are the ones that built this nation; we need to stop giving it away to whomever demands the right to take it!

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Well said and this “Shooter” is in custody and his background for the most part known so I have to wonder what deals might be made with him so he can be associated with all groups in opposition to Obama, remember “Never waste a good Crisis”. From our Radical leader’s “Main Man”…

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