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As I said in some of my previous rants, I grew up in Hickory Corners.  It was a small town in a farming area; it was the intersection of two roads, with houses on both sides of them, roughly 3/4 of a mile  in all four main compass directions, north, south, east and west.  There were only two very small side roads, with only one, or two homes on them, the rest of the community was on the main roads.  We had an IGA Grocery Store, where I had my first job, but it wasn’t a lot bigger than your average Circle K.  There was a Hardware Store, two gas stations with garages, one garage, a small restaurant, a Barber Shop and Beauty Shop, an American Legion Post, a Masonic Temple, a Volunteer Fire Department, a Post Office and two churches.  It was the center of the local area so all the farmers and others in a fifteen mile radius used it as their town.  It was kind of like living in “Mayberry”, the home of the old Andy Griffith show, and everyone knew everyone else, and the kids hung out down at the “Corners”, the ladies gossiped and the men met at the Legion Hall for beer.  I am proud of having grown up there, of the people, my friends, and the attitude of being proud of America that permeated the whole area!

There were about 300 people in Hickory, and we were like one big family.  Notice I did not say “one big happy family”, because every family has it problems, but you live with those problems and stand as a family when needed.  I remember when Bill Cheney, one of the volunteers at the Fire Department, which was just about every adult male in town, broke down in front of me because he had tried to give mouth to mouth to a baby that he pulled out of a fire, but the baby died.  They had to pull Bill away from the baby because he wouldn’t quit trying to save it, and he finally broke down and cried!  Every man on duty that day went over to him and hugged him and talked with him; they finally all went down to the Legion Hall and got drunk!  We had no Welfare or Food Stamps, but whenever someone ran into problems, no matter the reason, the whole town jumped up and pitched in to help, to do anything they could!  If the parents were sick, the kids would stay at someone else’s home until they got better!  If someone lost a job, then the whole town pitched in to help pay their bills, and provide them with food, until they could get back on their feet!  It was a community, a home of 300 people, and we never locked our doors or worried about any danger, because our community was well-cared for, and safe!

Almost every man in town was either a veteran, or their father or brother was a veteran, and it was a very proud American town, with true American values!  As I said, there were two churches, and they were full every weekend, as there were only a few like myself who weren’t Christians.  And there was no anger back and forth because I wasn’t a believer; I was accepted as who I was, with no prejudice shown against me.  And I had no bad feelings at the religious citizens of Hickory, because it was simply “normal”, people who believed in God, and that was their way of life, so I honored it, respected it, and showed respect for their beliefs.  It wasn’t something I had to do, or be “trained” to do; it was life, it was the normality of Hickory!  And I learned, while growing up there, that it was the belief in Christianity that built our great nation!  Not because I was taught or trained, but because I was part of the community and I watched it work every single day, I watched the interactions of everyone, the respect and care for each person who lived there, and I knew in my heart that it took good people, like Christians, to make an American city work and hold true American values!  During the Holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, we didn’t get hauled into a church to be “trained”; it was the visits between families, the decorations on the homes, the honest caring between the people of Hickory that made me realize that, even though I may not believe in the religious aspect of them, the Holidays were very important because they brought families and friends close together, and built communities into big families!  Christianity is a religion of peace, of families, family values, and communities!

I have seen the world change a lot since my days in Hickory, and I went back there a few years ago, and it was still “Hickory”, the small town with American values.  The people had changed, many of us moved out when we got old enough, but the people who replaced us were a lot like us.  And I miss the honor and pride of that little town in the middle of nowhere!  When I moved away from Hickory, my world changed; things like honor, pride, dignity, concern for others, all went away when I got out into the world.   Murders, theft, assault, and kidnappings became commonplace!  Lying, cheating, and playing games is the way of life!  And, if you can’t take care of yourself, and you want to, you might still get thrown out with the trash!  People would rather live on Welfare than work, waste all of their money and go broke, and destroy their families because they worry too much about what they want, and not what their families need!  Our “American” way of life is degrading, because everyone wants to “take advantage” of it, not work with it to keep it going strong!  And our own government leaves the doors open and allows pretty much anyone who wants to walk in, to do so, bringing in disease, crime, and the threat of terrorist attacks on the citizens of our nation!  And the “Christian” way of life is looked upon as a problem, and gets attacked by CAIR and the ACLU on a regular basis, doing everything they can to rid America of Christianity, yet the Christians, the ones who built this great nation, don’t stand up and fight for themselves!

The American movement is headed towards a cliff and, unless we learn to stand up and fight for what we believe is right, unless we secure our borders and begin being very selective about who we let in, who we allow to become citizens, the population of those who hate us will continue to grow, as our own population dwindles!  We are still a majority but, unless we do something to control what happens in our country, we will lose that majority in less than twenty years!  It’s much easier to look at the problem and either deny it is happening, or say it has gone so far we can’t change it, and it’s much harder to stand up and be a true American citizens and fight to bring our nation back to the people!  But nothing about being a truly free nation is easy, sacrifices have to be made, so put your mind on the task and put your efforts into making it happen!  If we are able to bring a Conservative majority to Congress this November, we must keep fighting, keep our eyes on the people we put in office, to make sure that they do what they are supposed to, in the ways that the citizens of this country want them to!  We are not voting our Members of Congress in as “American Idols”; we are voting them in, hiring them to do a job, and we are their bosses, not Special Interest Groups, or Big Business, so we need to manage then correctly and ensure that they do their jobs!  If we continue allowing our government to follow whomever it wants to, we will lose our freedoms in this country, and we will lose our freedom to be Christians, to practice the religion in the manner that built this nation, and we will fall to the interests of a “World Government” that seeks only one goal; TEAR DOWN THE US!  The time is coming, the need is there; be a true citizen of a free America and work to bring our government back under the control of the people!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    Back in the days right after World War 2 much of the USA was like Hickory Corners including parts of New York City and it was nice to live those days no one would believe now.

    We all knew our neighbors and they knew us and help was always offered if needed, both ways.

    If we can return this country to that type of life it would be a miracle but no one can blame us for trying…

    Nice “Rant”..

  2. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    I remember similar days like Hickory Corners in my home town of Maspeth, New York. Only 15 or so miles from NYC, we still had some small farms with horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and other critters. Matter of fact, my friends and I would get together at a place called nanny goat hill, where the goats grazed in the field.
    Fathers were WW 2 vets and hard workers, and most mothers were home makers. To make ends meet, some mothers had to work. Other than thinking we would be melted down by the Russian missiles (Remember Duck and Cover In Schools)it was somewhat of a peaceful life.
    The world has changed now, and I don’t think for the better. There is much hostility in the air, and our country has become fragmented by foreigners who do not want to assimulate and become Americans. They come here to suck out of this country whatever they can, like leaches that suck your blood. They take and give back nothing. Nothing more than a one way street. Furthermore, they push their way of life from where they came, and expect America to change for their benefit. If the men and woman who died in previous wars could see what is happening to America, they would puke.
    November might be our last change to turn things around. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE THESE BUMS OUT OF OFFICE!

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