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We were, once, the greatest nation in the world.  We were self-sufficient, militarily strong, and we were safe from attack by our enemies because we did not allow them to enter our country to harm our citizens!  We didn’t go out and pick fights with other nations, but we wound up being their saviors whenever they got into  wars that they could not win!  We didn’t start WWI, WWII, we were dragged in by the French following their egos, making Germany angry with them!  China hates America, and wants to see us broken down, but it was America that saved their country from the Japanese in World War II.  But both countries look at us as a “troublemaker”, even though everything they now have, came to them because of the bravery of American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines!  Both WWI and WWII were started because the French followed their egos in relations with Germany, resulting in Germany taking over their country, twice!   That dragged in England and, in the end, America, to bring an end to their crisis!  We have had a treaty with the French ever since our Revolution, because they assisted us with Naval support, which helped us win our war with England.  And it was that agreement that finally forced us into standing up with the English to fight off their enemies!  Then, along came Vietnam; the French had dominated Vietnam for a great many years, and the Vietnamese finally drove them out of their country!  Ho Chi Minh came to the US to ask for support in making Vietnam a Democratic nation, but we had to turn him down because we were an honorable nation back then, and we owed a debt to France, and we would not break our word!  Then the French met with our leaders and demanded that we give them our support by entering the war to assist them in regaining their interests in Vietnam!  But, when it was all over, we were blamed by everyone for causing such “destruction” in Vietnam and even the French stood up against us in the UN!  We became the “Evil Nation” in the world, and every country began to turn against us and show their hatred for us!

In our efforts to try to become more “peaceful” looking to the world, we began to cooperate with all of the other nations, bringing the UN into the US, and kissing everyone’s ass while they all stood up against us and blamed us for everything wrong in the world!  We were a threat to the world because we had grown so powerful, and every nation feared us!  But we weren’t the threat they said we were because we only went into battle to save others, and we never took over a nation and tried to dominate it; we helped all of them build up their economies and improve their lives!  If their leaders were greedy and didn’t share any of the support we sent their people, it wasn’t our fault, it was theirs; if they didn’t like the way their country was being led, they should have stood up and fought for their freedom just like we did!  But it was easier to blame us for their bad situations than it was to risk their own lives to change their nation’s governmental structure!  So; trying to look like the good guys that we were, we opened up our economy and allowed them to sell their goods and invest their money in our country!  And, since we were such a good people, we began to change the thinking of our society and the way we reacted to their complaints, which caused us to weaken our ability to stand up against them!  We stopped drilling for oil in our own, personal reserves and invested everything in developing the Mid East oil reserves, which wound up with us giving the muslims total control over our nation’s transportation costs!  And, to help China build up its society, we allowed them to sell in the US, which made their goods cheaper than ours, making them the most favorable, because they had a cheaper manufacturing base than we did, made up of, pretty much, slave labor!  Then, in order to produce cheaper goods, we moved our manufacturing base over there, which began the total destruction of our ability to produce goods for ourselves!  And it is now easy to see just what those efforts cost our nation, and its citizens!  Our economy is teetering on the edge of destruction, because we owe the Chinese, and muslims so much debt!

And, after everything we have done for the rest of the world, they still spit out their hatred against out nation!  In a recent UN Assembly meeting, looking into the “evil” actions of the US, they complained that we are always acting in a prejudicial manner against their people in our country, “violating their civil rights”, even though immigrants, legal, and illegal, have full access to our courts and work, on a daily basis, to change our laws to fit their needs!  A big example of this is the CAIR push to force us to accept Sharia Law into our legal system while, at the same time, they work to destroy the rights of Christians in our country!  How mean are we supposed to be when we protect the rights of their women and gays, while they butcher and kill them, in the most primitive ways in their home countries, simply because they don’t like the way they act, or the things they do?  They say that Christians in our country act in a prejudicial manner against muslims, even though it was muslim terrorists who attacked our country and killed thousands of American citizens!  Christians may not want to follow muslim ways, but they treat them with the respect that every citizen has, yet in the Mid East, Christians are singled out and are not allowed to practice their religion, and are butchered and killed if they are “exposed” as Christians practicing Christianity!  And China still uses children, and the rest of their people as slave labor, forcing them to work long, hard hours for next to nothing and, if they stand up against their country, they are imprisoned and/or killed!  And families are only allowed one child, preferably male, and if a family has two, or more children, the extra children are dragged out into the streets and murdered!  Imagine having a second child and having the government drag your child out into the streets and smash his, or her head against the ground to kill it, or slam bricks or rocks into its skulls, crushing them!  We are the most free nation in the world, we protect the rights of everyone in our country, yet we are the “evil destroyer of freedoms”?  This is so wrong, it is ridiculous!

Americans; it is time to stand up for our country and stop this madness that our politicians have built against us because they are no longer willing to stand against other nations to protect who we, the citizens of this great country!  We need to stop the bowing to other nations when they accuse us of being the source of their problems, when it is their own leaders’ greed and arrogance that is causing them the problems they suffer under in their own homelands!  Muslim nations have a majority of poor people, and they need to stand up against their kings and take the money from the profits of their oil sales and end the practices of excessive spending on things like multi-hundreds of millions of dollars on a prince’s “private jetliner” used to fly him, and other royalty, around the world on wasteful vacations!  We know what that is like because our “king”, Obama, has done the exact same thing!  Their lifestyles, and problems, are not our fault, we don’t cause them; they live the way they have to because they won’t stand up, as Americans have, to change the way things are done in their countries!  And it is not right that we accept blame for something we have not caused!  We need to wake up and watch our leaders like hawks, to ensure that they begin working to build our nation back into the powerful, self-sufficient country that used to  protect its citizens from senseless hatred, and let the rest of the world take care of itself, and their own problems!  The time is running out for real “change” and, since we have regained control of our country, we need to be extra vigilant and responsible citizens, and ensure that we can, once again, reach a point where we are safe, productive, and proud to be Americans once more!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059



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