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The reason I haven’t been on my blog for a while is that everyone is dissecting the same information, over and over, and when you get to the last two weeks of an election, and nothing big pops up to scare people, they have already made up their minds and will vote as they wish.  Now we need to focus on what needs to be done, what has to happen if we take back our Congress and our State offices.  Above anything  else, it is the economy  that is killing our nation, and we need to immediately begin to work to straighten up the mess that has been forced upon us!  But there are two very important issues that have affected, and will affect our economy if we don’t change them, and this is what I want to talk about.

1.  Back in the ’70s, when we were competing with the oil fields of the Mid East, the Arabs kept the price of their oil so low that it was more practical for us to buy from them, rather than to drill from our own fields.  And, once our oil companies had invested large sums of money in the Mid East, the Arabs began to slowly raise their prices to a point at which they were making a fortune, and we were suffering under their dominance.  Then our government began to import Arab nationals, pure muslims, and they gave them some initial money to live off of, and offered them low-interest loans to build businesses, loans that were never offered to Americans.  They began to buy up gas stations in the US with those loans, then they would bring a brother over and have him get the same loan, to “buy” the business from his family, to keep the interest rates low.  Once the muslims saw the profit in our gas stations, they sent millions upon millions of dollars here, to allow their people to buy up every gas station they could and, now, they own almost every gas station in the US!  Finally; once they had the money, they began to buy stock in the oil companies, and now they control almost every one of them!   So; when they want more money, when they want to control our economy, when they want to control an election, by throwing fear into the hearts of our citizens that they will not be able to maintain their homes and lives, because they can’t afford to drive to work, the muslims jack up the price of oil, making a profit, then the companies jack up the cost of refining that oil, making a profit, and the gas stations, as one unit, jack up the price of gas, making a profit!  In our pain, they grow richer, and use the money to work for nuclear research into nuclear weapons, and fund terrorist acts against the US!

2.  I think we can all remember when there were little toys and trinkets marked “Made in Japan”, and we never thought that Japan would be able to sell cars in the US, but they are!  And they did it by building them carefully, which our unions did not do, and pricing them low, because their costs were low.  Then, when they began to dominate the auto industry, they slowly began raising the price of their vehicles until they were as high as American made vehicles!  And the American made vehicles cost so much because the unions kept forcing the manufacturers to pay higher wages, which kept raising the price of American cars!  So our manufacturers’ profit margin grew low, and the Japanese profits grew large!  So it became cheaper for American manufacturers to buy parts and, in some instances, whole cars, from the Japanese!  The Chinese saw what the Japanese were doing and they wanted in, but were kept out by American regulations.  Then Bill Clinton, whose campaign was mainly funded by the Chinese, changed the regulations and the Chinese flooded our markets with cheap products, both in price, and quality, and the American companies could not keep up because of union regulations that forced them to move their manufacturing plants to China, where the Chinese copied them and ran them out of business, leaving our manufacturing base in Chinese hands!  And, what do the Chinese do with the money they make off of us?  Build the largest military in the world, build high-tech ships, weapons and aircraft, and threaten every nation in their area of the world!  And they bought up, in the 2008 financial crisis, American land, investment in American businesses and financial institutions, and access to our nation through ships and planes that bring their goods over here!

The problem we have is that we have allowed the unions in this country to dominate our manufacturing base and destroy it through high-costs, forcing our businesses to ship our jobs overseas!  And the people we depend upon to provide us with the goods and services necessary to maintain our lives use the money they make off of us to build up their military strength, and become a threat to the safety of America!  The very same people who complained, for as long as I have been alive, that America was too powerful, and needed to reduce our strength, to allow for a more “peaceful world”!  Now they are the ones threatening the peace of the world, and we have been diminished into a servant of their sales to us!  How can we end this?  First of all, we need to pass legislation that no longer makes it mandatory, in any state, for a company to have to become a union plant!  We need to decrease the influence of the unions on our country, and we can, as we have laws now that protect every employee from abuse!  Then we need to begin drilling for our own oil, to be used in America only, and to be owned by American-owned companies only, ending our dependence upon foreign oil, completely, and begin to work on alternative forms of fuel while we provide low-cost gasoline to the people of the US only!  End all bans on drilling in the US, and offshore.  And no more drilling for oil by foreign companies in American territory!  Our honest allies can be offered our oil and gas, but only as long as they remain our honest allies!  Finally; we need to raise our tariffs, slowly, on foreign-made goods until it becomes cheaper for us to build what we need here in the US!  Any company manufacturing goods for sale in the US needs to be American-owned!  And, if any nation has import tariffs of their own against us, we will not only match those tariffs, we will be even higher, until they stop trying to beat us!  If the muslims raise the price of oil, then we will raise the price of the wheat and goods we send them even higher!  Tit for tat! 

It is important that we regain our footing as the manufacturing country we once were, that we become self-dependent for whatever we need, then we will bring back jobs, our country will be able to pay off its debt, and we will not have to worry about terrorists, or other countries endangering our safety as a nation!  When this election is over, on Wednesday, we will either still be under Progressive control, and none of this will matter, or we will be back in the hands of the citizens of America, and we need to push our Representatives to enact these policies!  Along with it, we need to enforce American law, and any employer who hires illegals, any renter or real estate company that rents or sells to illegals, any hospital or doctor who treats any illegal for anything other than completely emergency situations, shall be arrested and imprisoned!  America is for Americans first and, if we have enough “goodness” after we take care of American needs, then we can help others!  Let’s change our country back to what it used to be, a safe, strong, and self-dependent nation, and let the rest of the world take care of itself!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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