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I’d like to explain the difference between how our Congressional Representatives are supposed to work, and how they actually do:


It is supposed to start with someone feeling the necessity to do something for their country, and for the people who are the true citizens of it.  It may be because they have seen something that is wrong with our representation, it may be because they feel a need to serve the people of their District, it may be simply the ideal of working to make our Constitution work as it is supposed to; there are many patriotic reasons for wanting to work in Congress.  Once elected, they go to DC and handpick their Aides and Office Workers, sit down with them and tell them how they want their office to operate, then they get to work.  They attend every session of Congress, to ensure that their voters have their needs and rights spoken for, they sit on committees, to do their part to guide our government, and they research every Bill that comes before Congress to ensure that their voters are receiving the guidance that they need.  They work for the people who elected them, they pay attention to their needs and safety, and they stand proudly as a true “Representative of the People”!  That said; let’s get on with the real truth!  How do I know it is the “real truth”?  Because I worked on the Hill in DC for two and a half years, and I have seen, personally, how business is done in DC!


It starts with someone who realizes that they can make a lot of money in DC, as Special Interest Groups are well-known to pay high premiums to Congressmen and Senators who back their issues!  Or, they know that they can steer legislation that will provide Construction Contracts, etc., to friends, family, or associates who will slice off a bit of the profits and hand them over to the Congressman or Senator who obtained the contracts for them!  Then we have the Progressives, who work in Congress to change our country to fit the Progressive/Socialist ideals that will break down the nation that has led the world for so many years, and rebuild it under Socialistic ideals!  Most are Lawyers, people who know how to manipulate our laws to fit their ideals!  And they run for office promising the world to anyone they can get to vote for them, knowing in advance that they have no intention of doing anything for anyone but themselves! 

Once elected, they move to DC, find a new, permanent home, and set up their new lives as “DC residents”, forsaking their homes in the States where they were elected!  Then they look for a staff that can operate their office on their own, one with experience in the DC system of legislation, and put them to work, while the Senator or Congressman spends his time playing golf, travelling the country, and the world, going to expensive lunches and dinners, going to the theatre, basically just wasting their time while being courted by Special Interest Groups that are willing to make them feel important!  Think I am wrong on that?  Watch C-Span and see how many Representatives make important speeches in the Capitol Building, or initiate legislation there, and look around and see all the empty seats, almost every one of them, because there is no one interested enough to be there!  So; who gets the work done?  The Aides!  They are the ones you will talk to if you go to a Representative’s office, they are the ones you explain your problems to, or express your need, or support for proposed legislation, and you will only see the Representative if it serves their purpose, or strictly by accident; the Aides job is to keep people away from the Representatives!  And an Aide who works for a strictly Conservative Representative now, may have worked for Reed or Pelosi before; the Aides have their own network of interaction, they know who to go to in order to get something they want, to gain support for proposed legislation, or for building coalitions to get things done!  And, if you really want a Representative to support your issue, you can get more done if you give something to the Aide first, either a free lunch, a special ticket to an Opera or Theatre, or a wad of cash, depending on how high up the Aide ladder you want to go!

Legislation is neither written, nor read by Representatives; they will express their ideas to their Aides, who will create a bill, then pass the bill around to other Aides, in other Representatives offices, who will read it and give the Representative their opinion of the Bill, which will vary according to what the Aide will get if it is passed!   If you think I am misrepresenting this whole system, then explain to me why the Health Bill was passed, yet no Member of Congress knew what was in it!  The Aides do the research, they write it, they get the support, in their own network, to pass it, then they give the Representative their opinions about the Bill, which will always be favorable if they want it passed, and unfavorable if they don’t!  And every one of the Chief Aides knows exactly how to explain a Bill to make it look favorable to their boss, and that is what they do!  The Aides do all the work in DC, and our Representatives do nothing but sit back and claim to have done all the work, because the bill won’t leave their office until they Ok it!  The trick to the whole thing is that if Pelosi wants to control the voting of another Representative, let’s say a Conservative, she will send an Aide to him, with strong, strong leanings towards Pelosi’s ideals, looking for a position on the Representative’s staff,  and that Aide will claim to be a “strong Conservative”, and will be able to show proof that it is true!  So she will have influence in that Representative’s office, without him even knowing about it!

We need to get people in office who will actually do their jobs and use their Aides as the assistants they are supposed to be, and will not simply hand the whole thing over to them!  We need Representatives who will not only write their own legislation, but will also read any legislation going up for a vote in Congress, before they vote on it!  We don’t elect Aides, we elect our Representatives, and allowing them to let their Aides run their offices is not the way that our Constitutional system was set up to operate!  We have office workers in DC, Aides, who have more power than a Commanding General in our military, because everyone knows they have to get that Aide’s support in order to get legislation passed!  This has to end!  We don’t elect Representatives to simply be “figureheads”, we elect them to actually get work done!  And we need to end the endless additions to Bills, put on by other Aides who are seeking their own interests, and end this system of Pork that makes our Bills so complicated that a Professor at Harvard, with a Doctorate in Political Science, can’t even read and understand the Bill!  Your vote is only three weeks away; make sure you have your facts straight, that you are voting for a candidate who will actually do the job you send them up to do, then make your mark in history by being one of the great many who are tired of “business as usual” on the Hill!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    With a different party in control, things will probably get better, but the sad truth is that money and power will corrupt regardless of who is in control. It is something that will exist in perpetuity.

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