When the planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 there was panic in the hearts of every real American, and anger for those who would do such an evil thing!  And, because of our anger, things happened, like the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War, so our enemies needed to find a way to distract us, to keep us from believing that all of the deaths on 9/11 were not the fault of the terrorists!  The funny thing is that one of the biggest distractions after the attack came from within our own country; the “Truther” movement!  The Truther movement is a large group of Americans who believe that the Twin Towers fell because it was our government that planned the whole attack, to raise up anger against muslims, and they either placed explosives to blow up the support on both of the towers, or found some other way to weaken them, to cause them to fall!  Some of the Truthers even believe that it was Americans who were piloting the planes, because there were no bodies, or physical proof that the planes that hit the Trade Towers and the Pentagon were piloted by muslims!  The only proof the government has is film of the terrorists boarding the planes. They believe that the only attack by muslims was the plane that went down in Pennsylvania, and that it was some sort of “decoy”, done to make us believe that the muslims were piloting all the planes!  The saddest part of the world “Truther” movement is that it has created the idea that Conservative Americans, such as the Tea Party Movement, are part of the Truther philosophy, and that has ruined our credibility when it comes to the logic of simply having Obama show proof that he is a Natural Born American, thus placing the name “Birthers” on us!

Let me explain something to you that I believe is the true cause of the Truther movement; it was started on the internet and, as we all know, you could be talking to a dog on the internet, if one knew how to use it, because it is very simple to change your name to “Tom Jones” if you want to keep your true identity hidden.  I have always believed that it was not a real American who started the Truther movement, and have had an idea that it was someone else, someone who was disguising the truth of their identity, to allow them to begin speaking about the issue, and converting American citizens into believers!  Well, guess what?  Good ol’ Imam Feisel, the NYC Trophy Mosque troublemaker, has a very close friend who has just become public knowledge: his name is “Khan”!  Khan is a “Truther”; and he admits to having been one from the beginning!  A muslim activist who works with someone like Feisel to “convert America” is one of the original Truthers!  I have a very strong belief that this man is the original Truther, or part of a small group of muslims that formed the original idea to turn Americans against their own country for the 9/11 attacks!  Maybe I’m just a “crazy patriot”, but this whole thing has an “odor” of rotten-ness to me!  What do you think?

The second thing I would like to explain to you is how our government has become so “muslim-friendly” over the past four years, or more.  Almost every single politician in DC, right  now, is no more than a self-righteous, greedy egotist!  They do not care about you and me, they care only about power, money and the people who can provide that money to them!  That is how they win elections; they go to their money pimps to get the funds needed to win, and the more money they get, the better chance they have of winning!  Which is one of the reasons why we need a serious change in how our elections are being held, to keep “Big Money” from controlling who wins!  In the past, they have gone to Special Interest groups and large Corporate Businesses for the funds they needed to run their elections!  Yes, I said “Corporate Businesses”; although the Democrats tell you that they are against “Big Business”, they take as much money from Big Business as the Republicans do and, sometime, more!  But, with all of the limitations that the Progressives have been forcing on Big Business, such as taking GM and Chrysler away from their rightful owners and giving them to the people they have close ties with, and doing everything they can to tax our businesses to death, Big Business can no longer afford to hand out money like they used to, and they are definitely not going to give it to the Progressives this time around!  But, as I have said; our politicians live for money, so they need to get it somewhere!  Obama was the first who found a way to sneak extremely large amounts of money into his campaign from the muslims, and he did it by getting contributions off the web, which can’t all be verified!  And the muslims have been putting money in Democratic coffers, along with Soros, since before the 2006 Congressional elections!  And not just a “little money”; they are basically financing the Progressive Party with Soros, and they are doing it to buy power within our country, to find a way to politically take over our government!  The strongest weapon they now have is “Contributions”; their contributions are opening up the doors of Congress for muslim control because our politicians have no honor, they don’t really care about our country, they only care about themselves and their wallets!

So; we have two big threats to our country right now, and they are “K”, Khan, who is working to destroy our faith in our government by building the “Truther” movement, to build a base of Americans who believe that our military, CIA, DIA and other organizations would murder thousands of Americans to get us to hate the Muslims, and we have the Muslims who are buying off our government, from the inside out through “C”, Contributions to our politicians!  And all of this is done to build sympathy for the muslims, and that movement is being led by Imam Feisel, the NYC Troph Mosque whiner!  Many Americans still see muslims as no more than vicious dogs that will attack when they want to, but they are not as “smart” as we are, and they are dead wrong!  The muslim leadership, in this country, and abroad, are extremely intelligent, as many of them went to our best colleges for their educations, and we paid for them with our tax dollars!  And they learned how to use our laws and government against us, and they use “CAIR”, the Committee for American Islamic Relations, the “muslim ACLU” as their weapon in our courts, to make us end Christian control over our national belief system and to force muslim ideals down our throats!  We need to end the muslim influence in our country and return to the American ideals that built it into the greatest nation in the world!  And we need to stop giving them the money they need to fight against us, both physically, and in our courts system, by drilling for our own oil, on our own land, and ending our dependence upon them for the resources we need to keep our country alive!  And we need to fight them in our courts, to end their efforts to dominate our nation with our own laws, to allow them to seek their goal to build a base for Sharia Law within our government!  The time has come for all Americans to see the truth about what is going on, to become real Americans, and stand for our country just as our patriotic Forefathers did!  We have an election coming, and we have two years to prepare for the next election, and we need to do everything we can to ensure that we put our own people in office, “Patriots, not Turn-coats”, to ensure that America regains it’s strength and manufacturing base, to rebuild our power for safety and the rights of every American citizen, once again!  The upcoming election is not the end, but the beginning, and we must keep fighting until we “throw out the trash” in DC, and put in true Americans, to rebuild our government “for the people” once again!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    To address one section of the rant, on the news a long time ago was tape of Osama Bin Laden in his hideout viewing the Twin Towers attacks and taking credit for the planning and carrying out of them along with the “Martyrs” who completed the mission and even stating that he was surprised and overjoyed that the Towers collapsed. This was video tape with sound and anyone that thinks George Bush or anyone else in our government was behind the act of Terrorism would have to be crazy beyond belief with evidence like that available..

    It is absurd to believe but goes to show how stupid so many are in this society today.

    I know it was Muslims in those planes, was there not phone conversations between passengers and loved ones prior to the crashes that described the hijackers or am I wrong?

    The video tapes of the ticket purchases, the boarding of the planes, records of the Pilot lessons, the tracking of the terrorist to that point and the final identification of them is sound evidence and if some people refuse to believe, it is their choice, even though a choice with no evidence to support any part their belief.

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