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The rally yesterday was great; we had people from all over the country, and all of them were driven by the need to make our voices heard in DC, to make our government remember that it works for us, we don’t work for it!  I had a long time to think about things, and I have some points that I think need to be covered:

1.  I was not a “follower” of George Bush, but I do believe that he cares about the military, that he cares about the country, and he showed his true side on 9/11 when everyone in the Pentagon, and on his staff, felt that he was a target, that the enemy wanted him in the White House so that they could attack it and kill him; so they told him not to come back to DC, to go to a safe spot,  but the first place he went to was the White House, because he knew the people needed their President to act as their leader in that time of fear and uncertainty!  His ideas of certain political actions he took after everything calmed down, and mine, may differ, but he was a true President when his nation needed him, he led this country when we needed to turn on our TVs and see a real leader!  And he took excellent care of the military, doing what a President is supposed to do: support the military and provide them what they need to win!

2.  Congress should have thrown Barney Frank out when they caught him running a gay whorehouse out of his apartment in 1984!  And, yes, this is true; I know because I was living in DC when it happened.  But they didn’t, because Frank has pictures and recordings of some high-ranking members of Congress making use of his services, and they know he will turn them over to the press if they do anything to him, so he has more power than most in Congress, making him safe from almost all forms of action against him!  Because of his power, he wound up in charge of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and used his strength to force through the bills that would allow him to open up lending to people who didn’t have the credit, or money to buy homes!  He made a fortune off of “Kick-backs” and “Under the table” transactions from everyone who worked with the two Federal Agencies!  When our country ran into the crisis of extremely high gas prices before the election of ’08, the borrowers were unable to continue making their payments because they could not afford to drive to work, and lost their jobs, forcing their home loans into foreclosure, so Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac almost collapsed!  And this is what  brought about the financial crisis before the election!  And who did our Democratic-led Congress put in charge of investigating the corruption of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  Barney Frank, who found “no corruption” in the operation of the two Agencies!  Surprise!  And he is still in charge of both agencies, today!

3.  The Muslims wanted Barrack Hussein Obama to win the election ( gee; I wonder why? ), so they raised the price of oil by buying up as many “Oil Futures” as they could, with our money!  And they get our money because our government refuses to drill over here, and continues to buy from the Arabs!  Then, because they own almost every gas station in the US, they were able to use the excuse of the high price of oil to  jump the price of gas up to almost $5 a gallon!  This action made many Americans unable to drive to work, so they lost their jobs and, as I said above, their homes, causing the financial crisis of ’08, right before the election!  Then, when our government got shaky, because our financial markets were collapsing, the Muslims, and the Chinese, bought up every single stock and share they could in the American economy, because both nations had lots of money as our government had set-up our “new” manufacturing base, and oil base up so that the Muslims and Chinese made almost every dollar off of it!  Well, except for the money our politicians made from them in Pay-offs”!  Now, both countries own America, and our politicians!  And the Muslims now provide us with the oil we need, they own the gas stations, and they can buy up all of the Oil Futures they need from our stock market, whenever they want, so they control the three main tools controlling gas prices in the US!  Do you understand why we need to worry?

4.  Our country is being invaded from across our Southern Border by illegals, Drug Lords, Terrorists, and others, and our government refuses to do anything to stop them!  In fact; the Drug Lords have taken over parts of Southern Arizona as far north as 30 miles into our country!  Does our government stop them?  No; they just put up signs warning Americans to be careful in entering those areas because they MIGHT BE KILLED IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!  And what did Obama do when Arizona set up new laws to allow them to protect themselves?  He filed a suit against their laws, calling it “illegal”, then he reported them to the UN for doing so!  His next step was to have his Administration instruct the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “ICE”, which is supposed to stop any illegal from entering our country illegally, and is supposed to arrest and deport any that do, to not bother arresting any illegal that doesn’t commit a serious crime, like murder!  Basically; he has set our system up to protect the rights of illegals, not citizens!

5.  Anyone who has done any research into how our country remains strong, and wealthy, knows that it happens because people build businesses, hire other citizens as employees, manufacture good, well-made products which the people of this country buy, allowing for our manufacturing base to grow strong, and independent!  With a strong manufacturing base, a large majority of the citizens have jobs, which makes a good tax base for our country to draw upon to maintain the needs of the people and our great nation!  If things are done right, the employers pay a low “fair tax”, not all the taxes, which gives them the incentive to expand their business, which provides more jobs for working Americans, who pay a fair tax on their incomes!  And, because business is good, the employees make a good wage, which allows them to buy cars, homes and food, goods and services from the manufacturing base, keeping the cycle going, keeping our nation strong!  The majority of our tax base comes from the working Americans but, because there are so many out there working, the tax rate is low, but the amount of the taxes paid to the government is high!  It was designed to work that way, and it works well, when our government supports it!  But our current government does not support it; it raises the taxes so high on our manufacturers that they are forced to go overseas to China, Mexico, and other nations that don’t like America, or Americans, removing our manufacturing base from our nation, taking away jobs from the citizens!  And, to keep the citizens from panicking, the government borrows money from other governmental programs to extend “unemployment benefits” for longer, and longer periods of time, eating up our tax dollars,  and driving us to financial collapse!  And, when the money runs out, and there are no jobs available for people to get, our economy will collapse, and the countries we handed our manufacturing base over to will prosper as we die off!  Not very smart, ay?

Everything I have written, above, is the fault of our government working for itself; Congressmen and Senators seeking only power, money, and public recognition, not the welfare of the people of our country!  When you have your leaders being more concerned about the welfare of foreign nations than they are of the American citizens, they are not working for our interests, but only their own!  They can smile, shake your hand, and tell you how important it is for them to ensure that Americans have the lives they wish, and the security they need, but they are lying and only trying to make you feel good, while they sell off the land beneath your feet to build their own power!  This is a country “of the people, by the people, and for the people!”, and we need to stop worrying about “poor little Self-interested-stan” those “poor little countries” that haven’t got the courage to stand up against their own governments, as our forefathers did, and as we are now doing, to change things to work for the freedom and rights of the people, not the greedy, self-righteous leaders!  We need to quit wasting the lives of our Military, to bring them home and put them on our borders to protect our nation, our home, from those who simply walk in, to change it!  Stand up in November and make your voice heard!  Make sure that you not only vote, but that you help anyone you know get in to vote, as every single vote will count, and we need to take our country away from the power-hunger of our greedy leaders, and return it to the hands of the people of this great nation!  The “tipping point” is coming; let’s make sure it tips the right way, to keep America free for its citizens!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    If our solutions are going to be peaceful and I pray they are, November will start our recovery process and our new campaign then looking toward November 2012 and in the interim searching for the best candidate to lead us in the years to come, they won’t be easy and the present regime is not compentent to run the United States of America.

    We cannot stop being active after November 2010, it is up to us all to be diligent from now on without rest. Recruiting new votes is a must too, I will have a grand child voting for the first time in November 2010 and I can assure you how his vote will go too, he has seen the way things are now and remembers how they were before, need I say anymore on the subject?

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