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America is the nation with the most guaranteed freedoms in the world, and that’s why so many people from other nations come here; to escape the tyranny, political and religious practices of their home countries!  Our people can stand up and state their opinions with no worries about the government coming to their home to arrest them for not following along the path of dominant leaders!  We have stood for the sanctity of freedom for over 200 years and, now, the rest of the world wants to destroy us, to bring us to our knees!  Because of the lack of concern for our political leaders actions in Congress, we have allowed them to ruin our independence from the rest of the world, through our own banking system, our manufacturing system, and drilling for our own oil, on our own soil, by passing legislation that took our resources, skills, and financial responsibility, and opened it up to world markets, which used our own laws and regulations against us to move everything out of our country and put it in the hands of our enemies!  For the first time in the history of our nation, our future is in the hands of two nations that hate us and want to destroy us; muslims and China!  And they are using the money they make off of our economy to build powerful armies and nuclear weapons to threaten us!  And I am fed-up with the “Open  Door” policies that our government has used to bring us to this position!  And “Political Correctness” keeps those doors open, allowing the rest of the world to show their anger at America, and I think it needs to end, NOW!

Oklahoma citizens rose up to protect the Constitution when they passed a law that banned the use of Sharia Law in their legal system!  Then a muslim attorney filed a claim against it stating that muslims have the right to live under the protection of Sharia Law!  Now a judge has blocked the Oklahoma law, preventing it from blocking the use of Sharia Law in the Oklahoma legal system!  Is he nuts?  This is America, not some Cleric-dominated, religious-totalitarian nation!  Do we really want to have men in our nation feel free to murder their family members, and others, because their laws say it’s ok?  Do American women really want to see muslim women in the US be tortured, disfigured, and stoned to death, because they don’t follow the orders of the men in their family, or neighborhood?  Remember the young girl who had to run to Florida to escape the anger of her father and the men in her religious neighborhood, because she became a Christian?  If muslims want to follow Sharia Law, that’s their right, but they should go back to the countries where Sharia Law dominates their people, and not try to force it on us!  Would you want your daughter to marry a muslim, then find out that he killed her and will get away with it, because “Sharia Law says it’s Ok”?  Legal immigrants have been coming to this country for hundreds of years and they all knew that they had to become Americans and live under American laws and social standards; this is the first time I have ever heard of any judge standing up for placing the laws of another country over those of America!  This is ridiculous, and only shows an open door on the attitudes of the pro-Progressive leaders, Congressional Representatives, and Judges in our nation, and we need to end their dominance over our legal system!

In Geneva this week, there is a UN investigation into “Civil Rights Violations” in the US!  Can you believe this?  There are 47 nations taking part, to include all the nations of the Mid East, and China, and they are attacking us for not having “full civil rights in the US”, such as not allowing full religious freedom by not allowing Sharia Law in our legal system!  The muslim nations that are coming at us in this conference are the same ones that will not allow Christian churches or activities in their own countries, and kill any person who either supports, or follows Christianity!  They are the ones that stone young girls to death because they won’t marry the man their father wants them to!  They are the nations that murder gay people because they don’t fit within their religious values!  And I could go on, and on about the horrible things they do to their own people, yet they are attacking our values?  And the Chinese, who strictly limit the number of children their people can have to “one”, and order their people to have sons, not daughters!  And they go so far that they break in the doors of their people’s’ homes, to gain access to any “illegally born” child, then take that child out into the streets and beat it to death, as an example to other parents!  And anyone who stands against the government’s ideals is imprisoned, and can be killed, to end their “anti-government” talk!  And, as far as “Religious Freedom” goes; the Chinese have invaded Tibet and have murdered Tibetan Monks and have destroyed their religious monasteries!  And China is attacking our value system?  The things they do in their own countries would never happen in America because we have Constitutional Laws that protect our citizens from those kinds of abuses, yet these people feel the right to judge us because we don’t accept their laws?  IDIOCY!

I know that we have a great many people in our country who hate America, and what we stand for, and not just immigrants; we have Politicians, College Professors, Judges, News People, and others who have been doing everything they can to influence hatred against our nation because they say America needs to “Change” but, in reality, they say what they do because they like the attention and admiration they get from like-minded people, and they are looking to the possibility of their own power if their ideas ever go into effect!  These people have never done anymore in their lives than work for their own benefit, for their own profit, and they seek only their own good!  We have seen the insanity of a runaway Progressive movement in our nation for the past two years, and the people finally woke up and fought it, making major changes in our House and Senate, and in local and State governments across our nation!   Now we need to end foreign domination over our country, we need to rid ourselves of the insanity of the UN, we need to drill for our own oil, rebuild our own manufacturing base, re-construct our own banking and investment system, and get every illegal, and America-hating immigrant out of our country and give them all a free ticket home!  Americans stood up this year and let the government know that we are still the majority and we will not put up with any attempt to change our Constitution and Rights to fit the needs of other countries!  And we must, now, continue that fight and remove ourselves from the influence of their attempts at overtaking our economy and way of life!  The fight has just begun, my fellow patriots, and we must continue on, three times harder, to bring America back to the people, and out of the hands of foreigners and anti-American leaders!  AMERICA IS FOR AMERICANS!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Brian Hansen says:

    I could not believe that judge in Oklahoma! How can you block something that was voted on by the people? And this guy from CAIR said “What’s the big deal, the Constitution would never allow Sharia Law anyway”. So if that’s the case, why file a lawsuit? That judge needs to be removed!!

    • I agree, Brian. The cloth is coming off all of the hidden cases and backroom deals concerning our rights and the people are tired of it! Americans have sat back and let things happen for far too long, and the times, they are a changin’!

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