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I’ve been sitting here this afternoon remembering the way things used to be, how our country was a safe, self-sufficient nation of patriotic Americans, people who wanted to live their lives in peace and comfort, but we wound up with our nation on the edge of financial destruction, with almost no remaining manufacturing base, and no security, for either safety, or for a comfortable future for the citizens of our great nation!  There have been many Presidents who have done things wrong, many Members of Congress that didn’t do their jobs, that didn’t work for the people, but invested their energies into those groups that would put money into their pockets and help them build power!  I have been alive, and old enough to remember since Eisenhower was in office, which means I remember Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama being in charge of what happens to our country.  And I remember, from personal experience, things that happened that made big changes that pushed us down the path to where we are now:

1.  I remember when, during the Reagan Administration, the number of illegals that had crossed our borders, into our country, was large enough to force our nation to have to make some serious changes.  And I remember Reagan on TV, talking about how he had put together a “Path to Citizenship” for the people who crossed our border illegally, because there were “too many of them in our country to allow us to remove them”!  I remember his saying that this would be a “one time thing”, that he would build up our borders and place plenty of security on them to end the flow of illegals into our country!  He promised to build a fence, to beef-up patrols along the border, and he would have any employer who hired an illegal punished for doing so!  And what did he do; nothing!  The only thing he did do was allow a large number of illegals to become citizens without going down the normal path and, instead, he gave them a “sped-up” path to citizenship!  And, what was the result?  Well, you have a large number of illegal Mexicans in your country, who should be deported, but you give them citizenship, which allows them Social Security benefits, Welfare benefits, free medical care, retirement benefits, and many, many other benefits that they could not get in their own country, so you basically say to their families, friends, and lots of other Mexicans that, if you want to live the good life, sneak into the US and you can take advantage of everything, and you will not be forced to leave!  If you lived in poverty, and you saw something like that happen, wouldn’t you try to take part in it?  And Reagan promised that we would “never have to go through this again!”  Well, guess what; he lied!

2.  I remember when Bush I ended our Federal ban on Monopolies, the law that allowed many small businesses to manufacture goods similar to what the large companies made, providing millions of jobs for American workers, because no company could be the sole provider of anything made in our country!  And what was the first thing to happen?  The large corporations bought out stock in the smaller ones, the stripped down the plants and sold off their stock, giving the large corporation full control over how things were made, how much they cost, and how large the stock of those goods was!  The two businesses that I remember best were Brown Shoes, a company that had plants all over, with one in Carlyle, Illinois, and one in Litchfield, Illinois; I’ve lived in both of those towns, and the Brown Shoe plants have been empty for at least two decades!  And Brown Shoes were the best you could buy!  The second is our gas stations; before the Bush I change, every gas company owned their own stations, and gas prices remained low because of competition, “Gas Wars” in which they would compete to see who could provide the lowest prices for gas in each area!  Now, all the gas stations get their gas from the same companies, they are all owned by muslims, and they set the prices at whatever level they want!  In other words; we , the citizens, “got screwed”, and the gas companies got stinking rich!

3.  Clinton got a lot of financing for his campaign from China, so to repay his debt, he allowed China special access to our country for goods manufactured in theirs!  He raised taxes on businesses high enough to make it cheaper for them to manufacture their goods overseas, so they went to China and set-up factories.  The Chinese put their people in the American factories to learn to manufacture our goods while they built their own factories in the same area!  Once their people knew how to manufacture the goods, the Chinese pulled them out of the American factories and opened up theirs, manufacturing the same goods but at a cheaper price!  And that is how the Chinese took over our manufacturing base!  And, now; our economy goes down the drain, because we are forced to depend on China for manufactured goods!  Thanks, Clinton!

These are only three of the errors, of a great many, intentionally made by past Administrations, and they forced us down the road to where we now are, with Obama in the lead, and his Administration “taking advantage of a crisis”, doing everything he can to collapse our economy, open the floodgates to new illegals, and destroy our Constitution and the way our country exists under it!  He has done more damage in two years that the past 10 Presidents put together, but his opportunity would never have existed if the men we trusted, in the past, had done their jobs correctly in the first place, and had not attempted to change our laws to fit their needs!  And they never would have had their opportunities to do what they did if we, the citizens of America, had only done our jobs in monitoring their actions, to ensure that what they did was right!  That is why we must keep our eyes on every single Member of  Congress we elect this year, to ensure that they do what the people want them to do, and that our country never suffers under illegitimate actions by faulty leaders, again!  Keep your eyes open, and your votes strong!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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