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9 Years ago tonight, we all went to bed with nothing on our minds except our normal daily happiness, and problems, but we all felt safe and secure, because there was no way that anyone could ever attack our nation, as we were the most powerful one in the world!  Our economy had dropped, hard, because of the ‘Tech Crash” in the Stock Market, during the last year of the Clinton Presidency,  but we were working our way around that and life was looking better.  All we were thinking about was what was happening in our lives “tomorrow”!  Then we woke up the next morning, in more ways than one!

I woke up after the first plane had slammed into the first tower, when all of the news people were trying to figure out what was going on!  Then, the second plane hit, and there was no longer any doubt that this was an attack against our country, and everything changed in that split-second!  I was so angry, so hurt, that I needed to do something, but what?  So I went out and tried to find an answer as to “why?” this had happened!  Everyone did!  And all the time we were trying to find some “common-sense” answer, every news channel was telling us to not be angry with every Muslim, because it was “radical terrorist” muslims that had attacked us, not the muslim people!  So we all built up a protective shield against any sort of future “prejudice” against muslims, to avoid being the “evil” Americans!  And that, my friends, is where the true danger is!

We are an advanced, intelligent people who are always trying to improve ourselves; we seek peace, we try not to cause any trouble, and we forget the past angers and move on to the new futures!  Our ancestors were in the Crusades, they fought against the Muslims who had moved across the southern part of Europe, into Spain, with one goal in mind; to convert every infidel to Islam, or to kill them!  There was no third choice!  But the Armies of England, France, Germany and other nations, stood strong against the Muslims and moved them back into the Mid-East!  And, at that time in history, people were not as “intellectual” as we now are, so there were some violent actions taken against the Muslims, in response to the Muslims brutality against the Europeans they had conquered!  There was enough brutality on both sides to keep hatred and anger going forever, but we finished what we had to do and forgot about it, and moved on to building the future we now have!  But Muslims are not of European ancestry!

Christianity developed from a brutal form of religion, into a religion dominated by peace and love, and a faith in the humanity of man!  Islam started as a controlling form of religion, one that not only accepts brutality, it commands it; in the “End Times”, that period near the end of the world, when every other religion teaches that its people are going to be rewarded for being “good” people, the Quran teaches that the people of Islam are to go out and dominate the world, offer every infidel the opportunity to convert to Islam, or die, then they are ordered, by the Quran, to kill every infidel on the planet!  This is not some “semi-secret, radical form” of Islam, it is right there in the Quran, as verses are written in the Bible, telling the people what must be done in order to bring back the true peace to the world!  Christians; you know how much the Bible means to you, how you read it and follow what it teaches, knowing that it will make you a better person?  Well, the average Muslim has that same sense of faith in the Quran and they will do exactly what it says, when the time comes!  It also tells them that it is Ok, if they are living in a society dominated by infidels, to lie, and to act as though they agree with the way the infidels live but, when the End Times come, they are to revert back to true Islam, and follow the teachings of the Quran!

The muslims have never forgotten what happened in the Crusades, and they still hold serious grudges against all people of European descent which, basically, means that, if you are white, you are probably and infidel!  The wars they fight against us, the attacks of 9/11, all go back to a base of revenge for battles fought over 600 years ago!  We are not fighting “Equals”, people who see the world exactly as we do, we are fighting a religious-driven ideal that Whites are infidels, and all of the infidels need to die, in order to allow the muslims to live on this world in peace!  Until, as a people, we are willing to recognize that fact, we will never fight them as we need to, to put fear into them for ever attacking us again, making them stay away from us and keeping us safe from future brutal suicide attacks against the people of our great nation!  This is not a war of one country over another, this is a religious war, and their whole base for their religion has raised them to fight this war without end, until they have removed every infidel from the face of the earth!  We will not be safe until we wake up and stop trying to get them to “talk”, to end our efforts to bring peace with them, as peace is not what they are looking for!  We need to end our financial dependency upon them for oil, to provide our own, from our own resources, and to quit sending them the money they are using to dominate our nation, and we need to hit them hard, to make them understand that, if they don’t end their attacks upon our people, we will keep on hitting them until they have no other choice but to quit!

We are an ocean away from the Mid-East and we have no need to depend upon them for anything.  We  need to rebuild our manufacturing base, to provide jobs for Americans, to become the self-sufficient nation we once were, and let them deal with their own problems, with their own resources!  Our nation is in grave danger of suffering under attacks from “home-grown” terrorists; muslims who have either moved here, or have been born here, and follow the Quran in their way of life, and only need the command of an Imam to carry on a “Fatwa” against the American people!  They have a large population in Detroit, and they are spread out around our nation, so they could cause a great deal of damage in a short period of time!  I know that many think I am just some kind of “hater”, but look at the true facts, read the Quran, follow the news stories of how brutal they are in their own nations, and in others, and you will see that I am right!  We need to end the whole idea of this Mosque near Ground Zero, because it will only embolden them into taking similar actions in the future!  And we need to watch their Imam, Imam Feisel, in NYC; he is very careful how he sets things up!  The whole argument about the Mosque has been set-up to show to the Muslim people how “weak” we are as a nation, if we allow it to be built, or how “evil” we are, how much we hate Islam if we don’t!  We can’t win!  Either way, we will wind up fighting them!  So stand for what we believe in, our right to Free Speech, and our right to be Americans, to refuse to allow for the people who killed so many on 9/11 to build their own temple to their conquest, for simple “bragging rights”, so near to the sacred grounds of the Twin Towers!  We must never allow for anyone to defame or destroy the integrity, and honor of the Firemen and Police Officers who gave up their lives, trying to save everyone, by running into the Towers, not away from them!  They were true “Americans”, and we need to stand as Americans, to remember their bravery in a time of chaos and destruction!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Brian says:

    Very well said, Michael. If there is one thing I might add, it is that Islam is not a “religion” per say, but a 100% way of life that incorporates financial, marital, governmental and waging of war. Islam is not a religion of peace, but a way of domination. Muslims are instructed to lie about their beliefs to further their cause. Any other religious sect preaches truth and love of fellow man and “not to judge lest ye be judged”.
    I have a hard time believing that the “moderate Muslims” who claim to disdain the acts of the jihadists actually do so, as they are instructed by the Koran to hide their true feelings in order to protect themselves and further the cause of Islam.
    The sooner our government realizes this and takes the appropriate action, the better off we as a nation will be!

    • The more I walk around and talk with people, the more I see that the citizens of this country are waking up, because the Imam of that “Trophy Mosque” to-be is too cocky to realize that we are not all a bunch of in-servitude slaves like his fellow muslims, and he is pressing his “dominance” so hard that he is showing the truth to America! Kind of like a “President” we all know…

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