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We are going through some difficult times, both financially, and in a deep concern about our national safety!  Jobs are a priority, as having more jobs available for American workers means that they are able to care for their own lives, and the taxes they will pay into the system will help cure our national debt.  As to our national safety, we have a problem with our government’s “Open Border” policy, not just because of Mexican Illegals, but because of OTM’s (Other Than Mexican illegals) sneaking across our border with nothing more than hatred for America driving them forward, allowing them to enter our country without any Customs checks on them, or their belongings!  Many of the OTM’s are muslim extremists who are entering our country to commit future attacks against our nation!  But, if an American citizen stands up and argues against any of those who enter our country, illegally, our government brands them as ” bigots, racists, and haters”!  Why?  The name “Illegal” explains it all!  But our government wants the illegals to enter our country so that it will have to legalize them, as was once done by President Reagan, the man who broke his promise and did not end the flood of illegals crossing our borders!  And, with the many millions already here, illegally, there is a large number of lost jobs for American workers!  And, the fewer Americans working, the smaller the amount of taxes paid into the system!  Add to that, the outrageous amount of money our government spends on Welfare and Health Care on illegals, and it is not hard to see why our economy began to collapse!  We cannot afford to “legalize” them, we need to get them out, but our government wants them here, so they are working on “brainwashing” us into accepting them as a part of our country!

“Hispanic Heritage Month” is a new occurrence that lasts from September 15th, through October 15th; it is to “highlight” the achievements and accomplishments of Hispanics in our country!  Our TV stations are placing more, and more shows on television that show the “poor illegals” and how hard life is for them here, and how bad Americans are to them!  One of the latest movies, “Machete!”, is a story about how poor little Latinas and Latinos are being brutalized by evil American citizens, and how one Latino stands up and kills Americans to save them!  Why are we having them indoctrinated into our lives?  Because, if we see them as a daily “need”, then it will be much easier for our government to legalize them, as “America is their gift from God!”  Have you ever heard of an “Irish Heritage Month”, a “German Heritage Month”, or a “Caucasian Heritage Month”?  No!  Because we are the “Bad Guys”, the ones that established a country where all could live freely, a country that stands as an example to the citizens of the rest of the world!  Man; are we bad people!  I guess we should all be like the muslims who chop of hands and heads, murder their women and children, and kill anyone who speaks against Islam!  They are such “good” people!

Speaking of muslims; they have declared a war against us, they have attacked and killed thousands of Americans all across the world, and collapsed our Trade Towers, just to show their hatred for us!  They march in the streets, in every country, shouting out “Death to America, Death to Americans!”, yet our government bends over backwards to make them happy!  We need oil; our plastics, our tires, our gas and many other daily needs are made from oil!  And we have plenty of oil under our own ground to provide us with our needs for around 400 years, but we buy our oil from the MidEast, giving money to those who use it to attack us, and build nuclear weapons to be used against us in the future!  Why?  Because the muslims turn around and buy our politicians, with our money, and they use them like puppets to change our laws to fit muslim needs!  And, once again, if any Americans stand up and complain, they are called “bigots, racists, and haters”!  Why?  They declared war on us, we didn’t attack them!  But our “honorable” politicians are now pushing to make life more comfortable for them here; the muslims want a mosque near the Trade Towers site and the people rebel against it, but our politicians tell us that it is the muslims’ Constitutional right, so we need to shut up!  The muslims go to court and force our churches to stop celebrating Christmas in public areas, to not hold prayer services in public, but the muslims are allowed to block streets to “bow to Mecca” whenever they want!  And they get special treatment like “foot baths” to allow for them to practice their religion, in public places!  And our President even sent someone over to the MidEast to speak about the “important muslim contributions to America”!  What “important muslim contributions to America”?  The 9/11 attacks on our country?  That’s the only thing I have ever heard of in my lifetime that any muslim ever did!  Oh, yeah, I forgot; a muslim assassinated Robert Kennedy!

The problem is bigger than muslims and illegals; it is our government, our politicians who accept campaign contributions, special gifts, and extravagant travel from muslims, and lots of money from businesses that hire illegals, and the Special Interest groups that want them here in the  US!  Our politicians are supposed to represent us, the citizens of the United States, they are supposed to work for us, but they don’t!  They work for whomever will put money in their pockets!  If the way our politicians support the muslims, even after they declared war on us, happened back during WWII, every one of them would be executed for treason!  If the way our politicians fail to protect our borders happened back in WWII, every one of them would be executed for treason!  But they are the power now, not us, and they will do whatever they damn well please, and we can go to Hell!  And it is that attitude that is destroying our country and we have to put an end to it now!  If you know of any Conservative, or Conservative Independent that is not registered to vote, take them to the County Offices and help them register!  If anyone needs a ride to the Polls, on election day, give them a ride!  Do whatever you can to get out the maximum number of concerned Americans so that we can turn the tide and change our government back to serving the people!  And, if we get our new people in office, stay on top of them and make sure they do what they promised they would!  It is the responsibility of every American to do whatever is necessary to get out the vote and take back America!  Election Day is coming, in just a little over a month, so be a proud American and do your part to rid our government of the crooks and con men who are ruining our country, by holding political offices that true American citizens need!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I have to say that if the European Male, AKA White Man is so evil, so bad, so unfair then why is it that the others mentioned in this rant flock to all countries, nations, cities and states where that “White Man” resides?

    Always one hears “to seek a better life”.. Why is life better where the European Male resides? If you hate him wouldn’t you stay away from him, as far as possible?

    I don’t see this in the USA or Europe or Australia or New Zealand so what is it that is so bad about the “White Man” anyway? Plenty of wide open rich land is left behind in the so called “Mother Land” to come here that little is developed or organized into any decent society. Nothing exists like the USA though it is being brought down in later years, but that is the reason they all come, it is better here and who ran it for 2 centuries??

    As far as greed and trust issues, human nature takes over from there, all races can be guilty of failing in their “Ten Commandments” upbringing or any standard they are bound by from childhood in their societies. That is meant to cover the part about politicians [all colors etc.], Muslims, Hispanics and anyone else left out of the Rant.

    Now in the case of immigration, having a land border with a country makes it difficult to maintain a divide, no natural barriers like tall mountains, oceans, deserts or even wide and fast flowing rivers so if people can walk to somewhere it is better they will and if there was no market for their labors there would be nothing to walk towards in the first place.

    This Immigration issue has many facets in need of attention if it is going to be remedied permanently.

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