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There is a lot about the truth of Musicians, athletes, and Actors lives that we don’t understand, because we haven’t lived their lives.  They are very hard industries to become successful in, as there is a great deal of competition, and only a small number of job openings available.  First of all; you must have a natural talent for your field.  If an actor, you must be able to manipulate your emotions to allow you to demonstrate them, in a very real manner, when needed.  You have to be able to convince people that you are actually the person you are portraying in front of them, not the actor you truly are, and that is very difficult!  Then you have to make the right contacts, at the right time, in order to have the opportunity to show a Producer, or Director that you are the one for the part.  It is difficult work, very time-consuming, and it takes great dedication to your craft to reach the level of “Star”!

Musicians have to have a natural talent in understanding music, the delicate balance of notes and rhythms, the correct speed to a song, to allow the music to match the vocals and, if you are a singer, you must train your voice to reach the correct level of sounds in order to balance with the musicians.  This is one of the hardest industries to become a success in, because everyone thinks they can sing, a great many feel they can play an instrument, but the number of jobs, compared to the number of musicians out there, are very limited.  It takes the right sound, at the right moment, to catch the attention of an agent, then a producer, to allow for success in the industry!

Athletes are numerous; think of the number of schools and athletic programs in this country, and the number of students who take part in them.  There are millions of football players every year, yet only a very small number are drafted onto a team.  The same with baseball, basketball, hockey, and every other sport; there are many who try, few who succeed, and it is the ones with true natural talent, the ones who work the hardest to succeed, that make it to the level of “Star Athlete”! 

Why am I talking about these people today?  Because they are the ones who put their minds on a path to success, who worked tirelessly for as long as necessary, who took advantage of the American right to success, if you are willing to work for it, yet a great many of them do everything they can, say everything they need to, in order to put down America, because they “don’t like the way it is set up to run under our existing Constitution”!  I remember men like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Roy Rodgers, and others; women like Dinah Shore and Martha Raye, the Green Berets’ favorite woman, who made many trips to Vietnam, to spend private time with the Berets in their compounds, deep in the heart of the War Zone!  They knew the true meaning of America, its values, its honor, and its pride!  But, today’s “Stars” think only of building their popularity and fan base so they will say anything about our country that will get them applause and cheers!

America was set up as a nation of opportunity, a place where any American can voice his, or her opinion, do the kind of work they want to, as long as they are willing to work hard enough to achieve their dreams, and have the freedom to live whatever lifestyle suits their desires!  And the government cannot stop them, as long as they are not breaking any laws, or harming other citizens!  And our laws and rights have influenced many other countries, allowing freedom and opportunity for the citizens of their nations!  But, with that freedom and opportunity comes “Responsibility”, the responsibility to work to support the Constitution, to work to maintain the standards that we all have, to ensure that future generations will have the same lifestyle, the same rights and freedoms that we have!  If it were not for the system of “opportunities” under our Constitution, as it was written, there would be no way that the “Stars” of today would be who they now are!  In the kind of country that the Progressives are attempting to turn America into, your opinion can be stated, as long as it meets “government guidelines”, which means many of today’s Rappers, Rockers and other musicians would be imprisoned for singing the songs they now sing, because they would no longer have the freedom to speak their minds!  Actors would still exist, but they would only play parts that were “Government Authorized”, the parts that would meet “Government Standards”, and any variation could mean imprisonment!  And athletes, as in Iran and China, could be imprisoned, or killed, if they made an error that cost the team a game!  Think I’m wrong?  Well, this is the web, check out the real news and you’ll see that I am right! 

“Freedom” is the most important word in the world!  It is Freedom that allows us to be Americans, that allows people to say what they want, that allows our children, and grandchildren opportunities for life that no other country in the world has!  And, if it wasn’t for that Freedom, our stars would not have the lives and success they now have!  They worked hard, used every opportunity presented them to allow them to move up to Star status, and the only reason they had those opportunities is because America’s Freedom opened the doors for them, and gave them the chance they needed to succeed!  Have you ever seen the muslim version of “Idol”?  The women have to sing in Burkhas, and they are only allowed to sing government authorized songs!  And, even worse; if they vary in even the slightest bit from the government’s rules, they can be beaten, imprisoned, or even murdered for not following Sharia Law!  So, stars; wake up and realize that you are only the success you are because America is the country it is!  Your American Freedom is what opened the right doors for you, and it is what allows you the millions, upon millions of dollars you make every year!  Stop trying to tear down our Constitution, stop trying to turn the people against your country!  Your fans listen to you, they follow you like puppets, so whatever you say, they will believe!  Stop lying to support Progressive ideals, and start telling the truth about the greatness of your Country!  Remember one simple thing; if you keep tearing away at America, you will wind up with another kind of government, one that will change the way you live, and you will not be happy with that control over your life!  If the day comes when a Party member comes up to you and tells you that, “if you sing that song one more time, you will spend the rest ofyour life in prison”, just remember the country you started in, the way you helped tear it down, and remember that you only have yourself to blame!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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