They had it all planned out from the beginning; why do you think that Reed, Pelosi, and Obama have been so sure of their actions in trying to turn our country into a Progressive Homeland?  Because they knew that, no matter what happened in the future, they would be able to maintain a level of control over our government, and we would be stuck with their plans for our future as a nation!  Let me explain what I mean:

They pushed through the Stimulus Bill, the takeover of GM and Chrysler, Financial Controls over Investment Practices, the Health Care Bill, and they tried to put through the Cap and Trade Bill, all the while telling us that it was all necessary because of the “evil” practices of the Bush Administration, their lack of concern for the citizens of America, and Bush’s failure to avoid the financial collapse of our economy!  And, they kept telling us that they could put through even more changes that would “benefit our country”, but the evil Republicans stood in the way in Congress, and they blocked every “advance” that the Obama Administration tried to pass, even though the Democrats had a superior Majority in the House and Senate, and they didn’t need to have Republican acceptance to pass any bill they wanted to!  The problem never has been the Bush Administration, it has been the Progressives manipulating everything that has to do with the way our country is run!

It wasn’t Bush that caused the collapse of our economy; it was Barney Frank, and his total control over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that caused our Housing Market to fail, after the muslims had jacked up oil prices so high that people could not afford to drive back and forth to work, so they could not afford to pay the loans that they couldn’t afford in the first place, when they bought their homes, but Frank pushed Congress to allow for loans to people who couldn’t even afford to pay rent!  And, let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi’s promise, if the Democrats were allowed to take over Congress in 2007, that she would work openly, and fairly with the Republicans, then she locked them out of the Capitol Building for the first month of the Democrat’s total control over Congress!  And every action by Congress, from that day on, was completely under Democratic control, Progressive control!  Our nation has been manipulated by people who hated it as the free nation it was, and they have done everything they can to remove the basis of the honor of the American People from our government, and have replaced it with Progressive manipulators who turn every action by the people, and the Conservatives, into a failure of the Bush Administration!  And they passed all of these dominating programs in our Congress without any real fear of future anger by the citizens, or a movement to replace them in Congress, because they had their own “Insurance Policy”!

Instead of explaining every little protection of their “Insurance Policy”, I will use only the Health Care Bill as an example, and I know you will understand how the rest will affect us:

1.  If we take over the House, and not the Senate in the upcoming election, we will not be able to rid ourselves of the Health Care Bill, and may not even be able to stop much of the sections of the Bill when they take place after the elections.  So, why would the Obama Administration not put the whole Bill into effect before the election?  Because; when it goes into effect, it will harm every American it is supposed to help, and it will severely affect the futures of every American family!  By waiting until after the election, the Progressives will be able to open up “bargaining” with the Conservatives, and will offer them variations of the Bill that will make life easier for the citizens but, if the Conservatives want the variations, they will have to bargain for them, and the Progressives will ensure that many sections of the Bill, such as the “Path to Citizenship” that is in it, will have to be allowed by the Conservatives, in order to allow for proper health coverage for the citizens!  And, after the variations have passed, the Progressives will claim that the Conservatives had to have the “Path to Citizenship” become law, or they wouldn’t pass the variations!  It’s a common game on the Hill, and it will be used to make the people who put Conservatives in office feel that they have been let down by their election choices!

2.  If we take over both the House and the Senate, the Progressives will raise hell over every change that is proposed by the Conservatives, claiming that they are not protecting the rights of the people.  For example; portions of the Health Care Bill will probably take effect before the newly elected members can stop them, and they will cause much trouble in our Health Care system!  And, when the people begin to feel the hurt of the Bill, the Progressives will claim that the Conservatives did “absolutely nothing” to stop the changes from taking effect, and they will claim that they tried to work with the Conservatives, but the Conservatives “shut them out”!  Look back to the collapse of the Tech Market in 1999, at the end of the year, just before Bush took office; it happened on Clinton’s term in office, but the Progressives convinced the people that it was “Bush’s fault”!  They are highly practiced “Manipulators”, and they know how to use anger in this country against us!  And it is that “manipulation” that they believe they can use as their “Insurance Policy”!

3.  If we fail to take control over either the House, or the Senate, the Progressives will accept it as the citizens approval of their actions in Congress, and they will rev the engine and run right over the people, while they destroy our Constitution and our way of life!

So; what can we do?  Well, first of all, we need to be patient!  The Progressives have been building this up for decades, and it will take more than one term in office to change it!  Our Representatives will be able to adapt it, to work to make it better fit our needs, but it will take time  for Congress to “Read the Bill”, to examine the changes, and how they can be adapted to fit our needs, without destroying our country, and it will require time and energy to come up with a plan that will work!  Secondly; we need to close our ears to the whining and crying of the Progressives over any efforts to stop their madness!  After all; they caused all of this!  And, finally; we need to monitor the actions of every person we put in office, to ensure that they do exactly what they promised us they would do, to work to end the tyranny of the Progressives, to protect our nation from invasion over our borders, to pass legislation that will give control back to the people, and to end national tyranny over the states!  It will take more than one term, and maybe three, to return our nation to the strong Republic it once was!  Don’t stop the emotion and energy we now have, because it will take the exact same level of patriotism and devotion to our country that the citizens now have, to end Progressive Tyranny over our government, and our people!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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