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I woke up this morning to a very necessary replay of the tragedy of 9/11 on FOX News, and I fought back tears as family members read the names of those who were murdered on that tragic morning!  I remember waking up, seeing the second plane slam into the second tower, listening to the broadcasters I had watched for so many years of my life, on “Good Morning, America”, and on CNN, trying to figure out “what we did”, how we could have been so “evil” that we could have pushed a foreign country to want to attack us in such a manner!  Then I went to FOX News and I heard their reporter blame Osama Bin Laden, and it became very easy to figure out what was going on, and I have watched FOX ever since!  But I have always wondered why?  What was the meaning behind the attacks?  And, now, after so many years, I have been able to put it all together, and I can see how it has moved from 9/11 to today, and what they are planning for our futures!

There was great symbolism behind the attacks of 9/11, they had three specific targets, for three specific reasons:

1.  The Trade Towers:  This was where the financial trading base of our nation stood.  This is where almost every financial transaction within our country passed through, so the symbolism was to destroy our financial base, which they did.

2.  The Pentagon;  This is the military base of our nation’s strength, so the symbolism was to destroy our military base, but it still stands strong, today.

3.  The third plane, which went down in Pennsylvania, was headed for either the Capital Building, or the White House:  They are our political base, and the symbolism was to destroy the political base of our great nation, and their plans were destroyed by a group of brave Americans who brought their plane down before it could hit its target!

So the muslims changed their attack plans and went from violence, to trickery, and moved to a different mode of action, and they are fighting a very successful battle against our nation, and we need to wake up and realize what is happening, before they pull our country right out from underneath our feet:

1.  In a very intelligent move of battle planning, they saw the opportunity to attack our nation through the one thing that every American needs to survive, in today’s world: they bought up almost every single gas station in our country, and pushed our nation’s leaders to end oil production in the US, to make us totally dependent upon the Mid-East for our survival!  And they did it by manipulating our politicians with the one thing they want more than anything else; MONEY!  Then they began donating funds to Environmental Groups, so that they could stand against the people of America and get laws passed to keep us from tapping our own energy reserves, because it would be “dangerous” to our planet!  But we have so many laws to protect the way work is done, to provide for clean emission vehicles, etc., that the limitations are no longer necessary and, in the case of the Gulf Oil Spill, their push for “Environmental Safety” actually endangered the environment because they pushed drilling so far off our coast that it made it almost impossible to repair the equipment, because of the depth, and caused they largest oil spill, ever, on our planet!

The muslims wanted Obama to be President, and they knew it would take a national emergency to panic voters to put him in office, so they jacked up oil prices so high that it forced many Americans out of their jobs because they could not afford to drive back and forth to work everyday, which caused many of them to lose their homes, and our economy almost collapsed!  And they were successful in achieving their goal; Obama was elected!  And, because our Stock Market almost crashed, they were able to buy up many of our assets, which gave them a great deal of control over our financial base!  Trade Tower Attack Part 2:  Successful!

2.  They knew, full well, that when they attacked us, we would fight back!  So they had their legal base within our nation, CAIR ( the Council on American/Islamic Relations ), the muslim form of the ACLU, push our governmental leaders, whom they already owned, to pass legislation to limit our troops as to how they could fight the war against the terrorists, and how we could interrogate them, to gain necessary information on upcoming attacks and the locations of their troops and leaders!  Because of these actions, our troops are in danger, because they can’t shoot at anyone, regardless of their actions, unless they can prove they saw a weapon on them when they killed them!  And we cannot do any more than talk with a certain level of anger when we interrogate them, or our interrogators can be imprisoned for doing so!  And, once captured and imprisoned, our enemies, the very people who behead and torture American prisoners, must be treated like “high-dollar” guests at the Ritz, with exact food, exercise, and housing, as specified in our new “regulations”!   Pentagon Attack Part 2:  Successful!

3.  We have all heard our new “President” fight the claims that he is a muslim, yet we have also watched him, in so many recorded situations, act as a muslim, talk as a muslim, and lead as a muslim!  Bowing to muslim leaders, not placing his hand over his heart when necessary, or placing it on the wrong side of his chest, not wanting to wear a flag pin, stating that he thinks the “Star  Spangled Banner” is too “aggressive”, and so, so many other situations that it is hard to remember them all!  He speaks of our traditional friends, in Israel, as the cause of the problems over there, and treats them with great disrespect!  He does everything he can to place our nation’s financial base in grave danger, he stands against our nation’s security on a level that has ever been reached by anyone in the past, by going to the UN to report Arizona for trying to protect their border from an invasion of drug lords and dangerous illegals!  And, at time when the Trade Towers’ symbolism is so important to the people of this great nation, he stands up for an Imam who wants to build a “Trophy Mosque” so close to the site of the muslim attack against our peaceful nation, telling us that we have a responsibility to our Constitution to allow them to build there!  I want to remind you of one, very important scripture in the Quran:  It is Ok to lie about your belief in Islam, as long as it is to deceive your enemies, to allow for Islam to gain power over them!  White House Attack Part 2:  Successful!

On this very important day of remembrance in our nation’s history, I want to ask you to remember that horrific morning, to remember the self-sacrifice of the Police and Fire Fighters who forgot about themselves, and thought only of the other victims, as they charged into those buildings to save lives!  They are the true heroes of 9/11!  And I want you to think of our military, of our young men and women who have given of themselves to the battle to fight back the muslim charge on our nation, to remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice and gave their lives to protect all of us, here at home: they are the true heroes of the post-9/11 America!  And I want you to think of yourself as a patriotic American, to start pushing our governmental leaders to begin drilling for our own oil, here at home, to end the financial support of America for the very people who are trying to destroy our great nation!  Remember, every single day, that they parade in Europe, and the rest of the world, yelling “Death to America”!  We are at war with the Muslim world, but they seem to be the only ones who know it!  This is a battle for our lives, our children’s futures, and our great nation, and the only people who are aware of it are our enemies!  Wake up to the war, do your part as a proud American patriot, and push our government to end all ties with the nations that want to dominate and destroy us!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. John Ryan says:

    We have to start somewhere and cleaning out D.C. is that somewhere. If we elect tax paying citizen friendly pro USA Congressmen, Senators and Governors to start we can accomplish much more necessary to better ourselves as a nation in the next 2 years.

    The simple act of voting with about half of registered voters neglect to do has to be done unless we want our country in the hands of the likes of those in power now.

    We can clean out the White House in 2012 to finalize this nightmare taking place now.

    Maybe with a majority clean it out sooner with impeachment?

  2. Tom 57th Gunner says:

    As quoted”
    “do your part as a proud American patriot, and push our government to end all ties with the nations that want to dominate and destroy us.”

    Never mind “push”. Vote them out of office.

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