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Civilians know little about the workings of the military mind, and that is because they have never had to stand, toe to toe, with an enemy to either kill, or be killed, to voluntarily put your life on the line for your buddies, to do what you have to, to fight so that all may survive!  When I was in Vietnam with all the other men of my unit, we put our lives on the line every day, to do our best to make sure that the guys we flew in and out of “hot” Landing Zones survived; we felt it was our responsibility to do everything we possibly could to take care of them, and it cost us all a great deal, as we will never forget the hell we flew into, or the bodies of the men we flew back to their home base, and the ones that died as we held them, telling them to “Hold on, you’ll be Ok!”  Then, when we flew back to our unit, we faced the nights full of combat to protect our compound and our buddies who stood with us!  There is no way that you can tell a civilian what it did to us when we killed our first enemy soldier, or the nights full of memories of all the others that will haunt us for the rest of our lives!  But we did it to protect our country, to stand up for our families and every other American who had the good fortune to stay home and live the good life, because we were the ones fighting on the line!  It is so hard that a great many Vietnam vets killed themselves after they returned home, because of the pain of the memories,  and with all of the other illnesses that went untreated for so long,  there are only about 30% of the actual combat Vietnam vets still alive, which is the lowest survival rate of any group of veterans, at this age, than from any other war the US has fought in!

So; why did we fight?  HONOR!  Honor is looking beyond your own self-interests and doing what is necessary to keep your home safe!  Honor is finding the courage to sacrifice your own life, if necessary, for the survival of your buddies, your family, even strangers, because you know it is right!  Honor is never selling out your own beliefs in what is right, and what is wrong, for any reason!  Honor is putting what is right for ALL over what is right for you!  The men and women in our military do not fight for pay, they do not get money for killing people, they serve and protect America, and get paid only for their time in the service as that is their job!  In the Twentieth Century we fought many wars, but we never started them, we always got caught up in someone else’s troubles; when Europe fought with Germany, they begged us for help!  When we were attacked by the Japanese, we fought to defend ourselves and, whenever the UN needed to protect some nation, or stop some war, they ran to us, because they can’t take care of themselves!  We have become the world’s “defender”, and we are sacrificing American lives to stand up for nations that don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves; we fight for their freedom then, when we leave, they lose it again because they don’t know how to stand up as free people, to protect the freedom that was given to them at the expense of American lives!  And our military has never asked for a dime from one single person for doing its job!  Why?  Honor!

Today, on FOX News, I found out something that has me very upset!  For almost all of my life, I have watched and listened to the Israelis being forced into “Peace Talks” with their enemies in the Mid-East then, after the peace has lasted long enough for their enemies to re-arm themselves, they would attack Israel over, and over again!  And it’s happening now, with current Peace Talks being discussed!  Iran has been one of the instigators in these battles, and the Peace Talks, and the UN has always gotten involved, pushing Israel to back down and agree to conditions forced upon them!  I remember when Israel was upset with Iran for building rockets that would be able to attack them from Iran, but Iran always promised that they would never build rockets that would endanger Israel: now they have them!  I remember Israel being concerned about their safety concerning nuclear weapons from Iran, with Iran promising that they would never build them; now they have the equipment, technology, and materials to build a nuclear bomb, they just haven’t done it yet!  And, in America, we have the idea that Israel is the “Bully”, and Iran is the “Victim” pushed at us in the news!  Those “poor Iranians” are just an innocent people; they would never harm anyone, or support the threat of harm to anyone!  Well, that whole ideal just went to crap!

Al Ouida is supposed to be an “army of religion”, with a code that demands that all actions be taken with “honor”!  They are supposed to fight for the betterment of their people, and they would never cross the line to lose the “honor” from their actions!  Guess what?  They are no more than paid assassins, fighting for money to kill whomever they are ordered to attack!  This morning, the news came out that they are being paid $1,000.00 for every American soldier they kill, and $7,000.00 for every American vehicle they destroy!  That’s right, people; they are no more than mercenaries, men who kill whomever they are paid to kill!  There is no honor in that kind of fighting!  And guess what?  Who do you think is paying them to kill American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen?  IRAN!  The money has been traced through a series of “business fronts”, organizations, and money transfers from Iran to Al Ouida, as payment for the deaths of American Servicemen and women!  That makes Iran not only our enemy, but the top of the heap when it comes to being responsible for the deaths of our young men and women!

Stop looking at Iran as some kind of “innocent” in all of this, stop looking at them as “victims!  And stop supporting the UN that stands strong behind Iran whenever they claim that we need to support them!  When are we going to see this for what it truly is; Iran is our enemy!  The UN has always been a tool for the nations that hate us, so we need to get it out of the US, and get ourselves out of the UN!  We need to stop spending our tax money to support the UN and to pay for all the “assistance” they claim all those other “poor little nations” need!  Why are we the one nation supplying the majority of funds to take care of UN World need?  What about Britain, France, Germany?  And how about the richest nations in the world, like Saudi Arabia, which is so rich that they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on planes for the “Royalty” to fly around the world in, but will not support the poor in their own area of the world!  We need to bring our money home and take care of America’s problems first, then worry about everybody else later!  And we need to see muslims for who they truly are; Our enemies are openly attacking us, and they are the Muslims from the Mid-East and we need to stop buying their oil, and sacrificing American lives to fight their wars!  We have plenty of  oil over here to provide us with the oil products we will need for over 400 years, but our government would rather have us give our money to our Mid-Eastern enemies, than to keep it to protect ourselves!   Why are we wasting our money by sending it to them, when they are using it to kill our brave young Americans in combat?  Can anyone explain to me how it is right that we are funding our enemies’ actions against our own troops?  I know that there are those out there that believe that I am just a “hater” when it comes to Muslims, but we now have the proof that they have been paying to have our military killed!  Where I come from, if someone pays to have you killed, that makes them an enemy!  The time is coming to end the controlling influence over our nation by muslims, and to remove their influence from America’s way of life!  How much more do we have to learn about the deceptive ways of muslims, to make us realize that they are smiling at our faces, and murdering our people?  This is America, it is for Americans, not muslims, and we have to wake up! 


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059

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