We have been so worried about the Progressives in Congress, working to destroy our credibility as citizens of this great nation, that we have been ignoring their greatest weapon, the one weapon that every one of our children see on a daily basis, that our college students watch, that people who don’t understand the truth about our rights as citizens see, and this weapon is now fully active and is becoming the greatest threat to the Tea Party movement, and its members and sympathisers!  What is this weapon?  Broadcast TV!  Yes, I know that you all realize that the Broadcast News attacks us on a daily basis, and that people who can’t afford cable see only the Progressive version of the news, but this is more dangerous, more sneaky than any other means of deception used by the Progressives!  I have talked to you, before, about the evil manipulation of “Subliminal Advertising”, how it is a psychological method of putting ideas into people’s heads, without actually stating your cause; it is used to place ideas into people’s heads, to set up a chain of thought that will make them “suddenly” realize that what you are trying to convince them of is the “truth”, because they can remember something about it, probably not clearly, but they know what you are talking about because they have seen something that has shown them you are “right”, before you even began to tell them!  They use it in movies and on TV, because it is the most effective way to allow them to plant ideas in people’s minds!  It’s like seeing an episode of your favorite TV show, where your favorite actor is drinking a Coke; the next time you go to buy a soft drink, you suddenly desire a Coke and buy it, even though Pepsi is your favorite!  Subliminal Advertising has been used by manufacturers for decades and, now, it has become the tool of the Progressives to plant political ideas into the American public’s minds!  Here are two of the strongest, latest examples I have seen in the past week:

“THE DEFENDERS”:  The Defenders is a new cross between comedy and serious legal action by a pair of attorneys in Las Vegas.  It is a great show, with Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell, two very popular actors who play the attorneys.  I like the show, at least until I watched it this week; they were defending an 18 year-old boy who was “running guns” for his grandfather, a man who considered himself to be a patriot, one who was deeply involved in protecting the 2nd amendment.  The boy was caught with a load of guns in a pickup, and the guns had their serial numbers filed off.  That’s the way it started.  Then they took us into the grandfather’s “lair”; the first thing you see are Gadsden Flags and “Live Free Or Die” flags hanging all over the ceiling!  The Gadsden Flag is a common symbol of the Tea Party movement, so I immediately grew suspicious!  Then the story developed; the grandfather kept saying that it was his right under the 2nd amendment to own guns, which is true, then they twisted it by having him say that, since it was his right to own guns, it was his right, under the 2nd amendment, to file off the serial numbers and sell them to anyone, regardless of what they were going to use them for, including illegal activities!  They made it look like he was setting up his grandson to take the fall for the illegal guns, just so that the Gun Rights Activists could use him to “advance their ideals”!  In the end, the Jim Belushi character scolded the grandfather and told him that, if he wanted to advance his rights, he should do it himself and not set his grandson up to take the fall!  Basically; they made us look like a bunch of loons who really don’t understand the 2nd amendment, and who would sacrifice their family members just to get attention!  I have never met anyone in the Tea Party who would put their ideals before the safety and security of their family!  But, by producing this show this way, when they come after us in another attempt to steal away our 2nd amendment rights, this seed will already be planted in the minds of many of the citizens, and they will “suddenly” remember seeing something about this, and they will see us as the “lunatics” that our government will be trying to make us appear to be!

“THE MENTALIST”:  This is a show about a man who used to be a fake psychic, but now uses his abilities to study crimes to assist the police.  This is not “PSYCH”, although the idea is very similar.  When I was watching this week’s episode of The Mentalist, I could plainly see the direction the producers were going in one single sentence, to try to portray Christians, and others who celebrate Christmas, as racists!  A Santa Claus was pushed off of a balcony and killed.  As a part of the set up for the episode, this Santa was a member of a club of Santa’s who were all deeply involved in the idea of Santa Claus and Christmas.  When the police went to the meeting to see if anyone had any information, they talked to the Santa who was leading the event.  They asked him if he knew of anyone who would have wanted to kill the victim, and he said “no”.  That’s when another member of the club said that wasn’t true, that he knew that the leader of the group wanted to take the leadership of the organization away from the victim, because he didn’t like the idea the victim had been suggesting, that women, gays, Blacks, and Chinese could also become members of the organization!  That’s where the one sentence was used as subliminal advertising; the leader stood up and shouted, loudly: “SANTA CLAUS AND CHRISTMAS IS FOR WHITE MALES AND CHRISTIANS ONLY!”  What a blatant attempt at making us all look like racists!  And that idea is now implanted in the minds of many who can’t tell the difference between the truth, and deception!  How do you think that sentence was accepted by people who already see all of us as racists?

We need to keep an eye out for this kind of deception!  Everyone needs to learn what Subliminal Advertising looks like and monitor its usage as a weapon against us!  Hollywood is in the pockets of the Progressives and they are doing everything they can to destroy the patriotic movement in our country, to turn all the races against each other, to turn everyone they can against Patriotism, to get us fighting so hard against each other that we don’t monitor their lies and deceptive legislation designed to break down our country from the inside out!  When you seen this kind of subliminal advertising in TV shows, make a list of the advertisers for the shows and contact them and let them know that, if this doesn’t stop, you will no longer buy their products!  Use our free market society in the way it was meant to be used; if you don’t buy, businesses don’t make profits!  If they don’t stop supporting this kind of mental warfare against us, you won’t buy their goods!  Let everyone you know in on what is going on and teach them to look for subliminal mind games on TV, and in the movies, and get them to end their support for advertisers for the shows!  And contact the local stations and let them know that you are not going to watch their stations if they keep this attack method going!  We need to protect ourselves!  And this latest blatant attack against Christians should not go unnoticed!  The Networks can’t use muslims as the attackers, because it will upset the muslims; well, my friends, the time has come to make them realize that Christians have rights too!  Stand up and be heard on this!  Don’t sit back and watch your rights and freedoms disappear in the Nightly News!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Something noticed over the years about entertainment gone political is it doesn’t last long on the air or stage so it will all come to an end by way of loss of viewers and sales down on whatever product advertises on their “Show”… The dumb will believe anything and if they are all we have to overcome when it is all said and done it will be easy. Preconceived conceptions will not be what they are confronted with so they will not be prepared for what will come their way.

  2. Jim Campbell says:

    Most of the news we get has a left wing slant to it. Therefore you have to expect what we hear from the news media will be in favor of the public funded adjenda. If we could quantify our vote by the amount of taxes we pay, what we would get, would not be fair for the non-producers and therefore a bad thing. I do not see a situation where we can reverse this Socialist direction we are heading. I only pray that I am wrong in my assement.

    • Jim, it can be changed, but it will be hard for a while. I grew up at at time when Unemployment was short-lived and at the minimum-wage level, so no one wanted to stay on the program for any longer than necessary. Myself; I only got one unemployment payment in my entire life. Now unemployment pays for several years, and pays enough for someone to not only make their house payments, bills, food costs, etc., it also pays enough for alcohol and gambling! Many people have stated, publically, that they are not looking for a job because unemployment pays more than any job they could get. It should be the other way around! And, the more employed Americans, the more tax dollars going into our tax funds, instead of our nation going broke because we are paying people not to work, along with various other bad ideas.

      We need incentives to work, limits on only one child in an entire family on Welfare, limits on only food payments for welfare, with public housing being a short-term program, and immediate jail time for any type of fraud. We need to raise tarrifs on imported goods and lower our taxes on our businesses when they invest in their businesses to bring in new employees. We need to rebuild our manufacturing base and bring jobs home.

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