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When our forefathers got together to form our nation, they had just freed themselves from the domination of a kingdom that forced its ideals and will upon them, so they worked to provide a set of laws that would save the futures of all Americans from any form of foreign dominance over our right to be a free nation, one where Christians could pray as they wished, without the threat of punishment for believing as their hearts led them to!  And, in the desire to provide freedom for all, they wrote the Constitution to allow for “Freedom of Religion”, which meant that every American could practice whatever religion, or no belief in religion that they wished, as long as their beliefs did not dominate, or impede the rights of others within our country!  But that necessity of freedom has become a tool for those who hate Americans, and America, to manipulate and destroy our rights to act as Americans!  And they are able to do what they do because we Americans believe in our Constitution, and we do not wish to force our beliefs upon others, so we sit back and complain, while our enemies fight their war in our courts, and in our press, making us look like the “trouble makers”, and them look like the “victims”!

“Signs 4 Jesus” is a group that wants to put up electric signs across the nation, with words of Christian wisdom for the people who drive our roads; there will be no hate speech, no anti-anything put on them, just passages and quotes that will bring some wisdom and joy to the hearts of the believers!  They are reaching out to the Christians in America who will be willing to donate a very small piece of land, just large enough to hold one of their signs, to allow them to display some hope, and peace to the people who need it the most right now.  But they are being fought, in the courts in their hometown, for having signs that “waste electricity”, even though there is a gas station across the road that has enough lights, and lighted signs, to bring daylight to the darkest night!   Believe me; this has nothing to do with “wasted electricity”, this has to do with a movement, led by groups like CAIR, to force Christians out of the public scene, to dominate the religion and destroy the freedoms of the people who worship in peace!  And, this is happening at a time when muslims hold their “bow-downs” in the streets of NYC, blocking off traffic and forcing every American in the city to change their travel routes to avoid being delayed while the muslims show their power over us in their ability to do so!  Christians are being bound, under strict control of the government, by muslim legal groups, while they allow their own people to do whatever they wish, in public displays of dominance over our rights!

And a teenage High School student, one who is a very proud American, is in trouble for flying two American flags on the back of his pickup truck!  The school administration says that he is placing other students at risk for being “uncomfortable” in seeing the flags on his truck!  Excuse me?  Isn’t “Old Glory” the symbol of the nation that allows everyone in this country their rights to be free, to think as they wish?  Aren’t illegal Mexican students in our western states flying the Mexican flag at their schools, and wearing pro-illegal Mexican flag t-shirts?  And what about the court ruling that allows the idiots from the church that protests the burials of American troops by stomping on our flag?  If you are a proud American, you are in “danger of making someone uncomfortable” yet, if you are one of the enemies of our country, and our laws, you are free to do whatever you want to, simply because it is your “right”?

Once again; “WAKE UP AMERICANS!”  Our enemies have grown very powerful in our country, and they have done it without firing a shot!  All they had to do was invest some of their “Oil Money”, money they wouldn’t have if we drilled for our own oil, in groups like CAIR that know how to manipulate our laws to bring down our religious rights and destroy our ability to express our pride as Americans!  And I know that there are some out there that think that I am just a “hater” of muslims, they have emailed me, but remember one thing; when the muslims in Europe, you know, the “peaceful muslims”, just like the ones in the US, express their feelings about America, they do it by yelling out “DEATH TO AMERICA!” in public gatherings!  Isn’t that enough to let you know that they are not our “friends”?  Or do they need to begin killing people in your neighborhood to make you see they want to dominate us?  It will happen, ask the Europeans; if muslims feel that you are in their way, or you insult their religion, they will kill you!  But, for the time being, they do not have enough power over here, yet, so under the Koran, they are supposed to “act as friends”!

We are in a political war, in our own country, and they are using our Constitutional rights to  change our rights, and build up theirs!  Look back over just the past two years, read the news articles about how Christians lost the right to express themselves in public, how they are limited in how they can enjoy Christmas, and how they have had new limitations put on when and where they can share their beliefs!  In the meantime; muslims are allowed special “foot baths” in public places, and they can shutdown streets in NYC to bow to Mecca!  We are a nation of the MAJORITY rule, not the minority!  However the majority of Americans believe, that is the way it is supposed to go!  This country was built to fight “MINORITY RULE” by allowing for voting, for the expression of the majority of Americans to set the laws, not for domination by Special Interest Groups that have lots of money to buy politicians with!  Look back to Rome, and you will see what will happen to any nation that lets too many foreign interests control their government; the Empire fell!  They have ruined the will of the younger Americans to stand up and show their pride in our country, they are removing our rights to be free Americans, while building their own to be free muslims!  This has got to end!  Wake up to the political war they are waging against us and begin to fight by acting as a good American citizen and showing your desire to return this nation back to the hands of the people, not Special Interest Groups that buy their way through our political system!  We need to get the greed out of DC NOW!  Do everything you possibly can to get the vote out in the upcoming election, to show our mock-American politicians that the people have had enough!  This is the “tipping point”; we either stand up and bring back America, or we will fall down on our knees and bow to Islam!  It’s up to you!


Michael J. Kilgus

Gladiator 059


  1. Brian says:

    Very well stated Michael! It sickens me to see streets in New York shut down so Muslims can have prayer service, yet we are attacked for having anything to do with Christianity on public display. We can’t have the 10 Commandments in any government building, we can’t say “Merry Christmas” anymore, yet our President can host Muslim breakfasts and dinners in the White House, yet skip the National Day of Prayer.
    And we are bound to this because of “Political Correctness”. Our enemies don’t have to fire a shot…we’ve given ourselves the very rope they will hang us by!

  2. John Ryan says:

    The “Founding Fathers” had meetings and organized and then took action, we are not even at the meeting stage yet and any group that does unite and take a stand is singled out as extremist, racist etc. and we all just watch it happen.

    Until all of us with a stake in this country organize and stand up against this type of insurgence it will continue at a faster rate each month.

    Their agenda is clear, they don’t even try to hide it but it is able to continue at a fast rate due to fear of citizens to do anything, fear of their own government and fear of the Muslims violent history of terrorism and torture.

    It is a Neville Chamberlain existence [Peace in our Time] and temporary folks, the day will come when you will wish you did something, anythiing to put a stop to it all. Perhaps even just a vote against a candidate that supports all of this, there are many and that is a good start for those who still believe in paper documents and aggreements.

  3. Robert Bostick says:

    Time for all Americans to stand up and be counted. I sign most of my emails “Christian Patriot” and don’t care who knows. First, we must clean out the vipers nest known as Washington, DC of all those so called representatives ( of who, not us ) who support this progressive liberal agenda this administration has for the country. Next, as Glenn Beck says, we must pray and allow God to direct our country through our hearts and His word. Next, the best emergency items in our homes should not be gold but food and guns with enough ammunition to start a small riot. ( not that purpose but to defend our families and homes if it ever comes to that ) We, like the first patriots, must have a deep loyalty to our country and each who believes as we do. Finally, I will never be tolerant of a cult who proves what their beliefs are by exhibiting them in other countries and then trying to convince us that they will be different here. Hog wash!! God bless America. So there!!!

    • Tom 57th Gunner says:

      We can change all this in November. Get everybody out there to vote. Hand out absentee ballots, drive the elderly to the voting stations. Become involved! Don’t sit back and have the attitude that the OTHER guy will do it. This may be our last chance to take back our country!

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