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All we hear from the Political Correctness movement is that Americans are cruel and racist towards muslims!  And muslims like Rauf stand up and complain, to the press, the public, and the world, that we treat them in a bigoted way, that we are cruel and mean to them!  I don’t know about you, but I have grown very tired of listening to the crap that Americans do not treat other people with respect, courtesy and care, when the very same people that claim these things murder and kill anyone who does not follow in their beliefs of Islam!  We have all heard about the murders of girls who don’t do exactly what they fathers want them to do, we have heard about muslims across the world butchering anyone who does not follow Islam, and we have suffered attacks for decades by muslim “extremists”, “soldiers of their god” who are quietly supported by almost every Mosque in the world!  And, now, we suffer under their attacks against Christians in our own country, legally trying to remove every right that Christians stand for, while our legal system bends over to make muslims feel comfortable!  Christmas trees, Crosses, Quotations, etc. are forceD to be removed from public buildings, while we build “footbaths” for muslims in those same buildings, to allow them to be “free” to practice their religion!  We allow them to stop traffic in New York City, to bow down in religious service, yet the same city government that allows that to happen would arrest any Christian who would try to talk other citizens into practicing prayer in public!  This is a Christian nation, one that has laws that allow for religious tolerance for other beliefs, it is not a muslim nation demanding muslim rights and bigotry towards Christians!

I am going to make this a short rant, but I will end with some statistics concerning just a small part of the murders committed by muslims and some links, at the bottom, to three sites I found on the web that might express why we need to end the political correct attitude our government has for those who hide their hatred for America, and Americans, to allow for them to gain power, which will allow them to begin to show their open anger for our people, as they are now doing around the world!  Please, to my Christian friends, take a close look at this information, then do your own research, and learn the facts you need to wake your people up to the horrors that will await them if we do not return to the beliefs that brought this great nation into being!

Deaths caused by muslim “extremists”.  Not military battles, but civilian butchering!  And this is such a small representation that it is like looking at a grain of sand on the beach!

1.  9/11:  2819 Civilian deaths

2.  1988 African Embassy Bombing:  12 Diplomats killed

3.  1983 Lebanon Embassy Bombing:  300 Soldiers and Diplomats killed.

4.  Pan Am Flight 103:  180 Civilians killed.

Recent deaths:

1.  Egyptian Christmas Bombing:  21 Christians killed

2.  Iraqis cancel Christmas Festival:  68 Christians killed in bombing.  Thousands of Iraqi Christains flee the nation.

3.  10% of the population of Egypt is Christian; Christian girls are regularly kidnapped and sold to muslim “husbands”, and are forced to marry them.

4.  Since the Pakistani woman, Asia Bibi, has recieved her death sentence, muslim attacks on Christians have increased 10 fold.

5.  Christian men in Turkey have been butchered and killed.

6.  Four Christian men in Somalia have been beheaded for being Christian

Total numbers of non-muslims murdered by muslims in our known history since records have been kept:

1.  120 million Africans

2.  60 million Christians

3.  80 million Hindus

4.  10 million Buddists

270 million total!

Here is a link to accurate quotes on how the Quran teaches its people to treat “Infidels” ( Non-muslims):  http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-kills.htm#kill

Here is a link that shows you what muslims do to non-/Christian children in Indonesia:  WARNING:  This is very graphic!  http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/look-what-muslim-butchers-do-to-christian-children-in-indonesia-warning-very-graphic-images/

Here is a link to what Black Muslims have done in the US:  http://current.com/1srd24c


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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