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“RACIST!”  We’ve all heard this word before, in fact; at one time or another in our lives, we have all probably been called “Racists!”  At one time, in our nation’s history, there was a severe problem with racism, and it was a matter of shame for a nation of people that was built upon the idea that “all men are created equal”!  But we have crossed that bridge, and only a small minority of White people are racists, while a growing group of Blacks are openly showing their racist ideals towards Whites in making public statements like “I hate every iota of a Cracker”!  Because of White shame for Black slavery, and the period when racism dominated the lives of Blacks in our country, the word “Racist” has become a tool for pushing back White rights, to allow for domination over us by anyone who has a need for political power!  But we will work our way through this, as this is America and, as Americans, we always find a way around the difficulties in our nation, and we will come out stronger because of it!  But there is a new threat to our nation and, whenever an American stands up to it, we are called “Racists” again, and the press begins whining and crying about how “bad” we are!

Many of you were not around when the Iranians took over their country and held our Marines, and our Ambassador and his aides hostage in our Embassy  in Tehran on November 4th, 1979.  66 Americans were taken hostage and held for 444 days ( 6 escaped, and 13 were released ), under threats of violence, and the danger of the anger of the Islamic students who held the revolution, and they took our people hostage as a way to show their anger to the West, and their need to declare their hatred of America, to declare a “war” against us!  Since that time, muslims have attacked our Navy, with no real response, they have killed American citizens, news people, and captured American soldiers, then publicly beheaded them, after torturing them for weeks, yet we took no military response against them!  They have attacked Americans many times, tortured and harmed them, yet nothing was ever done!  They see us as a “weak nation”, one that does not have the resolve to fight against them to win, so they feel no permanent danger and simply wait until we retreat, then they plan their next attack!  In friendly nations, such as Britain, France, Holland, etc., they use their rights to free speech to stand up in public and chant “DEATH TO AMERICA”!  They have always, openly, stated their hatred for our nation and they never try to hide it, unless they need us for something, or they are simply waiting for “the right moment”, as they are doing here in the US!

No one will ever forget the 9/11 attacks, or the loss of American lives by the Islamic terrorists!  And we all know how terrible that was, and how the muslim world celebrated the success of the attack!  Now they want to build a Mosque near the site of the NYC attack, and a huge majority of Americans are against it, yet our press makes it look like only a small group of radical “racists” are standing against the poor, peaceful Cleric and his people!  And the Mayor of NYC, the man who is supposed to stand for the rights of the American citizens of his city, follows the money and calls the American citizens of NYC, who lost their family members on 9/11, “racists”!  Why?  Are they racists?  NO!  They are simply trying to protect sacred ground, and to stop muslims from building a trophy mosque in the area near which their people killed so many Americans!  But the word “Racist” is the tool that the Progressives always turn to, to try to build shame in the hearts of good Americans for simply trying to protect their rights!  But it won’t work anymore!  In the past, it was like pouring water on flames; the people grew ashamed and shut up and walked away!  Now it is like pouring gas on a fire, as it builds up the anger even more, because we are not racists, we are Americans expressing our rights as the true citizens of this great nation!  Let me ask one very simple question of the Mayor, and the Cleric; “If you really believe that it was only a very small group of “terrorists” who held the attack against American citizens, then why are there public demonstrations by muslims, all across America, and the world, against groups like Al Ouida?  Whenever there has been a radical group of Christian religious people, like David Koresh, or the Oklahoma City bombers, our government went after them and removed their influence!  If muslims really do stand against the terrorists, why don’t they stand up and force them out of their religion?  Why?  For the same reason they cheered the attacks in the privacy of their Mosques here, in America, and around the world; in their hearts, they are the real racists, as they follow the words of the Quran; “Kill all infidels!”

Americans standing up for America, and against our “self-proclaimed” enemies, is no more than true patriotism!  Our governmental officials are bowing down to the muslim world, which will mean the end of the greatest free nation in the world, America, unless the citizens wake up and stand against their actions and work to protect us from the domination of the “Death to America” attitude of the muslim world!  These people stone 9 year-old girls to death because they won’t “marry” men their grandfather’s age!  They wanted to kill one women, through stoning to death but, because of a world outcry, they have reverted to 100 lashes, with a whip!  Have you ever seen what one, single whiplash can do to a body?  If it doesn’t kill her, it will disfigure her for life!  And why?  Because she was “unfaithful” to her husband, yet the only proof he has is what he says against her!  And this is the modern muslim world and, wherever Sharia Law is allowed to be implemented, it will be the lifestyle that they will return to!  Americans, it is time to let these people know that we, as Americans, will no longer bow down to their domination of us through the threat of “racist” blame, that we will not tolerate their efforts to populate our nation with muslim hatred against Americans, and their home-grown terroristic threats against us!  We will return to the basics of American law under our Constitution, and we will force them to either live and act as Americans, or they can do the right thing and go back where they came from, and work to build their “ideal” world where it belongs; in the Mid-East!  Strong hearted, God-driven, patriotic Americans sacrificed a great deal to build this country, and we will do whatever is necessary to keep it!  So; if muslims, and others, don’t like the way things are done here, let them grow their own balls and go back and fight to build the kind of nation they truly want!  And let them do it with their own money, and their own fighters; we will no longer sacrifice American lives for a nation of cowards who will not stand up and fight for their own freedom!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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  1. John Ryan says:

    I well remember the Iran Hostage Crisis and Jimmy Carter, a weak president as we have now being in charge and the days ticking by month after month but then Reagan was coming into office and they already knew “Dutch Reagan” wouldn’t tolerate that kind of nonsense so by coincidence the day Ronald Reagan took office the hostages were freed. As a courtesy to the outgoing president Mr. Reagan allowed Jimmy Carter to meet and escort them back to the USA.

    Let us not forget Ross Perot and his own actions in getting his people out of harms way too, he got the job done, spared no expense. Took no crap, all business!!

    People that I would like to see in some kind of office now!!

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