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Honor, in the dictionary definition is:  Honesty, fairness or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions.  I have a dispute with that definition, as I don’t believe it is “Honesty, fairness, or integrity”, I believe it is “Honesty, fairness AND integrity”!  Our country is seriously lacking in Honor; we have it in the military, in most religious beliefs, and in many of the people who stand against the ways of our government in its actions to destroy our country.  But we have a great many young people, and older people, who have no idea of the true meaning of honor, as our schools, and many of our parents don’t know what it is, and do not teach it to others!  And our governmental leaders have no honor, as they will sacrifice the living standards of the citizens of this country for anyone who will put a dime in their pockets! 

Honor is something I learned very young, as both of my adopted parents had served in the Philipines during WWII, and were married there before they returned home.  I can remember my father talking to me about honor from my first memories, throughout my life with him.  I was 6 years old when he gave me my first experience with holding up my own honor; I had gone into a store and walked out with a Hershey Bar in my pocket.  My father asked me if I had paid for it and, when I told him “no”, he took me back into the store and made me give it back to the owner!  I remember how scared I was, but I stood up and apologized to the man, and told him I would never do it again!  I know he didn’t mean it, but my father asked the owner if he was going to have me arrested, and the owner said; “No; I think he learned his lesson!”  I never stole anything from a store again!  Then I joined the Cub Scouts, then the Boy Scouts and finally; the Explorers.  They taught me a great deal about honor, and integrity, and I try to keep those values with me all the time.  My next step taught me a different aspect of honor; when I was seventeen, I “pre-enlisted” in the Army in January of 1967, and went to Boot Camp in June.  Basic and AIT ( Advanced Individual Training ), drove the necessity of personal honor and loyalty to ones brothers deep into my heart!  I went to Vietnam on January 6th, 1968, and came home on January 6th, 1969; while there I saw actions of honor way beyond anything that any civilian would ever even begin to understand!  Men who put their lives on the line, and many who died, to keep their brothers alive, to help them return home!  War makes a soldier understand that honor is the most important quality a man can have!

When I returned home and started living my life as a citizen, I saw a different kind of lifestyle than I had learned in the Military; people lied, broke laws, and broke their promises on a daily basis, and it meant nothing for them to do so!  In the late ’60s, sex became a recreational activity, not a method of getting close to someone.  Babies lost their meaning to future parents, as it was easier to kill them than to raise them, so abortions became the “easy way out”!  Students I went to college with thought of cheating as simply an easier way to graduate!  Neighbors stopped taking care of each other and watched as others in their neighborhoods lost everything and wound up on the streets!  Citizens spit on returning soldiers and veterans, calling them “Baby Killers” and “Murderers”, simply because it was socially acceptable to do so!  The days of Parades and celebrations for our Military, and the honor of our Founders, turned into parties and drunken hell-raising!  People stopped putting their hands over their hearts when the Flag passed them by, they stopped standing when the “National Anthem was played”, as it was “too much trouble” to do so!  And families fell apart into a mother who did what was “necessary” to take care of the kids, and a divorced father who saw them when he had “the time”!   I’m not saying that every family was like that, but it became a more common way of life than “Family” was when I was a kid!  And kids would steal and, as long as they didn’t get caught, they got away with it!  Our families and educational system were turned into more of “a job”, than a shared love between kids and parents!  And that began the destruction of our society!

I have PTSD, so I have always had a problem keeping a job; that’s not to say I didn’t work hard, I was always getting promoted because of my intensity to my work.  But, once promoted, I would feel that I “didn’t deserve it” because, when I returned from the Military, I was taught that I was some kind of “criminal”, not some kind of “hero”!  One of my problems was that the military taught me to do my job first, to do it right, so I did!  And I worked at two Union companies that gave me the option of quitting, or being fired, because the Union told them that I was working too hard, and I was making the other employees look bad, so I had to change, or go!  I left both companies!  But I learned a great deal about Unions, and they way they operate, and there is no honor in Unions!  Again; not to say every Union employee is not honorable, but the leadership and governance of the Unions hold no honor at all!  They, like our governmental leaders, are interested in how much money goes in their pockets, not how things should be done in an honorable way!  And their outlook towards any personal effort to build oneself a better life is spreading, and is destroying our individual need to achieve! 

If we want to regain the honor and pride of being America, of being American citizens, then we need to dig inside ourselves and find our strongest honor, to stand up and make sure that we gather together our forces and work to change this country back into the strong national leader of Freedom, throughout the world, it once was!  We need to teach our children, and other Americans, to live with honor, to do things like “vote with information about the candidates we vote for”, to keep our word, to tell the truth, and to understand the true meaning of the government our Forefathers gave us, to maintain the freedom and security of every true American citizen!  And we need to make our politicians work with true “American Honor” in the business they do for our country, to stand up and enforce our borders, to keep all of the “anti-American” influence out of our country, and to rid our nation of every single illegal who simply walked in and demanded to be made an American!  If we fail in restoring honor to our government and our country, we will lose everything that our Forefathers sacrificed so much to achieve!  And, if we are forced to leave our homes, to move into communes, when we are being “retrained” to be “good socialist citizens”, and we have to watch our children, and grandchildren, go through daily indoctrination into socialist ways, and we see other citizens arrested and imprisoned, or killed, for simply standing up and speaking free, we will only have ourselves to blame!  The Progressives have driven us down a deadly path to national destruction and we have an HONORABLE responsibility to fight to end their domination over us and work to bring true FREEDOM back into our nation!  It’s up to us!  We have no other option!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    “Honesty, fairness AND integrity”!

    Everything that our present administration does NOT stand for.

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