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I can remember being in a Government class in my High School; I was in the Tenth Grade, and my instructor was a very open person who taught Government Studies the way it should be taught, with Constitutional Rights and issues being first, then how our government works, and works around those rights.  He talked about Progressive issues although, back then, they were called “Socialist Issues”.  He told us that they felt that America was too powerful, too much of a threat to foreign nations, and they felt that our country needed to be “weakened”, to be brought down to the level of other nations so that they could “feel comfortable” about us and that would end all of the ills in the world!  Kumbya!  The problem is that we have enemies that want to dominate us, who want to take over our country, and they could care less about the rest of the world, or that “fuzzy, peaceful feeling” that comes with World Peace!  He told me that they would work to tear down the fabric of our nation, the infrastructure, and our educational system, to tear down America!  And he was dead right!

When the Japanese attacked us, in Pearl Harbor, our nation was working for peace and was not ready for war.  But, because we had such a strong, large manufacturing base, all we had to do was switch from making cars, appliances and other goods, to manufacturing the weapons we needed to win the war, and we were able to do it quickly, to manufacture the best made weapons in the world, and we won!  Our students were so well-educated that they had the intelligence and knowledge to do the job, and we used our own natural resources to provide out military with whatever they needed to fight to win!  So that’s what the Socialists went after, and they have succeeded:

1.  We have to depend on China for our manufactured goods, because our companies were forced to shut down their plants and move overseas, because our government made it unprofitable to manufacture in the US because of the high taxes placed upon them and the extremely expensive laws, and limits, for “environmental” issues.

2.  Our educational system has gone down the toilet, because of the influence of Teachers’ Unions and lowered standards of education!  When I was a kid, if you got less than a “C”, the other students would call you “dumb” and harass you, so their was social pressure within the students to work for a good grade!  Now, if you fail, you are “cool”, and no one likes any student who scores “A”s, as it makes the rest of the students look dumb, so they harass and beat up the smart kids!  And, now, all you have to do is go to school for a certain number of days a year, and still get failing grades, and you’ll get an “Attendance Diploma”!  The schools place no pressure on students to achieve good grades, they work mainly to spread Progressive ideals through manipulated textbooks, and to make all children feel “equal”, as every kid is a “hero”!

3.  We are forced to depend on muslim countries for our oil supply, as we don’t drill for oil as much as we should in our own country!  They own the oil, the gas stations, and are highly invested in the Oil Companies themselves!  Oil is an important commodity for the American economy, and for our military, and without it, we would be seriously crippled!

If we were attacked today, by either the Chinese, or the muslims, or both, and they worked in a combined effort, as they did during the 2008 election, when the muslims drove up gas prices and caused a panic among the citizens, and the Chinese pulled their investments out of our country, which almost collapsed our economy, allowing Obama to be elected, we would be in very grave danger!  Imagine a world-wide assault against American interests, and an assault against America, herself, and the Chinese quit shipping goods to the US, and the muslims cut off our oil supply; we would not be able to provide for the citizens of America, and our military, and we would risk the possibility of the fall of our country!  We have no manufacturing base to return to in order to build the weapons we need to protect ourselves, and we wouldn’t have the things we need to live our daily lives!  This is the serious danger that is presented when on nation depends on other to provide for its needs!  To make it very simple: what if everyone on Welfare was suddenly dropped from the roles, with no other agencies to go to?  No homes, no food, and no way to provide for themselves!  Yes, if they put their hearts into it and looked for work they could regain their strength, but until they got that first paycheck, their lives would be utter chaos!  That is the position that America is in today, only our enemies would attack us before we could get back on our feet, as a nation, and we would fall!

Another problem is that we have too many possible enemies sneaking across our border, and the idea that it would take time for our enemies to get over here to attack us is a joke, because they are already here!  Is this the America that you wanted to see when you were a child?  It’s not mine!  One enemy controls our daily needs, the other controls our oil, and both hate us!  And our kids have such a lack of knowledge, and personal drive for success, that if we did have the factories, we do not have kids with enough education, or willingness to work hard, to provide for the quality employees we need to succeed!  We are at the weakest point our nation has ever seen!  Our ability to build up our resources is gone, our military is scattered across the world, and our kids don’t even care!  We need to change this situation, and we need to change it now!  We need to build ourselves back up into the strongest nation in the world and let our enemies know that we will not bow down anymore!  This is our country, and we have let it down by being silent for far too long!  “Now is the time for all good men, and women, to come to the aid of their country!”  Americans, we can fight for freedom in our political system, or we can be forced to fight for our very lives!  It’s up to you; do you cherish your freedom, do you love your country?  Then stand up as an American and stand against those who want to see our nation fall to its knees!  Be an American, or be a puppet!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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