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What?  What do you mean the muslims have already won?  Simple; they have used fear and political correctness against us, and have us looking behind ourselves every time we make a step!  Let me explain this below:

1.  They attacked us on 9/11 with a vicious, totally unexpected assault against the Trade Towers, and an attempted attack against the White House, and no one in the civilian population expected it!  They used our airplanes by taking them over in a simplistic attack on the aircrew and the passengers and, except for the last jet, the passengers were so shocked, and so intimidated that they did nothing!  We had never been attacked in that manner before, so they didn’t know that they were going to die until the planes went into the Towers!  It was one of the worst days in American History, but it taught us a lot, and our government has ended many attacks before they happened; but you can only stop so many before another bad one hits again!  Now we are loaded down with restrictions and time-consuming practices that have permanently changed the way Americans can travel by air!  They taught us fear, and that fear has changed our lives forever!

2.  Their second method of attack against our nation is the use of Political Correctness; they know that we have been dominated, since the late ’60s, by a need to do everything right for everybody, and that ideal is a grand tool for the “peaceful” muslims to use to change our way of life and to restrict our freedoms as American citizens!  CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the ACLU have been working in tandem to restrict the rights of Christians in America, while building up the power of muslims over our legal system!  They dominate what we can do, what we want to do, and how we do it, through our court system, using our own laws and Constitution against us because we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, as we don’t want to be called racists or bigots!

The muslims are a smart people; they use violence through their “radical” brothers, and legal dominance through the “peaceful” muslims to destroy us and our nation!  They are at war with us and they are winning, and we have been sitting back on our butts and letting them do whatever they want!  And, now, they are stepping things up; trying to get on an airplane is embarrassing and difficult because we are now forced to either be exposed to an X-ray machine, or to be felt up by a TSA officer in order to board a plane!  And they are expanding their destruction of our daily lives by simply threatening to do something, causing our authorities to restrict, limit, or warn us whenever they believe something might happen.  This past Christmas, the muslims threatened to poison “Salad Bars” at popular buffets, and it caused many of our citizens to avoid eating off the Salad Bars!  They threaten to blow up Shopping Centers and, now, every American worries about going to a shopping center!  All they have to do is threaten to do something and our daily comfort in living our daily lives changes!  I can guarantee that they will attempt to do something along those lines, to simply back up the fact that they said they would do it, and it will once again change our daily activities as Americans, limiting our comfort zones!  When we have to worry about simply going to the Grocery Store, or buying Milk, we will be totally dominated by fear, and our true freedoms will be gone!  And, at that point, the muslims have won the war!

How do we stop this?  Simple; admit we are in a war with the muslims!  Are there any good muslims, ones who are good American citizens?  Sure there are good muslims, but if they are truly good American citizens, they will work to end the dominance of the bad muslims against the American people, and will work hard to ensure that we are safe!  But they don’t, because they know what is going on, and the majority of them don’t want to stop it!  I am of Irish/German heritage and the men in my family joined the service to fight against the Germans in WWI and WWII, and they did it because they were Americans, not Germans, and they wanted their nation to be safe from outside threats!  If the Irish suddenly jumped up and attacked America, they would be met by the anger of every Irish-American in this country, but muslims simply let it happen!  They see the anger against America, and Americans, in their Mosques, but they don’t work to change it, they follow it!  If we are to end this dangerous threat against our safety and our freedoms, we need to stop following Political Correctness and begin using logic in ending the possible threats they pose against us!  Things as simple as looking in a line of passengers and ignoring the little old ladies, the American children, our members of the military, and others and focus our attention on any “naturalized” muslims, any muslims from other nations, and any muslim who has been put on a “watch list” because he, or she has past actions that make them suspicious, and we need to question them, X-ray them, and search them, as they are the very obvious “possible” threats!  We need to end the idea of special rights for muslims, special exemptions for them on things like the Health Care Bill, and make them earn their right to be in the US!  And we need to quit our dependence upon them for things like oil and gas by drilling for our own oil, and retaking our gas stations and having them sold to Americans who are true Americans, so their profits are not sent back to places like Iran, to be used to build up their forces against us!  And, if the muslims are really “true Americans”, they will understand why this is necessary, why they need to be patient and realize that the searches, etc., that they will have to deal with are not something we want to do, but are things we have to do to keep our country safe!  Their people are the cause of this, not Americans, so they should be willing to stand up for their country by doing what is necessary, or they should go back to where they can live their lives exactly as they want to!  What I am saying is not “racist”, it is logical thought to protect our people, and our nation!  And, if you really want to see true racism, go somewhere that the muslims dominate in our country, where there are more of them than you, and try to stand up for your rights to Free Speech and you will be run out on a rail!  The true “racists” are the ones that work to destroy the rights of Christians in America, not we who work to protect America!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


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  1. Frank Allan /Gladiator 848 says:

    About time someone told the truth about whats going on. Take care Mike and keep it up

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