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I have some questions that we need to keep on our minds, to remember to continue asking our new Congressional members, as often as possible, until they take legitimate action to answer them:

1.  Why is it that we sacrifice the lives of our military to “protect” other nations that can’t protect themselves, why do we have bases all around to the world in various nations, yet we can’t protect our own border against crime, drugs, illegals, gangs that have militarized themselves, and illegals?  And don’t forget the “Open Border” policy that muslim terrorist use to enter our country!

2.  Why is it that good, hard-working Americans have to scrimp and save every dime to put their kids through college, many times at the cheapest, less-qualified colleges, because they can’t afford the tuition at the better schools, yet our Congress is trying to force us to educate illegals by using  our tax dollars to provide them a better education, at better colleges, than we can afford for our own families?

3.  Why do we spend billions of dollars, every year, in what should be funded by private donations, for the health and welfare of people all over the world, people whose own government should be caring for, yet we have so many Americans that live in poverty and have no real healthcare?  I’m not saying that American taxpayers should be forced to care for others, it should be done through charity, as it has in the past, but why is it our responsibility to make everyone in the world feel safe?

4.  Why are we weakening the effectiveness of our military, when we have enemies all around the world that are building up their military strength and technology?  We were safe, in the past, because no one wanted to make us feel the need to attack them, because we were the strongest nation in the world and we could wipe out any nation we felt we had to!  But, now, we are trying to bow down to every other World leader, and we are no longer safe from attack!  We need to put control over the methods we use to fight our enemies in the hands of military leaders, not Congress, or the Press!

5.  Why are we wasting our money in profits to muslim nations and the Chinese?  Why don’t we drill for our own oil, rebuild our manufacturing base and supply our own goods for our own people, instead of FORCING OURSELVES to depend on nations that hate us for the goods and services we need?  If we return to our old  methods of self-dependence, we would have jobs for everyone who needs one, we would end our national debt, and could become a country that decides its own future once again!

6.  Why are we, the citizens of this great nation, allowing ourselves to be influenced into anger and hatred against each other, along religious lines, color lines, and any other form of supposed “hatred”?  This anger is manipulated in the press, on the movies and television, and by “leaders” who keep the anger going simply because it gives them power and wealth to do so!  Are we so stupid that we can’t forget all of the manipulated hatred and put our concentration on the real problem; our governmental leaders?  As long as fight amongst ourselves, they can do whatever they want, because we aren’t focusing on them!

7.  Our country was founded on the basis of “Religious Freedom”!  It was the need of the people to be able to worship God as they wished, and not to be forced to follow the dictates of a national leader!  So; why are we bending over backwards to allow muslims to worship as they wish, whenever they wish, anywhere and time they wish, yet we keep diminishing the rights of Christians, the one belief that founded this nation and built it into the greatest FREE nation in the world, simply because the muslims see all Christians as “trash”, and use organizations like the ACLU and CAIR to take away their rights!  If it hadn’t been for the Christian-founded, and protected right of Freedom of Religion, they would not be allowed to live as they do, and their women and children would have to fear death and torture, simply because they didn’t “PERFECTLY” follow the Quran, or because they upset some male in their community!

8.  What has happened to our nation, when it becomes more politically correct to hate our country, and our military and veterans, that it is to hold pride in what we are, and those who have protected our rights to be what we are as American?

9.  At what point does it make sense for our public school system, the one paid for with our tax dollars, to be allowed to force our children to study books and class material that lies about who we are, and why we are what we are?  Why is the courage and bravery of our Forefathers, veterans, and military manipulated to make them all look like inadequate fools?  Why are the important dates of important periods in our history changed to say what the Progressives want our children to learn?  Why aren’t we teaching the true basics of Freedom and our Rights?

10.  Why are we allowing unions to manipulate our rights and freedoms as Americans?  Someone tell me where, in our Constitution, it dictates that we are to be forced to have idiots teach our children, when the Top Educators in our country tell us that they can’t fire them because they have been on the job long enough to force us to keep them because of “Union Rules”?  Not only that, but we are forced to pay them for the rest of their lives even if they are forced off of the job and stay at home!  How does this make sense?  Aren’t teachers supposed to be proven to be qualified to be able to teach?  And what about the mandate in some states that require Union Employees to be used in our factories and other businesses, and even in governmental positions, regardless if they are known to fail at their jobs?  Unions had a reason back in the Twentieth Century but, now, they are no more than gangsters!  Once again; someone tell me where the Constitution allows for this!

These are only ten out of a great many questions that need to be answered!  So, please; be a true American and ensure, by your responsible oversight on our Congressional leaders, that these questions are addressed and correctly answered!  America is for the people, not Special Interest groups!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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