We currently have a Congress that spends our money like it is coming to them on Christmas, to use as they wish, as much as they want!  They pass bills that the citizens stand against and they could care less how those bills affect our lives, because they won’t even take the time to read them before they pass them!  They cut the legitimate benefits of good, hard-working citizens and give themselves a raise, whenever they want it!  They don’t take responsiblity for their PORK and WASTE, and blame it on Conservative anger, or on President Bush, who has been out of office for two years!  They violate our Constitution and don’t even care!  They do everything they can to destroy our rights to Free Speech, to Bear Arms, and to live our lives as we feel the need to, and give special rights to small groups that are vocal about their needs, and give huge contributions to their wallets!  And they have even brought a comedian into a Hearing, at $100,000 of expense per hour, and ask him to act in “character” when giving an opinion about our rights!  And we have a “President” that spends tax money on “Date Nights”, trips for his family to go overseas, and it costs us multi-millions of tax dollars for his, and his family’s entertainment!  And Congress has pretty much destroyed our current Health Benefits by passing a wasteful bill which has a sole purpose of providing health benefits and a “Path to Citizenship” for illegals, at the full cost of citizens’ Tax Dollars!  Do you have any idea where this will go if things don’t change on November 3rd?  You should!

Imagine waking up on November 3rd and finding out that the Progressives have maintained their control over Congress; they will no longer feel the need to come to our communities and promise to “change” their bad habits!  They will feel like Gods, and will feel the power of total control over our lives!  We will see things like “Cap and Trade”, “Legalization of illegals”, and the loss of our rights to “Free Speech” and to “Bear Arms”, because they will take their opportunity to remove our freedoms and take total control over our lives!  We will no longer have any kind of “Free Market” society, as they will take control over every aspect of our manufacturing and financial base, and they will destroy any possibility of having a good job, because they will wipe out the “Middle Class”, and we will wind up with only the Rich, and we will become the “Lower Class” citizens they want us to be!  We will become totally dependent upon our government, for our wages, our lifestyles, our food and our health care!  America will no longer be the greatest Free Nation in the world, and we will become a Socialist Society, living under the thumb of Congress and the “President”!  I will guarantee you that, if they keep control, we can kiss our rights and freedoms goodbye!

Now; if the citizens of this country wake up and stand against the government, stand for the Constitution and our rights, we could be on the path to returning to the kind of country that existed in the 1960s, or even a better change: to go back to being a Republic of the People!  But that will mean that we will have to put some current Republicans back in power, and bring in a large group of new Conservatives, along the lines of what the Tea Party is trying do!  But, if we are not careful, if we do not keep a close watch on our new candidates, they will run the risk of being “polluted” by the sitting Members of Congress, and it won’t take long before we are back in this mess once again!  So it is very important that we keep a close eye on whomever is elected after November 3rd, to ensure that they act exactly as they have promised us they will, to make sure that things like “repealing the Health Care Bill”, “removing the dominance of the National Government over the States”, and “removing the illegals from our country and securing our borders” are of primary importance to them as they work to change our laws to return America to the “Grand Republic” she once was!

It will not be easy, there will be some very hard times ahead but, if we are serious about what we want to have done, if we are committed to ending the influence of the Progressives on our government, and our country, we will put up with whatever changes are ahead of us, if we want to remain a nation of citizens guaranteed certain rights under our Constitution!  And it is very important that every one of us takes part in working for these changes, to become personally involved, so that our future Representatives never take their eyes off the prize, and work as honestly, and hard as they can, to bring back true freedom to our country!  Are you ready to do the work necessary to promote these changes?  I truly hope so because it will take the pride, honor, integrity and drive of our Forefathers to do the job, to provide the true American lifestyle for our families and the future of our country!  Now is the time, my fellow Americans, to show what you are really made of, to stand up with true “American Pride” on November 3rd, to change the leaders of our nation, to make them responsible to the true citizens of the United States, and to rebuild the path to Freedom that our Forefathers sacrificed so much for!  Be American, and be Free, or be the slaves to leaders who are working to dominate our lives!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    That is the day and if it does come and passes without the change we are anticipating then many of us are not voting for whatever reason and deserve what might come next.

    If you believe in peaceful resolution to problems be sure to vote in November.

  2. Tom 57th AHC Gunner says:

    Hopefully November 3rd will be the day when we can take back this country from the radical socialists in DC.

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