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The statement “Snake In The  Grass” means that, if you are out walking somewhere and you don’t keep a close eye on what is going on around you, you might get bitten by a snake, so you must learn to see what is happening in an area you consider to be safe, but has hidden dangers.  The “Snake” is that person, or persons, who are looking to harm you in one way or another, but they act so kind and peaceful that you don’t see the danger of who, and what they really are!  We have seen them in our past, on a national level, as spies, people who come over to our country and act like normal, good-hearted Americans, but they have a hidden agenda, so they must not bring attention to themselves so that they can complete their missions without giving their true intentions away.  And, by doing so, they are able to cause our country great harm and, in many cases, great loss of lives!  So we must always be on alert for the “snakes in the grass” that know how to win our trust with their kind words and soft smiles, while they are getting ready to shove a knife in our backs!  In America, things have been peaceful for so long that we have forgotten about any dangers, and it is our lack of vigilance that puts us in grave danger!

When I lived in DC, I knew many of the local Police officers and men from the other “policing agencies” in our Capitol City; this was back in 1984, when we felt no danger from “within”,  by foreign groups that would want to do us harm.  But I will never forget that there was a section of town, the poorer part of DC, that the local law Officers referred to as “dangerous”, because they knew that there were groups of terrorists living there, and they couldn’t find them!  At that time, I didn’t think much about the “terrorists”, because we here, in America, had never been attacked, so I thought they were simply “radicals”, similar to the ” ’60s radicals”, and I thought they were more talk than action.  And, yes, they were muslims, but we had never had any problems in our country with muslims before, so I didn’t think twice about them.  Then 9/11 hit, and the realization that our government was aware that these terrorists were in DC in 1984, and that they did not give our local policing agencies the knowledge and equipment necessary to find them, made me think about the illegals that are flowing over our border, because many are OTMs ( Border Patrol lingo for “Other Than Mexicans” ), and our government refuses to stop them!  So we have two breeds of “Snakes in the grass” in our country; 1.  We have the danger of terroristic attacks, and 2. We have a government that ignores the needs of the people for its own interests, and refuses to protect us from attacks on our own soil, by ending the flow of illegals into our country!

This week we have all heard the news about the five terrorists who were planning on killing the Pope; it has received some news reporting, but is basically being  “pooh-poohed” by the news agencies as a “foiled attack”!  What they are ignoring is the real meaning behind the attempted plot to assassinate the Pope; the muslims were going after the highest-level leader of Christianity in the world!  If anyone makes fun of, or draws “unacceptable” cartoons of Mohammed, the muslims riot and kill whomever it was that “besmirched” the honor of their “religious” leader!  But they go directly after the Pope!  I know; they were African muslims, not Mid-East muslims!  But don’t let that fool you; the muslims are all over the world, and they all follow one specific ideal, and any muslim who attacks any world leader is doing it because they are on a “Fatwa” from the highest levels in the Islamic faith, so actions by one muslim are actions by all muslims!  They do not follow American belief systems, ideals, or social ways of life, they act as they are told to by their “religious” leaders!  It doesn’t matter if you are a Methodist, Protestant, Mormon, Baptist or any other faith of the Christian belief, the muslims went after the highest level symbol of your religion; the Pope!  And they did it for that point of symbolism; if they kill the Pope, they have struck down the most important leader of Christianity in the world!  And you need to ask yourself one simple question:  If it were a Christian, going after some important Imam in the Muslim world, out of the goodness of your religion, you would voice an anger at those who would have taken such violent actions!  Why?  Because Christianity teaches love and peace, and actions like that are not accepted by the Christian world as “right”!  So; why have the Mosques, and their faithful followers in our country not been seen standing against the attempted actions by the muslims against the Pope?  Why is there no outrage from the “good” muslims?

I know that many think I am a bigot, but I look at these situations with open eyes; I look for the snakes in the grass, to see the real dangers behind the evil that is beginning to dominate our world, and our country!  And I can see that, whenever any actions by muslim terrorists take place against our country, the believers in the Mosques never come out against them, unless they are cornered, and are forced to say something!  They are followers of “Allah”, and they do as the Quran tells them to!  So take some time to read the Quran and you will see that they are not what you believe they are; they truly are “Snakes in the Grass”, acting kind and peaceful, simply waiting for the day when Allah tells them to stand up against us and destroy us!  Yes, I said “destroy us”, because that is exactly what the Quran tells them to do!  I know that most Americans seek only peace, but they should remember that no one honors peace more than a warrior, because he has seen the truth of war and he wants to avoid it at all costs!  But, when a war is forced upon you, and you don’t react, you will lose everything, so there is always a time to stand up against those who wish to do you harm, and fight them off!  So; please do not let this attempted attack against the Pope go unnoticed because, Christians, they were striking at the heart of your religion and, if they had been successful, the whole Muslim world would have been celebrating!  Watch out for the snakes in the grass; they might be acting as your friend today, but tomorrow may be another story!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    I believe that the “Fragmentation” seen in this country now is the key to the attacks and not even in the Christian Religions/Beliefs does there seem to be unity anymore.

    With that said “Divide and Conquer” is the tactic being used now against our Nation as a whole.

    We have so many groups working to overthrow our way of life and what is worse so many of our own groups, Churches, Political Parties and Citizens in general on different sides of so many vital issues concering the future of this country.

    What else can we expect from those who are our enemies when they see all taking place in their “Enemy’s Camp”

    NO unity, NO morals, NO strength in numbers!! We are already “Divided” so only being “Conquered” remains.

    • So very well said, Jack. It is because we have been split by the “right way” of doing things; Christian groups are “emotionally controlling”, Whites are still all “racists”, Blacks are not qualified to be “self-sufficient”, Parents are “stupid”, Conservatives are “radicals”, and only Progressives are right! They manipulate our textbooks, movies, news, TV shows, and even commercials to spread their beliefs and destroy the bonds of history between everyone else! We need to end their efforts to divide our country, and learn to all be Americans once again! We need to remove the anti-American movement within our Congress, and our White House, to bring American pride, honor and dignity back to our communities!

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