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I heard a number on FOX News this morning that really upset me; our Federal government pays local and state governments to enforce our immigration laws, but it does not regulate those payments in any way, or verify that they are being used to protect the rights of American citizens.  And, since this money comes from our taxes, we are being forced to pay for things we would not want to pay for, and we have no say in where our money goes, or how it is spent!  The problem is that the money that is supposed to go to these governmental agencies, to protect us from an invasion by illegals, is going to “Sanctuary Cities” like Chicago, and is being spent to “protect the rights” of illegals, and to hide and defend them from ICE and other Federal agencies!  Now, by today’s debt standards, this may seem like a paltry number,  but $62,200,000.00 is being sent to Sanctuary Cities, Counties, Washington, DC, and other areas that use it for the benefits of the very people who are violating Federal Law by sneaking in and using our benefits, taking our jobs, and thumbing their noses at the American people!  I have heard people say that they are “simply poor people trying to take care of their families”, and that is total Bull!  There are violent gangs, muslim terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and others who cross our borders illegally, then simply sneak back to where they came from when the police come after them, then sneak back in when things “cool off”!  This is no more than a situation like the government paying for the safety and security, from the police, for the Chicago mob to operate as they wish, without having to fear going to jail for their illegal actions against the citizens of the city!  Madness!

I have searched Federal Law databases like “The Thomas Library of Congress” and “General Reference Resources USA.Gov”, and the number of regulations protecting the rights of illegals outnumbers the regulations demanding their imprisonment or deportation by a huge number!  Our government has protected the illegals entering our country on a much larger scale than it has the rights of the citizens to protection and safety from the dangers caused by these illegals who simply walk across to a better life for them!  The oath that our leaders swear when they take office is designed, specifically, for them to protect the rights of the citizens, to protect the lifestyles and futures of them and their children, yet our leaders ignore their responsibilities and go wherever their wallets steer them!  Many of our governmental leaders use illegals in their own homes and in the businesses that they families own, and they could care less about us, because it is profitable for them to violate the very laws they are supposed to defend!  They say that, in this time of a great shortage in jobs for American workers, illegals only “take jobs Americans don’t want”, yet many of those illegals are making up to $20 an hour, then they send that money out of our country, where it is used for the benefits of their home countries!  And, instead of getting them out of America, and providing jobs for American citizens, our government “extends unemployment payments” and raises the pay rate high enough to keep many Americans from seeking work that might pay the same, or a little less and, once again, this is all done on our tax dollars!  And the government is not talking about the fact that those unemployment benefits cannot be extended, again, and they will run out early next year, leaving a great many American citizens unemployed with no source of income!  Once again; Madness!

We must, as concerned citizens, keep a very close eye on our elected officials, to ensure that they follow their campaign pledges this time, and ensure that they follow the oath they swear when they take office, and protect and defend the rights of American citizens over those of any other group in our country!  Americans were always meant to come first, over all, in the hearts and minds of our Members of Congress, but we have been electing greedy, self-interested liars whose only interest is in their own wallets and power bases!  We all hope that the people we put into office this time will change that attitude, that they will go back to the Constitutional Laws of the Republic of the United States, to bring our government back to the people who are the true citizens of our nation!  So, please; watch them, follow their actions on Bills and Resolutions, on any effort in making, or changing a law and, if they go against their pre-election promises, let them know you know, that you are upset and that, if they do not get back on track, they will be out of work come the next election!  Be a true American citizen and lead your leaders, make them earn their incomes and do the kind of work that we, their employers, require of them, or fire them at your first opportunity!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Once our new congress takes their seats in January this is something all of us need to take action on and they will take it further up the “Food Chain” for us and begin repairing this country while we can. We can keep open borders as a campaign issue if the Socialists fight against us, they fail to realize open borders affect the jobs of many people including “Hispanics” in this country, probably more because I have heard it directly from them here in Texas so there is no time to waste, campaigning for president will be in full swing in less than a year and we must choose carefully who we send up to run, no more McCain RINO types and certainly a quality pick this time.. That to be sorted out later ….

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