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I’ve talked about this before, but I feel that it is a good time to go over it again.

If you listen to the Progressives talk about our tax base, they push the idea at you that the richest people should pay the majority of the tax.  That sounds like a great idea, because the richest Americans have plenty of money, so why shouldn’t they be forced to share it with everyone else?  There are two major problems with this idea: 

1.  The taxes will be forced upon those in the manufacturing and retail sector of our economy and they will find that, by “earning” money, they will lose more money, so they will find other ways to keep their money, such as going out of business, cutting back on employees, or moving their businesses outside of the US, to operate in countries that do not try to tax them to death!  If the majority of your profits from this year, which are heavily taxed, have to go into next year’s budget to keep your company going, then how interested would you be in continuing operations here in America?  If you have to pay $70,000 in taxes for your business in St. Louis, but you can move to Mexico and pay only $25,000, and your employees only cost you half as much, what would you do?  Business is business; the main driving force behind any business in the world is “Profits”!  You do whatever you have to in order to keep costs down, so that you can have more profit at the end of the day! 

Are there some greedy businesses that leach every available dollar from the wallets of Americans?  Yes!  And Oil Companies are one of the prime examples; the “Oil Crisis” of 2008 is an excellent example; the amount of “available” oil in the world didn’t change, but the “Oil Futures” market did!  Oil Futures are like gambling; shares are bought with the idea that the cost of oil will rise and, if it does, the shares bought at $40 a barrel will see excellent profits if oil goes up to $60 a barrel.  Nothing on the physical end of the oil markets had changed; there was the same amount of supply of oil, the same amount of supply of gasoline, but the number of shares of Oil Futures sold rocketed up, so the price of oil and gas went up!  Profits in a business should depend upon “Demand” for the goods and services, not the “Gambler’s” press to raise prices for pure profit!  If our government truly wants to see legitimate regulation in business, it should either remove the Futures Market, or regulate the way in which they operate!

2.  Some of the wealthiest Americans are not business owners, and they live their lives strictly off of “Saved Money”, money that has been in the family for generations.  Families like the “Kennedys” could end any forms of “earned income” and live off of what they have, and never pay any form of income tax again.  Then we have our “Hollywood Stars”, “Pro Sports Athletes”, “Musicians”, etc., and their income goes straight to their wallets, so they might see a decrease in their income, but they won’t even notice it.  Hollywood is getting extremely smart when it comes to taxes; have you noticed the number of American film makers that are doing their filming in Canada, and around the world, or use studios in foreign countries to do their “Special Effects”?  That’s because, if they do their work outside the US, they only have to pay US taxes on Movie tickets sold within the US!   There is also a movement among the rich to move over to Europe, to avoid paying American taxes, and many have been changing their citizenship to countries like Great Britain, to avoid our taxes!  Check this out, and you will find it is true!  And, let’s not forget our “beloved” politicians; do you really think they will write the new tax laws so that they won’t have a way out of it?  Absolutely not: they will keep their money, and their families’ incomes safe from tax increases by writing special “exclusion” sections into the law!

The one group that will be hurt by rising taxes is our Manufacturing Base, most of which has already moved overseas!  But there is a way to make this work, and even make taxes drop for every American!  Not only keep the “Bush Tax Cuts”, but lower the taxes on businesses in the US, and raise tarrifs on foreign-made goods!  Look at it this way:  There are 14.9 million unemployed workers within the US right now.  If they were able to go out and get a decent job and pay taxes, with an average income of $35,000 per year, at a tax rate of 20%, their taxes would be, without deductions, $7,000 per individual, per year.  That would total an additional $101,600,000,000.00, and that is money that is gone from our national budget every year because our government is driving our manufacturing base overseas with high taxes!   And manufacturing jobs provide higher wages than do “service” jobs, so the average income would go up!  If every American were working, and the skilled workers were in manufacturing jobs, with a good income, our National average yearly income from our taxes would be over $10, 160, 000,000,000.00, and that would be the base, with a reasonable tax on the rich, we could pay off our national debt and be free from the influence of foreign countries over our government!

It’s very obvious that the thing that makes our economy work well is a good manufacturing base, with a good employee base within the US for our jobs!  The four things that are killing our job market in the US are; high taxes on employers, low tariffs on imported goods, a “Federal Unemployment” income check that is too high to provide the need for unemployed people to get a job, and a wasteful Welfare Program that does not provide initiatives for employment for too many people who live very well off of their Welfare Checks every month!  And these are all ideas of the Progressive movement, and every action that has been taken by the Progressives this year has been to support these problems and ruin our economy!  The “Star Trek” idea of a future with “Kumbya” for the whole world will not work if the world does not have a strong symbol of what Freedom can provide to the people of a country!  And the symbol of that Freedom has to be so strong that citizens of other nations will stand, on their own, to fight for their own rights as human beings!  We need to quit sacrificing American lives to provide Freedom for people in nations that will not stand on their own!  We need to end our National programs that send too much of our money to foreign nations to solve their problems; if we desire to send money to other nations, then that will be the decision of each citizen who sends money as a donation to organizations that help foreign interests, and our government should stay out of it!  America is for Americans, we take care of our own, and we stand on our own!  If America falls to the Progressive Ideals, the world will lose its only true standard of Freedom, and will lose its strongest symbol of Freedom to every nation that suffers under  the dominance of an oppressive government!  So, it is our time to stand and fight for what we have, what we believe in, as we must maintain America as she was meant to be, for our children and grandchildren, and to regain our position as the world leader we once were, to show the world that Americans will not let an oppressive government take away our rights to Freedom, and to guarantee that our Constitution will stand strong, now, and forever!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. Ben Morris says:


    You are SO on target!

    One other note- Should we lose our industrial base, we are ripe for takeover.

    It was our manufacturing capability in WW2 that provided the arsenal of democracy, and or all practical purposes saved the world.

    Keep up the wisdom!


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