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Well, we won the election, we have our people going to DC in January, but are things really going to change?  We have to remember that all of the Republicans who remained in Congress after the election were supported for their “Conservative” values, but do they really follow those Conservative values, or do they simply use them when they need support from their voters?  Look at this new Tax Bill, the one that is supposed to maintain the Bush Tax Cuts, even though they will now call them the “Obama Tax Cuts”, and will add some new tax decreases to the mix; is it really the great thing that Obama and our Republican leaders say it is, or is it just another “Porky Pig” bill?  Well, according to the Congressional Budget Office, there will be another $8,000,000,000.00 ( 8 Billion Dollars ) in personal “Pork” add-ons!  I know; when you talk about a 3 Trillion Dollar budget, 8 Billion Dollars doesn’t seem like much, but it is!  What are the add-ons?  Well, the one that really irritates me is the 10 Million Dollars that will be set aside to build a “John P. Murtha” Historical Center, or whatever they want to call it!  It will pay for a building to be built for everyone to remember the great things that Murtha did!  Murtha?

Murtha was the man who changed parties, from being a Republican to being a Democrat, because he said that he needed to move to the party that supported his voters’ needs!  In reality; Murtha was about to be arrested for breaking just about every Congressional rule, and many laws, and it was his fellow Republicans who discovered his criminality and they were the ones coming after him!  Then Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid told him that, if he switched over to the Democratic Party, they would see that all of the charges were dropped, and he would be able to retain his seat in Congress!  This is the same guy that had an extremely expensive airport built in his state, one that had a grand total of about 100 people flying through it over a one-year period!  But he owed favors to certain contractors who supported his re-election campaigns and they needed some payback, so he wasted our tax money on an airport that no one but himself ever really used!  Look his history up on the web and you will see one super-expensive pork project after another wasting our tax money to keep him in favor with the Big Money Special Interests in his home state!  And Pelosi and Reid’s actions in converting him to the Democratic Party shows just exactly how corrupt the Democratic Party truly is!  And, now, they want to build a personal museum to allow the citizens of his state to “remember him”! 

We have heard the promises of how our new leaders are going to cut the pork and end wasteful bills; does this sound like it is “ending the waste”?  And they said that they would never again allow a bill to be proposed to Congress that is so big that it can’t be read, yet this new on is now over 2,000 pages long!  One Member of Congress is going to try to force to have the entire bill read out loud, and it is expected to take over 24 hours to read it!  If this happens, monitor C-Span, because I will bet you that there will not be anyone who will be there through the entire reading!  Why are we passing bills that have so much pork in them that the bills are so long that no one can filter out the pork before it is passed!  Any bill that is proposed, and passed by Congress should be no longer than it takes to SIMPLY explain the bill in a manner that the average citizen can read, on the web, in less than a half hour!  Pork needs to be ended; we need to pass legislation on each, and every individual request for money, for new laws and rules, and for any action taken by Congress that will affect the people in any way possible!  Legislation through Congress should not be a “Porky Pig” style cramming of one issue on top of another because that is the only way that our Representatives can slip them through without us, their bosses, knowing about it!  If you owned a business, and your employees were using your profits to pay for things they wanted, but they hid the spending in monthly Operational Cost Bills, so you couldn’t track it, wouldn’t you want to fire them!  It’s time we become the bosses of our government that we are supposed to be!  It’s time we start monitoring, and reporting every single wrongful action by our members in Congress, our employees, and that we begin firing each and every one of them that violates our trust!  There are laws in Congress that our Members of Congress violate on a daily basis, because other members won’t go after them because they, themselves, have violated the same laws!  If they violate any of those laws, we need to see that they are brought before the public and impeached!  As the Bosses, we have the right to fire any employee who does not do his, or her job in the proper manner!  So, my fellow Americans; we need to track and monitor every single action of the Representatives of our Districts, to make sure that they truly represent US, not Special Interests and, if we see that they are violating any laws, regulations, or our trust, we need to petition Congress to act to remove those members!  We are the “Bosses”, it is our responsibility to ensure that our representatives follow our wishes and act in a manner that fits our needs!  This is our country, not China’s, or the muslims, and our laws need to protect us!  Keep your eyes open, and be ready to move!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



  1. John Ryan says:

    I think when it comes time to Vote again and my representatives have not been conservative I will WRITE IN vote for “Porky Pig”.

    If we all do the same they won’t get elected and someone else will we may not like EITHER but we will already know the type they are and in the next period of primaries, set up a candidate we can trust to represent us and no one else. Maybe someone HONEST.. Then vote out the Liberal by a mass vote for our conservative non Porky Pig candidate. avidipa vidipa vidipa, “That’s All Folks”

  2. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    I often wonder if there is anyone left in this world who goes into politics that’s really honest. I think not.
    If you want to be a politician, you must have met certain criteria. You must be a liar, corrupt, cheat, stab people in the back, have no morals or scruples, and be able to sell your mother down the river for a vote. If you have those qualifications, you’ll fit in just nicely.
    If, and I say if, a person who’s honest just happens to squeek into their ranks, he or she will soon be turned, and become tarnished, so as not to present a threat to the rest of the thieves.
    Sad but true. Things will never change. They never have, and never will. Sooner or later, they will all take a bite of the forbidden apple.

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